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Try Pack - Stimulant Pack

Try Pack - Stimulant Pack

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So you want to grow hydroponically but are tired of feeding minerals to your plants. Maybe you’d like to enjoy the natural taste of an organic harvest but can’t let go of your soil-free ways?

This is where our Biobizz Try·Pack Hydro can help. It makes it simple to gain experience using the Biobizz range of 100% organic fertilizers that are suitable for any hydroponics system.

Get the best out of two worlds: organic quality and hydroponic quantity
You can’t go wrong with this high quality, great value, complete pack. It stimulates optimal root development and organically protects the growing plants in your hydro system.

Designed to be simple to handle, it can also be combined with any other Biobizz products or Try·Packs to maximise your harvest and minimise costs. This combination provides basic feeding for 1-4 plants.

Each pack contains:

  • 250ml Bio·Bloom
  • 250ml Top·Max
  • 250ml Bio·Heaven

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