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Latest Products in Metrop
Enzymes MAM Amino Bloom Stimulator (AminoXtrem) Root + Cal Green MR 2 10-20-40 Flower MR 1 10-20-40 Grow
MR 1 10-20-40 Grow Metrop
With the MR1 growth fertilizer, the NPK (Nitrate / Phosphorus / Potassium) and micro-element balance is specially formulated for the highest possible crop yield. MR1 consists of 40% Phosphorus, an important substance for the roots, which provides the basis for the rest of the growth and flowering process, especially in the first few weeks. The raw materials of the MR 1 are of particularly pure quality, making it possible to achieve a high NPK ratio without disturbing the plant. Due to the quality of the raw materials, once solved, the...
Enzymes Metrop
Enzymes Biocatalyst by Metrop is an organic, liquid, enzyme-based, nutritional supplement that boosts and controls the chemical processes that occur during root and plant development, providing the best results in record time and with less energy consumption. Enzymes makes for strong, healthy roots and protects the plants from soil diseases. The dead roots and plant residues are processed quickly and used by the plants themselves. Application and dosage: Daily use - 25 ml/100 litres of water Weekly use - 1 ml/1 litre of water
MR 2 10-20-40 Flower Metrop
For the MR 2 flower fertilizer, the NPK (Nitrate / Phosphorus / Potassium) and micro-element balance is specially formulated for the highest possible crop yield. MR2 consists of 40% Potassium, an important substance for good development and a big fruit yield. This makes the MR2 flower fertilizer at the same time a flower booster. The micro-elements of the MR 2 are of exceptionally pure quality, giving the plant a faster more productive photosynthesis, which is particularly beneficial to the end product. The MR 2 feed is a high quality plant...
Cal Green Metrop
Calgreen is a unique calcium fertilizer based on Nitrogen, Calcium and Magnesium. This elemental grouping is an important building block for the cell walls of the plant, resulting in a heavier more compact fruit. This food protects the plant against 80% of the most common forms of fungi and disease. Because extra Calcium enters the plant, the ions of the other nutrients can more easily be released from the colloidal particles, resulting in more nutrient building blocks. Calgreen plant food is made from high quality raw materials and can be...
Metrop Root +
This is a completely biological root stimulator. Root+ is a high quality bio-catalyst that ensures optimal function of the leaf, stem, and root systems, as well as other visible and invisible growth functions. This root stimulator is made up of oxidoreductase, transferase and ligase enzymes. As a result, both trunk and root growth are not only catalyzed by a faster ion transfer, but also by the faster movement and linking of minerals to organic building blocks. Root + not only promotes the bio-availability of certain minerals such as Zinc...
Amino Bloom Stimulator Metrop
This biological plant and flower stimulator is a high quality product ensuring optimal that function of the leaf, stem, and root systems, as well as other visible and invisible growth functions. This is a high-quality plant extract  containing all amino acids and vitamins that ensure explosive growth and top flowering for every plant. Aminoxtrem promotes top formation while also stimulating certain enzymes and hormones, resulting in better leaf formation. The amino acids are extracted by bio-synthesis, helping determine how many of...
MAM Metrop
Mam is nutrition that has been specifically developed for motherand seed plants because they have different needs compared to plants that only need to grow and thrive. Mother plants need to grow constantly, but also to recover from cutting, which often results in a weakening of the plant. With Mam you not only make the mother plants stronger, but also improve shelf life so that cuttings are both stronger and longer lasting. In combination with Calgreen and Aminoxtrem, Mam ensures the development of a strong, long-lasting mother plant. With...

Metrop is a specialist supplier of high quality liquid plant fertilizers for agriculture, horticulture and hobby growth.

Through years of growth and test experience, Metrop fertilizers approach to plants has become fundamentally different from that of most other plant food producers. Metrop believe, you have to make available to a plant, the nutrients that he can absorb most of during every phase of the growth and bloom cycle.

Metrop products are carried out in cooperation with two laboratories, each with separate nutrient production facilities. One of our partners specialises in producing highly concentrated liquid fertilizers and carries out research into developing feeds to solve plant specific vegetation problems, our other associated laboratory is a specialist in producing vegetation stimulants.

Because of Metrop unique approach and the fact that Metrop use different elements for the Metrop fertilizer products than other plant food suppliers, Metrop are able to achieve greater NPK differences, which gives you the grower, better and bigger unfolding vegetative growth.

Metrop do not compromise on quality and so the Metrop nutrient elements are free of cadmium and other heavy metals reducing chlorine content to trace. This means a healthier and better tasting end product for both grower and consumer.

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