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EarthAlive Soil Activator C-Result Nutrient Intake Enhancer Ferocious Premium Plant Optimizer 960ml A.R.T.S. Terra Bact 1L Maxstim for Hydroponics ROOT!T Potting Biscuit - Pack of 20 Mr Danks Special Boost Secret Elite 91 Clones 500ml Winter Frost Terpenez Essential Oil Intensifier
C-Result Nutrient Intake Enhancer C-Result
Enhance Nutrient Intake with C-Result for All Grow Systems and Media C-RESULT ™ ensures that the plant absorbs 80-90% of all fertilizers during the flowering phase. Without C-RESULT ™ this is 55-65%. This increased intake provides a larger and qualitative yield (at least 20%). C-RESULT ™ brings all fertilizers to the roots through a patented formula. Your plant will now go through the flowering phase without any problems and will not be short of anything. C-RESULT ™ only needs to be given once in the beginning of the fruit or...
EarthAlive Soil Activator
EarthAlive Soil Activator advanced formula combines three strains of beneficial bacteria with a natural synergistic active to improve the bio-availability of your fertilizer program, strengthen the development and structure of plant roots, increase vegetative growth, and boost production. And because we care, we make it natural. It’s certified for organic production – which means no genetically-modified organisms and no synthetic chemicals. How it Works The three strains of highly functional beneficial bacteria were isolated by...
Ferocious Premium Plant Optimizer 960ml
Ferocious is a plant optimizer like no other. Utilising brand new patented hydronium technology to give an expected yield increase of 10-30%. Ferocious deliver concentrated forms of Hydrogen and Oxygen that is believed to produce more energy allowing plants to grow stronger, larger, more vigourous, thus giving a greater yield. It’s non toxic and easy to use – simply add it to any existing nutrient regime. Dosage: Dosages depend on your style of growing. Our best yield results have come from utilizing a clone machine and growing...
Winter Frost
Unlock true genetic potential with this ideal ripening solution An ideal ripening solution made to accentuate terpene production and recycle the last remaining energy left in the plant toward bulking fruit development. The winter like effects can be seen through exuberant oil production, and immense purple, red, and burgundy coloration shifts. When dosed properly, the affected plant system uses its remaining energy to defend against frost and ensure swollen fruit pods are available for next year’s sowing. Promotes heavier essential...
Fruit Machine Flower Booster
Containing a unique and carefully designed blend of ingredients, Fruit Machine can make the difference between an OK crop and a fantastic one. Fruit Machine shortens internodal distance and increases flowering sites. This provides growers with a shorter plant than normal, with more flowering potential. Recommended Dosage: 1 - 1.5ml per litre of water in week 2 or 3 of the flowering phase.
Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer
Hydroponic Moonshine The Nutrient Enhancer Moonshine contains no carcinogenic chemicals. It is not hazardous to human health nor does it do anything to degrade the environment. Moonshine is a natural blend of 99.9% processed extracts of natural plants (phyto-chemicals) and is completely biodegradable. * Through the process of Cationic Exchange, Moonshine stimulates natural growth defenses of plants at the cellular level, encouraging increased root size which allows more efficient uptake of nutrients and moisture to stalks and leaves...
GEN200 Control GEN200
GEN200 Control is a proprietary bio-mix of natural micro-elements supplemented with Orthosilicic acid. GEN200 ensures the growth regulation and natural defense-system. This ensures the plant to have better resistance against diseases and distresses such as heat and cold. Your plants will root faster, develop stronger stems and leaves which results in firmer plants and bigger yields. GEN200 can be used on all kinds of soil and with all kinds of nutrition!   Directions for use After sprouting or when planting your plants: add...
GEN200 Grow GEN200
GEN200 GROW is a patented organic roots and growth stimulator made of 19 plant extracts from the heart of the Amazons GEN200 Grow accelerates the formation of new roots and ensures a healthy growth and development of your plants. GEN200 Grow is a highly concentrated product specially developed to give crops a good start. This 100% organic fertilizer is added in the first three weeks of the growing cycle. It stimulates root development and growth processes. GEN200 Grow makes the plant more vital and ensures that the crop potential for...
Mammoth P Microbial Inoculant
MAMMOTH P is specifically designed to increase phosphorus availability during the bloom phase, and should be used as a supplement to your regular fertilization program. Application during clone and vegetative phase will boost effectiveness. MAMMOTH P has a near neutral pH formulation and runs clean in any system. The Benefits MAMMOTH P is the first organically derived microbial inoculant that maximizes phosphorus and micronutrient cycling to maximize flower growth, increase yield, and enhance plant health. University...
