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Hydroponic Generations (Hy-Gen)
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Bud Link
Bud Link Hydroponic Generations
A source of silicon for your plants. BudLink is a highly soluble silica based nutrient supplement. The use of BudLink will increase weight and bulk, assist nutrient uptake as well as strengthening plants and improving disease resistance. - Reduces moisture loss - More efficient uptake of nutrients - Improved cell development - Stimulates plants immune system - Increased weight and bulk.

At HYDROPONIC GENERATIONS we have been creating the right chemistry for growers and hobbyists since 1994. Our goal is to manufacture and deliver the best-quality, scientifically balanced products for today’s commercial farmers and home growers. We are an Australia-based company whose products can be found throughout the world including Antarctica where they are used for hydroponic food production.

Each HY-GEN product is designed for a specific purpose and optimised for performance while making it simple for growers to use. The HY-GEN brand represents many years of specialised knowledge accumulated from a broad range of scientific disciplines by our founder chemist and owner.

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