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Starterpack Terra Starterpack Hydro Spraymix Rootstimulator Terra Hydro A+B
Hydro A+B Hy-Pro
Most breeding grounds contain insufficient feeding substances and trace elements. Both factors are important for plants to reach exuberant grow and flowering. The feeding substances that HY-PRO uses, have been composed in such a way that all decorative plants will react optimally under all kinds of circumstances. A good example is the two component nutrition HY-DRO A/B. The components complete each other in this most optimal fertilizer for hydro culture. Acidity and salt This high-quality product offers many additional advantages, once...
Terra Hy-Pro
Growers who use HY-PRO products during the complete growing period, can expect an exuberant grow and flowering. Common potting soil contains only feeding substances for the first weeks. Most other breeding grounds also lack sufficient feeding substances. Disadvantages of garden soil Even common garden soil is not ideal, because it often contains pollutions that can harm a plant. Moreover, it is difficult to indicate the exact fertilising ingredients of this soil. A good fertilizer is prepared for this and fills in where and when necessary...
Rootstimulator Hy-Pro
During their lifecycle, plants keep facing new challenges. Each stadium has its own needs and when these are met, it leads to an optimal grow. The grower of the plant needs to adapt the nutrition of the plant to each stadium. We recommend you to start at the basis: the roots of the plant. Many-branched and healthy Plants depend on their rootstock for their food supply. They need to develop roots to be able to consume their nutrition. There fore a many-branched and a healthy rootstock ensures a good food supply.By administering HY-PRO...
Spraymix Hy-Pro
Everyone can imagine the effect of a refreshing downpour on a thirsty plant. The same effect can be reached with HY-PRO Spraymix. This product provides leaves with nutrition, so they can comfortably breathe. Air humidity Plants that are cultivated indoors, are not always surrounded by enough air humidity. Especially decorative plants that originate from rainforests, prefer a constant humidity. For this reason HY-PRO has developed Spraymix. Advantages Spraymix helps plants to build up resistance for possible negative exterior influences...
Starterpack Hydro Hy-Pro
Hy-Pro starter pack contains: Rootsimulator 250ml Spraymix 250ml Hydro A/B 1 Litre PH - 500ml
Starterpack Terra Hy-Pro
Hy-Pro starter pack contains: Rootsimulator 250ml Spraymix 250ml Terra 1 Litre PH - 250ml

HY-PRO supplies a unique series of products for exuberant growth and flowering. Born from intensive research and more than 30 years of experience, our products are valued worldwide for the high quality and simplicity of use. Our liquid fertilizers are carefully formulated, so you don't need dozens of different products.

The explanation for the success is simple: by using only the very best raw materials, we are able to make a superior and complete fertilizer for you, while also creating the possibility to, if you wish, an extra booster, adding trace elements, or stimulators.

For HY-PRO , making liquid fertilizers is a profession, which means; a lot of experimentation and a lot of patience. We know the factors you have to deal with like no other, which translates into our practical and successful product range.

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