Terpenez 0-0-0 Essential Oil Intensifier Terpenez
ZERO IMPACT on PPM's and pH of nutrient solution! Purposefully formulated as a 0-0-0 from certified organic inputs ensuring it won't conflict with your existing schedule or contaminate your crop. Terpenez represents a new class of horticultural products aimed at enhancing the aromatic experience associated with gardening. Many of the plants chosen for cultivation are selected based upon the value of their essential oils. With that knowledge, Terpenez has been purposefully formulated from all organic botanical extracts and is designed to...
Elite 91 Clones 500ml
Elite 91 Clones - Professional Liquid Rooting Compound is a combination of two powerful root-inducing hormones, making it the number one choice for professional plant propagators. A simple 5-second dip in the Elite 91 Clones rooting compound is all it takes to initiate the formation of strong, healthy roots. Clones is formulated as a liquid for a more equal distribution and absorption of the root-inducing hormones, as oppossed to gels or powders. The hormones from Elite 91 Clones are absorbed directly into the cutting's plant tissue...
Mr Danks Special Boost Secret
MR DANKS’ SPECIAL BOOST SECRET One of the most hotly anticipated products for 2018 is finally available in strictly limited numbers. Super easy to use, it’s compatible with soil, coco and hydroponics. This liquid additive is unlike anything seen before on the market. It’s designed as a full-lifecycle plant boost, used for the cutting stage (in very dilute amounts) right through to mid / late flower. Prevents plant stress, increases nutrient uptake, boosts yields. Mr Danks’ Special Boost Secret is a tightly-guarded...
ROOT!T Potting Biscuit - Pack of 20 ROOT!T
ROOT!T Potting Biscuits contain the complex biology of garden soils to support the efficient transfer of nutrients and water to plants. Using ROOT!T Potting Biscuits will allow you to get the best out of your seedlings. Simply place the biscuit at the bottom of your planting hole, place the plant on top and continue to plant as usual. Swells up to 5 X original size when watered Steady release of nutrients Water retaining crystals to prevent drying out Auxins stimulate root development Essential trace elements for strong plant...
Maxstim for Hydroponics
Maxstim for Hydroponics is a liquid biostimulant which can be incorporated into your existing hydroponics system or applied directly to the substrate. Plants treated with Maxstim for Hydroponics have bigger roots, plants grow faster with more leaves and they produce a significant increase in yield. Speeds up emergence Increases root development Accelerates growth Higher resilience to disease, pests and stress For optimum results apply Maxstim to the plant as early in the lifecycle as possible. Maxstim is a unique blend of...
A.R.T.S. Terra Bact 1L A.R.T.S.
Soluble salt naturalizer in soil and hydroponics Terra Bact stimulates the plant growth by naturalizing soluble salts left by particular or slow release fertilizers. Liquid vegetable extract for neutralising and correcting soluble salt (harmful Fertilizer salts, such as chlorine, sodium, sulphate). Its effect is based on bacteriological processes that stimulate the available favourable microorganisms. High concentration of natural trace elements and growth-promoting microorganisms. The substances forming organic humus contained in...
Buddy Blood 50G
NPK ratio of 0-39-25 Designed to promote earlier flowering Highly soluble PK booster with serious power! Increases the number of flowering sites and gives huge yields Extremely concentrated – 50g makes 100 litres
EcoThrive Biosys Instant Microbe Tea ecothrive
Biosys contains a unique blend of microbes and natural plant growth stimulants. Easy and quick to mix and use, nothing immediately improves the health of your root zone quite like Biosys. Breathe new life into your plants with Biosys—the instant microbial tea from Ecothrive. Biosys is a concentrated powder that you add to water to make what we call a ‘microbe tea’. It contains some quite complex ingredients that work on a few levels. The microbes in Biosys improve root function, increase nutrient and water availability, help with...
LED Protect
LED Protect shelters the plant from the negative effects that may occur when using LED grow lights for the cultivation of plants. The infliction of LED Protect ensures maximum plant resistance against all forms of stress. It also results in a medium that is buffered in the whole spectrum of (trace) elements. LED Protect contains all natural elements in directly absorbable form. Because of this, all possible deficiencies in the diet of the plant are avoided. The organic molecules in LED Protect also act as co-enzymes, which ensure that enzymes...
