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Latest Products in Agriculture
FOHSE O6i 1200W LED Grow Light Dramm AutoFog ULV Chemical Fogger Large 240V 50-60HZ Comet Trolley Sprayer Petrol 120l 4 Stroke High Pressure Lance 40m Hose with Reel Berthoud Vermorel 2000 Pro Comfort Knapsack Sprayer Gavita Pro 1000e DE 208-240 SL Slimline Portable 10L Electric ULV Fogger DLI Toplighting Fixture Diode-Series 330W LED Grow Light KropTek HiKROP-360 360W LED Grow Light Sohum Living Soil 42.5 Litres Revolution Deva 630W CMH Integrated Grow Light
Revolution Deva 630W CMH Integrated Grow Light Revolution
Currently Pre-order only, shipping by end of October. In a League of its Own: The DEva’s Integrated Low Frequency Square Wave Electronic Ballast. Designed from the ground up, the DEva 630w CMH ballast rewrites the rule book for indoor growers. It runs cooler and quieter than any other e-ballast, emits virtually no electromagnetic interference, and oscillates at just 100 Hz instead of 70,000 to 100,000 Hz! As such, it perfectly powers CMH lamps that all require low frequency drive. DEva even adjusts the output waveform to continually...
Sohum Living Soil 42.5 Litres SOHUM
All you need is to add water! SoHum Living Soil is handcrafted by growers for growers to provide a true living bio-dynamic mix to be used for container growing in an indoor or outdoor setting. SoHum Living Soils is a bio-dynamic potting mix developed to optimize the plants’ genetic potential. In cultivation, the term “bio-dynamic” applies to the understanding that a living soil with beneficial bacteria and fungi directly impacts plant development, emphasizing a natural approach to growing. SoHum has been used by many such as The...
Bat Mix Special 50 Litres House & Garden
Bat Special is House & Garden's premium quality soil mix. It contains German black peat and Baltic white peat, both of which carry the RHP stamp. Perlite, lime and bat guano is then added to the mix, this provides extra fertiliser to your plants. Bat Special carries a pH of 6.4 and an EC of 1.2-1.5
Dramm AutoFog ULV Chemical Fogger Large 240V 50-60HZ
The Dramm Autofog sprays automatically with no operator present, eliminating labour whilst reducing the amount of water needed. The ultra-fine cloud of droplets penetrates deep into the plant canopy covering all surfaces, ensuring excellent control of greenhouse pests and diseases. Treats up to 2800m2  (Up to 6500m2 with additional fans). Fogger head separates from control & compressor carriage for portable use.
FishPlant Production Unit FishPlant
Take your aquaponic production to the next level with the FishPlant Production Aquaponic System. The larger size provides twice the growing area and more than twice the fish tank volume of the FishPlant Family Unit, creating an even more stable environment. Under optimum management you could be harvesting 10 fish every 6 weeks and up to 7kg of biomass. The package includes everything necessary to setup the system including the clay pebbles. Full build instructions and operation guide are included. The FishPlant units operate on a flood...
Gavita Pro 1000e DE 208-240 SL Slimline Gavita
The Gavita Slim Line series is part of the 'professional' line of fixtures. Designed especially for grow rooms, our professional fixtures suit flexible and fixed installations. They are compact and come with a Repeater Bus interface (no manual control). For 208V three-phase or 240V. The reduced height make this the fixture of choice for low rooms. Slim-line ballast, only 9.7 inches (19,4 cm) high Highest light output and maintenance over time Highly efficient passive cooling of ballast for longer electronics...
Portable 10L Electric ULV Fogger
Portable ULV Fogger/Sprayer with adjustable particle size. Example of use: Disinfection, sterilization, pest control, air purification, anti-virus, disease prevention, school disinfection, hotel disinfection, household disinfection, warehouse disinfection, factory disinfection etc. Specifications: Power: 220V Particle size: 5-50μm (adjustable) Power: 1400 W Effective range:8-10m Tank Capacity:10L Hose: 80cm Cable length: 3m Weight: 5Kg Size: 470×240×510mm
Berthoud Vermorel 2000 Pro Comfort Knapsack Sprayer Berthoud
A renowned brand name for a unique sprayer concept. The exceptionally comfortable to carry VERMOREL features a ground-breaking, high-performance membrane and curvilinear piston pump. Reservoir capacity: 16lt with visible liquid level Ergonomic back frame, which fits the shape of your back. No direct contact between applicator's back and tank Reversible left/right pump lever, adjustable in all positions (for width and height - by notches of 10°) High performance diaphragm pump with curved position Pressure relief valve...
