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Ton O Bud 500g Bud Start 500g
Bud Start 500g Future Harvest
0-2-1 A powerful blend combining phosphorous and potassium fertilizer which will dramatically activate the flowering stage. The result is bigger buds and juicier, firmer fruits. Add it to your nutrient solution just before flowers are starting to form. Reliable source of nutrition in the area where buds are developing. Elevated phosphorus level for fast healthy flowering and ripening fruit load.   Key Benefits: Dissolves quickly and easily Activate the flowering stage As an additive to your existing nutrient...
Ton O Bud 500g Future Harvest
0-10-6 The original! A late flowering additive that is ideal for soil/soilless mediums. Known and recognized through the indoor gardening world, the name says it all! This specially formulated powder, has been turbo milled for ultimate solubility (dissolves fully, even in cold water). To be used in conjunction with Bud Start for an ideal flower set.   Key Benefits High levels of phosphorus and potassium Is a concentrated nutrient additive Speeds up the development of flower bud set Increase quality and heavy fruit...

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