Compost Accelerator 250ml GUARD'n'AID
A concerntrated solution containing enzymes and naturally occurring bacteria to promote the break down of organic matter in compost piles. Use Guard 'n' Aid Compost Accelerator to speed up the composting process and improve the quality of the finished product.
Geni Powder
This effervescent bud expander is the leader in the field of bloom stimulators. Its additional minerals prompt improved cell division, ensuring increased absorption in the plant. Geni Powder therefore produces tangible results, while it can be combined with any type of basic feed. It is supplied in individual sachets which make for convenient use. It has been extensively tested to meet with our customers complete satisfaction. In short, Geni Powder is the ideal complement to every successful growers feed plan. How Geni Powder Actually...
Seed Excel
Use Seed Excel for rapid seed germination, stronger roots, to overcome dormancy and increase plant growth. Overcome dormancy Rapid seed germination Stronger roots Increase plant growth Add 25ml Seed Excel to 225ml warm water. Soak seeds for 12-18 hours. After soak, plant as normal (media, rooting cube, etc.) *Use as a starter formula throughout the entire growth or vegetative cycle @ 10ml per 1 Litre w/t nutrient.
Hygrozyme® is a concentrated enzyme formula and is an essential addition to any grow system. With over 20 years of medical and horticultural enzyme formulation and production experience, SIPCO perfected a proprietary formula to help plants reach their full genetic potential. Hygrozyme provides a cleaner root zone by accelerating the breakdown of dead root matter. This process unlocks additional nutrients and helps plants thrive by stimulating new root growth.
Healthy Root 1 Litre GUARD'n'AID
A concentrated preparation of naturally occurring bacteria to promote plant and root health in hydroponics and soil-based systems. Healthy Root restores the microbial balance by adding beneficial bacteria, improving nutrient availablity and uptake and will ensure roots grow stron and healthy in all growing conditions.
Flower Bomb N/A
This product adds a lot of weight and can drastically reduce flowering time. Flower Bomb is one of the most powerful flower enhancers on the market. To get record breaking yields of quality & quantity add Flower Bomb to your nutrient solution during weeks 4 and 5 of the 12/12 flowering period. Effective in all growing mediums & systems. How to use Add Flower Bomb to nutrient solution at 3ml per litre in re-circulating systems or 5ml per litre in run-to-waste gardens (eg soil and coco pots). When to use Use in weeks 4 and...
Plant Regulator Spray 100ml Spray & Grow
Plant Regulator Spray by Spray & Grow is a biological growth regulator. Our unique combination of algae filtrates and willow bark acid regulates the growth plants and flowers ensuring a controlled growth and a quicker blooming process.
OG Rapid Flower + Hardener N/A
OG Rapid Flower & Hardener is a product that has been exclusively designed to extensively activate your crops flower production and deliver an overwhelming increase in flower mass like no other product on offer. Results can be seen almost immediately with a rapid onset of flowering and then delivering exploding mass with rapid daily increases in weight throughout your entire flowering cycle. The visible increase is actually astonishing as three week old flowers resemble flowers which look like they are on their fifth week of flowering...
Charge - Organic Insect Frass ecothrive
Ecothrive Charge – Organic Insect Frass Charge is a 100% naturally-produced potting soil enhancer that confers a whole host of biological benefits to your plants. Charge boosts and prolongs the fertility of your potting mix by adding a balance of long-lasting primary nutrients in a highly available form. Composed entirely from the droppings of beetles, this premium grade ‘insect frass’ is packed full of beneficial microorganisms and natural plant growth catalysts. Charge will stimulate robust plants growth, improve root zone...
Bacterial No Mercy Supply
Accelerates the emergence of a natural balance in any growth medium With bacterial you have a freeze-dried culture of microorganisms. If you mix the content of Bacterial with water billions of nitrifying bacteria will grow within a period of 24 hours. Tiny as they may be there nitrifying bacteria are essential to all life on earth, including plants. Together with enzymes and moulds these bacteria transform organic waste into re-uptakeable nutrients for the plants. In order to obtain the right environment in the growth medium of your plants...
Bio Bav 900ml
Bio Bav is a 100% organic problem solver designed to aid growers who are experiencing difficulties. Made a mistake? Got Yellow/Brown leaves? Weak Plants? Dried Out Soil? Bio Bav can help. Containing high levels of organic minerals it helps to improve soil structure. Bio Bav also helps plants retain moisture during hot/dry conditions. Containing humic and fulvic acids that promote a healthy root structure and aid nutrient uptake. Suitable for use in soil, coco and hydro systems. When using as a preventative only three doses are required.
