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Latest Products in Aptus Plant Tech
Aptus Tent Set Basic 5x50ml Aptus Outdoor Set Aptus Indoor Set Basic Aptus Believer Pack 2x50ml Aptus Tent Set Pro 6x50ml Soil Attack Liquid Micro-Mix Soil 100 grams Mycor-Mix 100 grams Break-Out Powder System-Clean
Aptus Tent Set Basic 5x50ml Aptus Plant Tech
The Aptus Tent Set Basic Kit is perfect for discovering this range of concentrated fertilisers without necessarily having to resort to large formats, in a sufficient quantity for a test culture of 1 m². The Aptus Tent Set Basic Kit is composed of: Startbooster 50ML: Root and Growth Stimulator Regulator 50ML: Nutrition regulator, anti-stress fortifier for plants K-Boost 50ML: Powerful maturation stimulator Top Booster 50ML: Stimulator of flowering and maturation. Super - PK 50ML: Powerful PK flowering stimulator
Aptus Tent Set Pro 6x50ml Aptus Plant Tech
Aptus Tent Set Pro contains: 50 ml Regulator: Regulator is a plant growth and flowering booster that aids processes and supports plant development. Regulator strengthens crops by regulating the absorption of nutrients and increasing dry matter content 50 ml Startbooster: Startbooster is a complete and highly concentrated root and growth stimulator. Startbooster contains a mix of completely biological active ingredients that have a stimulating effect on the development of the root system and growth processes 50 ml...
Aptus Believer Pack 2x50ml Aptus Plant Tech
The Believer pack from Aptus is a kit of two Aptus products: the Startbooster and the Regulator. This test kit allows users to make their own test and to realise the efficiency of these two products combined. Quickly and effortlessly these products show their complementarity.
Aptus Indoor Set Basic Aptus Plant Tech
A set of 5 bottles with all you need for indoor growing. Contains: Regulator 100ml Startbooster 100ml Topbooster 100ml Super-PK 150ml K-Boost 150 ml
Aptus Outdoor Set Aptus Plant Tech
A set with all you need for outdoor growing. Contains: 5 x 100ml All-in-One Pellet Mycorrhizae 5g NutriSpray 20ml Super-PK 150ml Startbooster 50ml
Regulator Aptus Plant Tech
Nutrition Manager and Anti-Stress Plant Enhancer Aids in the uptake of nutrients, strengthens plant structure and increases the plant’s ability to handle various environmental stresses (abiotic & biotic) Regulator is the cornerstone of any plant nutrition program, Regulator increases the absorption and bio-availability of all the nutrient elements, thus by acting as an efficient transporter increases plant strength and health. The patented formula works with natural plant mechanisms to provide the right nutrition in the right amounts...
Start Booster Aptus Plant Tech
Premium Root & Growth Booster Start-Booster is a specially formulated organic root and growth stimulator, 100% biological with active organic ingredients which stimulate the development of the root system and vegetative growth. Specific microlife biomass will enhance root development like no other product on the market, stimulating root hair development while also conditioning the substrate providing bio-available nutrition during your veg phase.   Why Use Aptus Start-Booster Powerful root and growth stimulator...
Super-PK Aptus Plant Tech
Powerful PK bloom stimulator Super-PK is a superior organo-mineral bloom stimulator, 20% Phosphorus (P) and 25% Potassium (K) combined with amino-acids making it ideal for bloom stimulation. Why Use Aptus Super-PK Superior organo-mineral product. Highly concentrated. Contains L-amino acids. How To Use Aptus Super-PK Use during your bloom phase. Mix 2.5 to 5 ml Super-PK per 10 Ltr of water. Shake well before mixing, Super-PK is fully water soluble and ideal for hydroponic systems and DWC.
TopBooster Aptus Plant Tech
Bloom Booster Top-Booster is a combination of bloom and maturation stimulators, its 100% organic with active ingredients that stimulate and activate the plants flowering response. This stimulation produces larger fruit and more fibres. Resin and sugars will also increase, thus, the quality of the end product will increase. Top-Booster will improve natural flavours and enhance the appearance of end product.   Why Use Aptus Top-Booster Improves transition between different stages in plant physiology (better plant...
