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Spray-It Cal-Mag Extra Traces Universal Flush-It Bio-Boost+ Boost-It Coco 2 Part A&B Hydro 2 Part A&B First Feed 2 Part A&B Root-Tonic
First Feed 2 Part A&B Growers Arc
Growers Ark First Feed is a plant food specially formulated for young plants. It is suitable for growing on rooted cuttings or established seedlings. It is formulated from the same high grade salts that we use for all our food but at a concentration and balance that is correct for young plants. First feed contains trace elements at full strength allowing the young plants to develop with no shortages of traces which can happen if using a dilute grow food. First feed also contains a seaweed extract that will provide the young plants with a...
Extra Traces Universal Growers Ark
Trace elements are already present in your plant food, when you use food at full strength (5ml/ltr) your traces are present at maximum useful levels giving your plants the ability to take up any traces they need. Many people like to feed plants at a lower level than full strength, whilst in most cases this is absolutely fine it is possible that growth may be reduced due to the occasional shortage of a trace element. In order to avoid this risk we produce Extra Traces as a separate bottle, this allows those users who want to the ability to...
Root-Tonic Growers Arc
A good root system is as important as healthy leaves for producing a good crop of flowers or fruit. Root-Tonic contains a range of ingredients beneficial to roots and plant health in general. The quality (and price) of these ingredients can vary wildly depending on the grade of material. We always endeavour to source the best possible ingredients, irrespective of cost, we think this gives us the most consistent product of this kind on the market. Whilst very good results can be obtained using Root Tonic during the growth period and 2 weeks...
Spray-It Growers Ark
Growers Ark Spray-It comes in grow and bloom formulations, the difference is in the exact balance of salts, grow contains a mix best suited for growing, bloom a mix best suited for blooming/fruiting. By using a foliar feed you will provide nutrients direct to the leaves which will help keep the plant compact and healthy whilst also encouraging new shoots to form faster.
Hydro 2 Part A&B Growers Arc
Growers Ark 2 part hydroponic base nutrient is formulated for use with a wide range of growing methods such as NFT, DWC, flood and drain or drip irrigation. It is manufactured from high grade salts and EDTA chelated trace elements for the maximum ease of uptake by the plants. The hard water formulation contains high grade Nitric acid to neutralize the hardness and reduce the need for pH adjustment, you will need to use less pH down when using our food than with some other companies products. If you have water which is either extremely...
Coco 2 Part A&B Growers ArK
Growers Ark 2 part coco base nutrient is specifically formulated for growing in coco-coir using a range of feeding methods. It is manufactured from high grade salts and EDTA chelated trace elements for the maximum ease of uptake by the plants. It also contains extra trace elements as sulphates to provide a secondary source of traces for the plants. Our coco food contains potassium humate (what makes part B brown), this is a large molecule of the same chemical family as humus (one of the things that makes a good soil good) Humate is...
Boost-It Growers Ark
Growers Ark Boost-it is a PK boost with low levels of nitrogen. As with all PK boosts it is designed to give plants an extra boost of potassium and phosphorus during the flowering/fruiting stage of the life cycle. Boost It is an additive and as such is designed to complement your feeding regime not replace it. It can be used with most plant foods but will give best results when used with a Growers Ark base nutrient.
Bio-Boost+ Growers Ark
Growers Ark Bio-Boost+ is a boost that can be used during the whole of the flowering/fruiting period up until the flushing/finishing stage. It works by providing a carefully balanced boost of macronutrients essential for good flowering, along with a range of micro nutrients and plant hormones such as gibberellin and cytokinin. In terms of the macro nutrients as well as the phosphorus and potassium (essential for good flowering) it provides nitrogen and magnesium. Nitrogen to allow the plants to make best use of the P and K, ensuring that...
Flush-It Growers Ark
Growers Ark Flush-It is a flushing solution to be used in the final days of flowering, to ensure a good finish to the crop. Flush-It will help remove any metallic taste from left over nutrients in the plant sap. It works in two ways, firstly it provides a final boost of plant hormones to help the plant finish flowering/fruiting easily, this helps use up any excess nutrient. Secondly the balance of salts in flush will help the plant loose any excess nutrients while providing enough nutrients for the plant to finish flowering.

Complete Solutions for Veg & Bloom

Growers Ark are a Sheffield, UK based company, we strive to produce only the best plant foods and additives. In order to give our customers products of unrivalled quality we only use the highest technical grade salts in our plant food. The biological components are of an equally high quality (from sustainable resources) and where possible from organic sources. All our products are developed, manufactured, and bottled in house since 2006.

Tailor-Made Nutrients Just For You!

Tap water and well/spring water varies throughout the UK depending on location.

Our test will determine how soft or hard your water is as well as testing the levels of key minerals for healthy plant growth. With these results we can recommend a food type and advise if a custom food would be best for your water.

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