GA-Special Spray No Mercy Supply
This GA-Special Spray can be safely applied to make plants bloom richer and produce more resin. This is an effect of Gibberelic-acid (a chemical produced acid, so not an hormone preparate) which stimulates the female hormones in the plant. Apply on healthy plants only, and only during the indicated period of bloom. Preferably use the spray shortly before you turn out the lights. You can also hang the light higher for a few hours. A 250 ml. bottle of GA-Special Spray is enough to treat 125-150 plants. Spray well above the plants – do not...
Stim Root N/A
For use on semi-hardwood plants (eg. woody or hard stemmed tropical, shrubs and many herbaceous perennials).
Double Bud (Soil & Coco) N/A
Formulated for soil and coco. Increase yield, health and vigour by up to 25 %. Add nutrient solution for 3 weeks only (e.g. flower wk 4-6). Double Bud is suitable for all flowering plants, providing a massive flowering response increasing yields by up to 25%. Double Bud contains L-form amino acids, proteins, chitinase and polypeptides derived from aquatic plants, shells and various plant life, combined with vitamin C and trace minerals forming a complex food for this vital flowering period.
RootGrow Hydro 400g
Rootgrow Hydro is a granular stimulator designed specifically for the hydroponic market, it contains beneficial microbes (mycorrhizal fungi and rhizobacteria) to help plants absorb nutrients more efficiently. It helps to stimulate root development, increasing the root surface area and nutrient uptake. This is a one treatment product simply sprinkled into the transplant hole or roll wet propagation plugs in it to give direct contact with the roots ensuring colonisation.
Bio Harvest N/A
A dry and water soluble root booster with nitrogen-fixing and phosphorous solubilising as well as growth promoting bacteria. All the bacteria in Bio Harvest Bio-Stimulant also contain proven growth promoting substances amongst which are humic extracts and sea kelp extracts along with amino acids. Recommended for use with Bio Harvest nutrients but works great with all brands of plant food! 100g per tub.
Bio-Link Plus N/A
Beneficials Bio-Link Plus is organic and contains about 15 billion microbes per millilitre compared with about 8 billion in other microbial products - this is due to the advanced brewing process. It also contains 3 Trichoderma plus 7 bacillus strains. It will improve nutrient availability and efficiency resulting in improved plant response and it improves the flavour and texture of herbs and other crops along with plant yields and quality. Beneficials Bio-Link Plus helps to break down nitrogen containing compounds making them available to...
NL Evolution A+B Nutriculture
NL: Evolution is a new concept in plant nutrition; traditional ideas evolved to suit today’s grower. Plant nutrients in soluble form are derived directly from nutrients used in commercial horticulture, with one difference. NL: Evolution is specifically formulated for use in small-scale systems. NL: Evolution‘s soluble powder formulation holds many exceptional benefits for the grower. The products are smaller, lighter and easier to store than ready mixed nutrients. They are simple to mix and can then be kept safely until needed. The...
NL Evolution Black Liquid Humate Nutriculture
NL: Evolution Black Liquid Humate is an amazing 100% natural product that offers a fantastic range of benefits. It optimises water and nutrient uptake, improving root growth and promoting increased top growth. It is organic and stimulates beneficial micro-organisms in the root zone to enhance the plant’s natural immune system against diseases and pests. NL: Evolution Black Liquid Humate is highly concentrated so very economical to use and is available in 1 litre or 5 litre bottles.
NL Evolution PK Bloom Boost Nutriculture
NL: Evolution PK Bloom Boost is a potent PK preparation used to increase phosphorus and potassium levels in nutrient solution at the flowering stage, so increasing the weight of flower and fruit production. It is supplied in soluble form, offering the same benefits as the Soluble Nutrient in terms of weight, pack size, cost and ease of use. Available in pack sizes to make up 1 litre or 2 litre stock solutions.
Voodoo Ice VoodooPonics
Voodoo Ice is a brand new bio-stimulant product carefully designed to help plants cope with cold stress problems when growing in adverse conditions.
Voodoo Heat
Voodoo Heat is a brand new bio-stimulant product carefully designed to help plants cope with heat stress problems when growing in adverse conditions.
