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pH Down Bloom 1L pH Down Grow 1L Enzymes Top Up 5 Litres Root Up Grow Up Bloom Up Basics A&B
Basics A&B Ecolizer
A complex growth process demands a high absorption capacity. N-P-K: 21-24-36 Ecolizer BASICS A+B is developed by Ecolizer as an optimal biomineral nutrient. Ecolizer BASICS A+B is a combined bio mineral nutrient, built on a combination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in perfect proportions. This stable basic nutrient contains raw materials of food grade quality. Ecolizer BASICS A+B is balanced in such a way that it doesn't contain any superfluous materials. In principle, it is not necessary to rinse and drain the substrate...
Root Up
Boosts roots to their maximum capacity. Ecolizer’s root stimulator is composed of one hundred percent natural resources. Ecolizer ROOT-UP is highly concentrated and contains seaweed and herbal extracts. ROOT-UP stimulates the biological equilibrium of the root environment. This biostimulator causes explosive growth in the amount of root-hair, enabling your plants to optimally absorb nutrients and water. Ecolizer ROOT-UP contains active components, which hamper the chance of soil diseases. Additionally, Ecolizer ROOT-UP ingredients...
Enzymes Ecolizer
Ecolizer Enzymes is a 100% natural enzyme preparation. It stabilises the grow medium and ensures the fast removal of remaining nutrients and dead root matter and stimulates micro-organisms in soil life. It increases the absorption of nutrients and reinforces the plants natural defence system.
Grow Up
GROW-UP is the all-round natural growth stimulator of Ecolizer. Ecolizer's specialist took great effort in providing an optimal cocktail of natural elements. This mixture contains active elements in a highly concentrated form. The basic elements consist of amino acids, micro-elements and natural vitamins. Ecolizer GROW-UP assists your plant in a quick consumption of nutrients. Moreover, this exquisite product accelerates the transportation of sugar molecules to all parts of the crop. Ecolizer GROW-UP contains various organic acids, trace...
Bloom Up
Fruits and flowers in abundance. Ecolizer BLOOM-UP is a unique product. This pure and powerful bloom stimulator is, we feel, incomparable with other products. Ecolizer found the ideal formula to stimulate the blooming of flowers and fruits. The natural ingredients of seaweed, herbal extracts and added enzymes make your plants flourish beautifully. Ecolizer Bloom-Up contains natural planthormones (cytokinines and auxines) and over 30 trace elements stimulating flower bud forming. The addition of anti-oxidants (biotine, tocopherol, choline...
Top Up
Ecolizer TOP-UP is the ultimate flower forcer to stimulate the maturing process of among others buds, fruits and flowers. Ecolizer TOP-UP is based on botanical extracts and minerals and consists of 100% natural ingredients. Ecolizer TOP-UP also contains a unique blend of plant hormones that stimulate the plant to start its maturing process. Ecolizer TOP-UP ensures that all strength of the plant at the end of its bloom phase is directed to the fruits and flowers. Plants are typically becoming weaker at the end of their lifecycle. Ecolizer...
pH Down Bloom 1L Ecolizer
Growth cycle specific pH adjuster.
pH Down Grow 1L Ecolizer
Growth cycle specific pH adjuster.

Nutrient and additive range imported from the Nederlands.

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