CaMg-Boost Aptus Plant Tech
Bud Booster CaMg-Boost is an organo-mineral plant booster that prevents Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) deficiencies while stimulating powerful fruit set and development. CaMg-Boost also provides organic Nitrogen and L-amino acids.     Why Use Aptus CaMg-Boost Contains Organic Nitrogen 100% water soluble and leaves no residue Combines Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) with L-amino acids to eliminate deficiencies. High bio-availability Improves structure and firmness to the flower and fruit Provides the...
Enzym+ Aptus Plant Tech
Powerful Enzymes Enzym+ is a powerful blend of enzymes that all have different functions. Enzymes keep the root surface clean, removing dead organic matter and root residues. Enzymes will transform accumulated or saturated salts into usable plant nutrients and help stabilize EC in your substrate. This will improve the plant’s natural ability to absorb more nutrients while avoiding nutrient build up that can cause lock-out and pathogen problems in your root zone. Why Use Aptus Ezym+ Substrates can be used longer and for multiple...
N-Boost Aptus Plant Tech
Nitrogen Booster Plants have a large demand for Nitrogen during the veg or growth phase and using N-Boost will give your plants a hit of organic Nitrogen and also L-amino acids. N-Boost is an organic product that stands out for its bio-availability of the growth-promoting properties, has powerful stimulating effects on the growth process and will also stimulate your soils. N-Boost gives you optimal support during the growth phase without risks of clogging. Why Use Aptus N-Boost Fully organic growth stimulator Improves growth...
P-Boost Aptus Plant Tech
Phosphorus Booster Phosphorus booster that is 100% soluble in water and will not produce residues, P-Boost contains organic acids that can also help to adjust the pH-down in your nutrient mix. P-Boost is organo-mineral product that improves the blooming processes and stimulates the production of proteins, plant hormones and vitamins. Why Use Aptus P-Boost Provides a large amount of organic Phosphorus (P) in the generative and bloom phase. 100% water soluble and organic leaving no residue. Combines organic Nitrogen (N) and...
K-Boost Aptus Plant Tech
Maturation and Potassium Booster Contains L-amino acids combined with Potassium (K) and Sulphur Trioxide (SO3). K-Boost will stimulate the maturation process and improve yield and end product quality. Why Use Aptus K-Boost Stimulates fruit and flower maturation Improves crop quality 100% organic and water soluble High bio-availability. How To Use Aptus K-Boost Use from 5th week until the 7th week of bloom, use 3 to 5 ml per 10 L of water. K-Boost is fully water soluble and will leave no residue but always shake well...
Break-Out Powder Aptus Plant Tech
An alternative to Shooting Powder by House & Garden NPK: 0-35-23 Aptus Breakout Powder is a Phosphorous and Potassium booster that encourages additional flowering in your plants during the late stages of the bloom cycle. Because of the extended flowering phase, this nutrient additive can help increase yields dramatically. The increased Phosphorus from Breakout Powder aids in the ability for a plant to process light through its leaves (Photosynthesis). Phosphorus is also a key element for root development, generating flower...
Foliar Applied Liquid Fertilizer Nutri-Spray is a blend of natural stimulators and micro-elements with added surfactants, use as a foliar fertilizer during the complete growing cycle. Nutri-Spray leaves a natural coating of protection and nutrient on the leaf. Nutri-Spray can be used for general nutrition or for deficiency correction, also perfect to coat rooted cuttings for transport or short storage periods. Why Use Aptus Nutri-Spray Leaves an active layer containing micro-elements on leaf surface Layer fully biodegrades within...
Fulvic-Blast Aptus Plant Tech
Complete Micro-Element Booster Complete micro-element booster used to detoxify plants and combat micro-element deficiencies. Fulvic-Blast is directly absorbed into the plant improving absorption of existing and extra micro-elements. The mixture of low molecular Fulvic acid, plant stimulants and micro-elements enhances crop production. Why Use Aptus Fulvic-Blast Stops micro-element deficiencies Prevent nutritional imbalances Breaks down nutrient salts and helps remove heavy metals Fully organic micro-element booster Very...