Mr No N/A
Dr. Node's is a specially formulated nutrient that increases the number of internodes, shortens the length between them, and focuses plants energy on lateral growth. This powerful nutrient will also tighten up buds and maximize yields. Use 5ml / liter in soil, or 2ml / liter in hydroponic systems. Apply at begining of flowering stage, stop using when your plants have reached the desired height. This is a good replacement for "Superbud" Dr. Nodes recently changed the name to Mr. No
Veg Booster N/A
Veg-Booster enables young cuttings or seedlings to better expand branches, allowing for fuller growth in the later flowering stages. Add Veg-Booster directly to your reservoir only once at the beginning of a plants vegetative cycle, once the seedlings/cuttings have gotten over any transplant shock. Works in soil and hydro.
Blossom Blood N/A
Blossom Blood is a very unusual product that expands flowers in seed crops. Blossom Blood expands the actual flower creating "space" for protective resin drops to form within the flowers. This process "fluffs" up the yield and allows the drying process to take place faster. It also reduces the risk of moulds/fungi growing within the flower due to excess humidity or damp storage. The most important aspect of the product is that a little is good, less is better. If you use too much you will wish you had not. When growers start using Blossom...
First Feed PLANT!T
Specially formulated to give young plants the best start in life. ROOT!T First Feed contains everything required for healthy growing during the propagation stage. This highly concentrated liquid feed is incredibly easy to use and is ideally suited for propagation plugs/sponges or transplanter blocks/pots. NPK 2.0/1.15/2.3. Includes a book on how to grow from seeds or cuttings. Promotes fast and healthy root development. Proven to reduce standard rooting times. Boosts resistance to infection and disease. Increases your chance of success...
Root-Prune N/A
Using ROOT-PRUNE could not be simpler! The beauty of this product is that it can be used to enhance your crop grown in any style or size of container. As the below photo shows, simply apply to the sides of your growing container with a paint brush and allow to dry. Then simply add your medium and watch the results. Within a couple of weeks you will see a much healthier, greener and more vigorous plant. What is more, because of the effective pruning of the root mass, the plant will allow itself to grow a much larger/wider canopy. All in all it...
Vintage Bat Guano  N/A
Vintage Bat Guano provides a wonderfully rich potent organic fertiliser, which is immediately available to the plant ensuring rapid and exceptional root and bud development. It works great for both indoors and outdoors, soil and hydroponics. Delivers rapid growth rates, spectacular flowers, sweeter tasting crops and multiple bud sets. Vintage Bat Guano boosts not only plant yields but also helps to grow healthier plants by adding strength and vitality. Therefore plants are far more resistant to pests and diseases.
Halo - (Harpin)
HALO is the 1st product of an completely new class of plant growth additives utilising the Harpin Alpha Beta protein, a powerful new plant technology. HALO is foliar applied or utilised as a seed or tuba pre-treatment. Halo’s unique natural protein leads the plant to consider it is under attack, this ‘tricks’ the plant and naturally forces the plant to ‘defend itself’ switching on stress-defense and growth systems and reproducing very quickly. If a plant ‘believes’ it is under attack, it will grow and reproduce at accelerated...
Tomato Juice N/A
Tomato Juice instantly stops plants from growing any taller and also sends a complex trigger to immediately turn the plants into flowering mode. This product does what it says it does and can shave a lot of time off your flowering period as well as unwanted height from your plants :) (A must have product for vertical growers). Use from 2-7 days into flowering. (A British incarnation of SuperBud)
Rox N/A
Rox is a nutrient supplement designed to substantially enhance the yield and quality of your plants. A very powerful flower enhancer indeed. Possibly one the strongest on the market. Use from week 2-5 of flowering.
AeroGarden Replacement Nutrient Sachet - Flowers AeroGarden
The replacement nutrient sachets (flowers) for your AeroGarden Unit.
AeroGarden Replacement Nutrient Sachet - Herbs AeroGarden
The replacement nutrient sachets (herbs) for your AeroGarden Unit.
AeroGarden Replacement Nutrient Sachet - Salad Greens AeroGarden
The replacement nutrient sachets (salad greens) for your AeroGarden Unit.
AeroGarden Replacement Nutrient Sachet - Vegetables AeroGarden
The replacement nutrient sachets (vegetables) for your AeroGarden Unit.
easy2grow Liquid Fertilizer AutoPot
The easy2grow liquid feed has been specially formulated to be used with all the AutoPot products. During recent trials it outperformed all the rest and is perfect for use with all kinds of vegetables, fruit and plants. It is now available in a range of sizes to cater for all gardeners’ needs, we offer 250ml, 1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre bottles. easy2grow Liquid Plant Fertiliser will leave minimal sediment ensuring clear lines and piping and the optimum performance of the AutoPot irrigation system. It is a one part feed that dilutes...

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