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The Environment in which your plants live is very important - the temperature of the grow room, the relative humidity and also the conditions of your reservoir and rootzone must be kept within certain parameters in order to achieve optimal performance. Luckily here in the UK, most of the time, apart from the hottest summer days, we can easily maintain temperature and relative humidity with a thermostatic fan controller coupled with extractor fans relatively cheaply. There are all kinds of other equipment and more advanced technologies available, depending on budget, location and the size of the room and methods employed inside the room, all of which we can supply.

Big Tip – In the hot summers, if temperatures are rising high, make it a priority to maintain your water temperatures in your hydroponics systems over anything else. Pythium (root rot) and other water borne root disease will almost certainly take hold if your water temperatures soar into the mid 20’s, and in the summertime, this is a highly likely occurrence. A water chiller can resolve this problem before it happens. Root disease will wipe out a crop very quickly and in a very horrifying fashion. Room temperatures in the high 20’s and low 30’s are not favourable either, but your plants will more than likely survive it as long as your water and roots do not become diseased. Air conditioning is the only way to get room temperatures down in the peak days of summer and we also sell all sorts of ACs, so again, give us a call!


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