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Insecto Smoke Bombs Hotbox Sulfume PestOFF Fumers Fortefog 'P' Fumers (Smoke Bombs)
Fortefog 'P' Fumers (Smoke Bombs) N/A
Insecticide Smoke Generators - simple to use fumigation device Fortefog Mini and Midi fumers use the unique non sparking safe blue touch paper fuse system. Simple and easy to use in the home, factory or warehouse against a wide range of flying and crawling insects. Simple to use in the home, factory or warehouse Effective against a wide range of flying and crawling insects Leaves no visible deposit after use Very useful where spraying access is difficult Contains 13.25% Permethrin in a special Agropharm formulation Most...
PestOFF Fumers GUARD'n'AID
Permethrin based smoke generators for use in controlling crawling and flying insects in difficult to reach places, grow rooms, empty glasshouses. You will need to ignite one unit for every 7.5 cubic metres of airspace in the room/house for Bed Bugs. You will still need to apply further insecticidal treatment if eggs are present as the smoke is not residual and any eggs will NOT be sterilised. We suggest applications of PestOFF Spray insecticide after the smoke treatment. Room must be vacated for 4 hours after the treatment. ADVICE SHEET...
Insecto Smoke Bombs
INSECTO smoke bombs come in a range of 3 different sizes containing the active ingredient permethrin. Simply light the non-sparking wick, smoke fumes will work their way into all nooks and crannies killing all flying and crawling insects in treated area. Can be used along with Organ-X Desi-Dust & BIOPRO as part of an integrated approach for ultimate control of insects. Not to be used in the presence of people, animals and plants. Use indoors only, around the home, hotels, restaurants, kitchens including commercial, garages, storage areas...
Hotbox Sulfume Hotbox
The Hotbox Sulfume sulphur vapouriser helps to protect crops from fungal diseases such as Mildew, Botrytis and Black Spot. It also inhibits the spread of greenhouse pests. The Hotbox Sulfume sulphur evaporator has set the standard so high that the word ‘Sulfume’ has become an Eponym for all sulphur evaporators. Do not be fooled – all sulphur evaporators are not Hotbox Sulfume’s. • Unique temperature control – cannot overheat the sulphur to create damaging oxides, releases ONLY pure sulphur • Regulated element – makes...

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