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Due to an increase in demand, Esoteric Hydroponics are offering complete all-singing, all-dancing grow kits. These kits contain everything you need to grow from start to finish including full instructions, and a set of fact sheets which covers all apsects of hydroponic gardening which should ensure your absolute success.

Every kit has been well thought through to include all the essential bits and pieces for your convenience to maximise top results. Now anyone can grow their favourite plants all year round in as little as 8 weeks from start to finish. So if you're thinking of starting small or starting big, Esoteric Hydroponics has all and every type of kit.

Kits based on the HydroPod™ system (all kits excluding budget kits) are also available in deluxe versions. The deluxe kits have been upgraded from the HydroPod™ system to the recently introduced DetachaPod™ system. The deluxe kits therefore feature individually removable pods, simplifying cleaning and the transfer of plants between multiple systems. HydroPod™ Kits excluding the budget kits can be upgraded to the DetachaPod™ system and the total cost is no more than purchasing a deluxe system.


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