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PK Fire Boost Root Stim All-in-Base
All-in-Base Devils Garden
Contains every essential plant nutrient in a fully solubale, concentrated form ALL IN BASE gives you all the benefits of traditional A & B formulations in one concentrated package. ALL IN BASE is not a suspension liquid, it is a solution! ALL IN BASE is pH optimised with all nutrients present in a well-balanced chelated form. The formulation contains no inferior chloride salts. Allowing gardeners to run the nutrient at a wider pH range and guaranteeing nutrient availability. Suitable for all recirculating, run to waste and passive...
Boost Devils Garden
A triacontanol based nutrient that does not contain phytotoxic synthetic surfactants or solvents Devil’s Garden Boost includes biostimulants that work in synergy to ensure your crop reaches its full yield potential and will promote the development of luscious floral buds oozing with natural terpenes. The triacontanol action in Boost is supported by the inclusion of additional flowering promoting biostimulants none which are available by our competitors as they are all manufactured in-house at Devil’s Garden. The 17 fungal L-amino...
PK Fire Devils Garden
A highly concentrated and balanced phosphorus and potassium fertilizer Devil’s Garden PK Fire 9-18 raises potassium and phosphorus levels during flowering. Both phosphorus and potassium are required for the enzymatic synthesis of terpenes in fruits. Devil’s Garden have created ultra-pure PK Fire 9-18; we do not add any of the contaminating elements found in other PK products, and we use the most ultra-pure water found in any fertilizer. PK Fire 9-18 contains polymerised phosphates, which will supply phosphorus over a number of...
Root Stim Devils Garden
Specialist treatment designed to promote the development of a large and robust root system Devil’s Garden Root Stim is a combination of three biostimulants that work independently, but synergistically, to stimulate the plant into producing a vigorous root system. The phosphites in Root Stim modulate the phosphorus signalling pathway, inducing plants to seek out more phosphorus sources in the growing medium. The algal polysaccharides in Root Stim activate plant defence mechanisms in the roots making them more resilient to pest and...

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Feed schedules for this range are currently unavailable.
Please contact us for advice or visit our main nutrient feed schedules page for a list of available schedules.


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