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Bactomatik Bactohemp Bactogel Bactobloom Bactofil 50g
Bactobloom Agrobacterias
Explosive Flowering & Performance BACTOBLOOM: is a water-soluble powder compound based on bacilli and bacteria living in symbiosis with the plant root; it increases plant blooming. Benefits Explosive growth and flowering. Higher production of sugar and resin. Higher absorption of available and non-available Sodium and Potassium. Protection of crops against radicular fungi. Improvement of soil structure and humus creation. The product stimulates proliferation of beneficial microorganisms. Use The contents of the...
Bactofil 50g Agrobacterias
Stimulates and Protects your Crops BACTOFIL is a water-soluble powder compound made with bacillus and bacteria that live in symbiosis with plants roots. Benefits Explosive roots production. Stimulates plants growing. Protects against root fungi. Nitrogen from the atmosphere becomes attached to the substrate/ soil in a natural way, which stimulates the plants growth. Solubilises non soluble phosphorus and potassium, improving flowering. Generates cytokinin, auxins, and gibberellins continuously. Optimises aero and...
Bactogel Agrobacterias
BACTOGEL GUERRILLA is a fungi mix containing beneficial plant bacteria and hydroabsorbent polymers. Add Bactogel Guerrilla to substrate for explosive root growth and the creation of gelatinous absorbent nodules that retain humidity. It will improve the substrate with an excellent water and nutrients retaining capacity, preventing loss to filtrations or evaporation and prolonging their availability to the plant. Ideal for cultivation on terrains with water supply problems or plants that can’t be watered frequently.
Bactohemp Agrobacterias
BACTOHEMP is a water-soluble powdered product based on bacilli and bacteria living in symbiosis with the plant root. Benefits Extensive root growth; root development increases the plant’s growth and resistance to dry weather and drought. Increases quantity, size and weight of flowers and buds. Saves water, nutrients and work. Nitrogen from the atmosphere becomes attached to the substrate/soil in a natural way, which stimulates the plant’s growth. Continuous production of cytokinins, auxins and gibberellins, plant...
Bactomatik Agrobacterias
BACTOMATIK is a mix of bacteria that lives in symbiosis with the plants root system, providing many benefits. The bacteria families contained within Bactomatik have been carefully selected for their capacity to stimulate the roots and plant growth, producing autoflowering plants of a larger size with excellent production of buds and resin in record time.

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