1 Litre - Full proactive Suite Proactive
Buy the full suite of proactive Nutrients in 1 Litre bottles (excluding Nano Power Powder) Proactive nutrients, a new UK based company with over 20 years of experience in the indoor horticultural industry. We have formulated a revolutionary new nutrient range and specific regime which consists of every single element vital to plant growth, health and optimum yield. This is a simple 6 part schedule which provides everything your plants require.   Our products are produced with a indepth knowledge and understanding. We are...
Comet Trolley Sprayer Petrol 120l 4 Stroke High Pressure Lance 40m Hose with Reel
25 Bar max pressure 18.5 lpm max flow Comet MC25 twin diaphragm pump Honda GP160 petrol engine 120 litre wheel barrow tank Supplied with pressure regulator Suction pipe and external filter Spray lance with nozzle
Hydroponic Food Production N/A
Hydroponic Food Production: A Definitive Guidebook for the Advanced Home Gardener and the Commercial Hydroponic Grower, Seventh Edition is a comprehensive guide to soilless culture with extensively new and updated contents from the previous edition published in 2001. Meant for hobby and commercial growers, the book: Shows the reader how to set up a hydroponic operation with the options of using any of the many hydroponic cultures presently used in the industry to grow vegetable crops Provides background in plant physiology and nutrition...
NFT MD804 Complete Kit
Ready to grow! Just add nutrients and starter media. Complete kit contains: tank, channels, stands, correx top plate, delivery system, pump, spreader mat, pH down and test kit, emptying tube and full instructions. The original domestic hydro system, first launched by Nutriculture in 1976. Grow your plants using NFT and experience up to 4x the yields achieved with traditional soil methods! What is NFT? NFT stands for ‘Nutrient Film Technique’. A thin film of nutrient solution flows through the roots of your plants providing them with...
Fohse O6i LED Grow Light FOHSE
The O6i by Fohse - Re-imagining Greenhouse Illumination Exploring new solutions to old problems Effective greenhouse lighting is all about maintaining balance between DLI and electricity costs. The O6i uses the latest advancements in LED tech to enable you to maintain peak DLI far more affordably than HID ever could. Cool diodes are efficient diodes That's our secret to packing so much power into each footprint. Aircraft grade aluminum heat sinks and two hyper-efficient. Specifications: Light source: CREE LEDs PPF: 2,400...
HSE 1000W & 600W 400V Grow Light Hortilux
Hortilux HSE 600W & 1000W Electronic Ballast System Features of this unit are endless with Philips electronics, Philips MASTER GreenPower Plus 600W or 1000W 400V electronic lamp, with highly efficient PAR output of 1190µmol per second, Interchangeable Delta and Zeta reflectors made from 97 % reflective MIRO-9 (glass-coated) aluminium, Up to 10% more growth light than traditional domestic HID lighting systems, Cooling fins and heat shield, RF Shielded. Hortilux Schréder, Hortilux HSE600W & 1000W Electronic Ballast System uses a...
DLI Toplighting Fixture Diode-Series 330W LED Grow Light Dutch Lighting Innovations
DLI Toplighting fixtures are designed to deliver high levels of photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) values with optimal angled vertical light uniformity. The unique design of the lense creates a high uniform light distribution over the canopy. The fixtures are constructed in a slim water-proof design and suspended above the plant canopy with the easy-hang system. Time for Improvement For Decades growers have settled for lighting options that are not 100% tailored for their use and crop. Grow light manufacturers are always trying to...
Revolution DEva 1000W DE Revolution
DEva 1000W Double Ended HPS - A Complete, Integrated Plant Lighting Solution Growers know—life starts with light. Every gram, ounce or pound of produce generated from your indoor garden or climate controlled grow room begins with a photon of light. Plants use this crucial input energy (also known as photosynthetically active radiation or PAR) to capture and transform carbon dioxide into plant-usable carbohydrates—the building blocks of life. When cultivating crops indoors in controlled growing environments, the quality and intensity...
KropTek HiKROP-360 360W LED Grow Light KropTek
A high-powered LED grow light designed for indoor grow rooms. The HiKROP is a fully waterproof light fitting that has simple method of interconnecting with other HiKROP units. Design based on extensive scientific research, modular build concept for plug & play installation and scale-up.     Specifications: AC100V to 277V, 50-60 HZ Actual Power: 372W Full Spectrum (spectrum #12) Integrated CE Driver IP65 2.2 umol / w Size: L560 x W460 x H42 mm Weight: 10.4kg 3 year warranty CE, ROHS, UL / ETL...
HS2000 Dutch "Poot" Light Hortilux
This steadfast light has been available for a decade and in it's most recent incarnation, is as effective as any modern design. This light is used extensively throughout Holland. It is affectionately known as "The Producer" and has a reputation for consistent and abuntant yields. This light is ideal for indoor use and greenhouse use. The unit is designed specifically to be suspended via two chains at either end of the main section. This counterwieghts the sturdy pentagonal reflector. The unit is approximately 66cm long and the widest section...

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