Humic-Blast Aptus Plant Tech
Organic Soil-Conditioner Organic soil-conditioner that improves plants ability to absorb nutrients, Humic-Blast balances the charge in substrates creating airy structure and improving water retention. Humic-Blast neutralizes build up of acids and salts in the substrates and frees up locked nutrients. Humic-Blast is rich in Carbon and Potassium humates and is supplemented with natural plant hormones and micro-elements.   Why Use Aptus Humic-Blast Boosts the development of young plants Stimulates natural hormone...
Micro-Mix Soil 100 grams Aptus Plant Tech
Beneficial Soil Borne Micro-Life During the production process of growing substrates all micro-life is destroyed/sterilized so that no harmful elements remain. The problem with this approach is that the beneficial elements are also destroyed. This makes the substrate more susceptible to pests and diseases, Its important to have a rich beneficial micro-life in the substrate to prevent problems and to optimize growing conditions. Adding Micro-Mix Soil into the substrate creates a rich beneficial life that offers optimal growing conditions in...
Mycor-Mix 100 grams Aptus Plant Tech
Blend of Mycorrhizae Species Mycor-Mix enlarges the root system and facilitates the uptake of nutrients, contains a mix of various mycorrhizae species. Why Use Aptus Mycor-Mix Enlarges the root system up to 700 times! Improves uptake of nutrients (especially Phosphorus) 100% organic How To Use Aptus Mycor-Mix Add 1 gram of Mycor-Mix once before planting in the plant hole, its important that Mycor-Mix has direct contact with the root system.
All-in-One Aptus Plant Tech
Complete Nutrient Pellet A time-released 100% organic pellet nutrient that provides complete nutrition for plant development for up to 3 months. Each application lasts 2-3 months and can be re-applied for longer cycles. All-in-One is specially formulated with macro and micro-nutrients, amino-acids and bio-stimulants and can be applied during transplanting or substrate preparation, directly into the soil or as a top dressing to extend the growing cycle.   Why Use Aptus All-in-One Simple and complete 100% organic plant...
System-Clean Aptus Plant Tech
Drip-Line Cleaner Powerful oxidizer that prevents line blockages and nutrient build up in irrigation systems which can lead to microbial attacks. A clean irrigation system improves growth and development of plants especially in the root system by allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the plant without affecting the pH. Unabsorbed nutrients increase bio-film in the irrigation system, these remaining nutrients acidify (lower pH) the medium increasing the chance of microbial attack by providing nutrition for pathogens.   Why...
Soil Attack Liquid Aptus Plant Tech
Soil Attack prevents problems with soil borne insects that nestle in the substrate and harm the root system. Soil Attack is a 100% organic product that is not harmful for your plant or natural predators. Why Use Soil Attack? Prevents problems with soil borne insects 100% organic and not harmful for plant or natural predators
GreenFuse Start Packs Growth Technology
IONIC is a unique single pack nutrient, designed to deliver the complex profile of mineral elements a plant needs, in an easy to use format. Our research has enabled all essential elements to be combined in a single pack, importantly these are stable in solution and delivered  in the correct ratio’s required by plants. IONIC is also pH stable giving the grower easy control over their nutrient solution and trouble free operation. IONIC contains 14 essential elements at both macro and micro levels supporting rampant growth and superb...

At APTUS PLANT TECH we believe in the power of providing solutions and education to our growers, rather than just selling products. We’ve invested 10 years into intense biological nutrition research and developed a line of organic & organo-mineral nutrients and biostimulants to grow plants.  Our products are specifically formulated to provide optimal nutrient sequencing and micro life stimulation, so plants can grow to maximum their genetic potential. We want to share this knowledge and advanced way of plant care.

APTUS PLANT TECH is active worldwide, and has been adopted by beginner and experienced growers alike. We educate and provide solutions (and products), enabling growers to move away from harsh synthetic chemicals and inferior formulations.

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