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Nitro Powder 65g (5pk) Boost Flower Stimulator Nugz Rapid Flower Hardener Midas Organic Stimulator
Midas Organic Stimulator Kings Nutrients
Kings Nutrients Midas is a one of a kind nutrient that has been naturaly formulated to meet the needs of both novice and the veteran. Kings Nutrients Midas unique formulation ensures that it will perform flawlessly in conjunction with ANY nutrient feed program. (Shogun, Canna, Ducth Pro, etc). How Kings Nutrients Midas works Kings Nutrients Midas is an aroma and flavour enhancer that was developed to greatly increase the essential oil and resin production of flowering plants. It provides a readily available source of molybdenum (Mo)...
Nugz Rapid Flower Hardener Kings Nutrients
Nugz is an extremely potent flowering booster. Add it in the second week of flower and it will help to kickstart your plants into the bloom stages, keeping height levels down and increasing the potential for bigger and better fruits further down the line. When used during weeks six and seven, it can help to further toughen up fruits, adding extra weight and increasing the size of your harvest. It's no exaggeration to say that Nugz is one of the most potent boosters on the market, so it's important not to overdo it. Make sure that you...

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