K 20% 1L by Ecolizer

K 20% 1L by Ecolizer

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Ecolizer K20% is a fast-acting nutritional supplement that is administered as a supplement to the basic diet in case of a potassium deficiency. Ecolizer K20% can also be added to the nutrient solution during the flowering phase.

Potassium is an indispensable element for the crop. The plant immediately absorbs potassium and strengthens cell tissue, regulates the stomata (and thus water balance) and nutrient transport. During the flowering phase, potassium increases the willingness to bloom.

A lack of potassium disrupts the functioning of the stomata. Evaporation decreases and the temperature in the leaf increases, causing the cells to burn. The leaves discolour at the edges.

An excess of potassium can lead to calcium and magnesium deficiency and acidification of the root environment. Be careful with dosing, an overdose can damage the crop.

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