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DimLux SSR (solid state relay) 45A DimLux SSR (solid state relay) 20A Thermal Cut Out Box Bluelab Carry Case SMSCom Temp Protector 16A Electrode Cleaner 250ml Superpro Recycling Timer - CHRONO-B1
Temp Protector 16A smscom
The SMSCOM Temp Protector provides a failsafe system that protects the room against excessive temperatures. Should the room overheat, the Temp Protector will automatically switch off a number of lights to allow the temperature to drop back to safe levels. After plugging your lighting contactor/relay into the Temp Protector, simply set the maximum temperature cut off point for your room. Should the temperature in your room ever exceed your set point, the unit will immediately shut down the installation (or the part that's connected to it)...
Recycling Timer - CHRONO-B1 Superpro
The CHRONO-B1 recycling timer is designed to turn ON and OFF any device on a repeating time schedule.The schedule / settings are determined by the user. The user simply plugs the CHRONO-B1 into a standard power outlet, and then plugs the device they want to control into the receptacle on the front of the CHRONO-B1. The user then can select the ON time (from 15 seconds to 5 hours) and the OFF time (from 15 seconds to 13 hours). The built in photocell also allows the user to select whether they want the timer to work during the DAY, NIGHT, or...
Thermal Cut Out Box Esoteric Hydroponics
The thermal cut out box is compatible with all 26 amp contactor timer relays, the unit is built with the highest quality components and contains a very accurate thermostat. This equipment can come in very handy in the event of cooling failure, it adds a very valuable safety net to your grow room. You set the thermostat to the maximum temperature, we recommend 30 degrees Celsius, in the Event of fan or AC failure the Thermal cut off box will cut the power to your timer relay therefore shutting down your lights when the room temperature raises...
Electrode Cleaner 250ml Flairform
In many situations, Flairform’s electrode cleaner eliminates the need to re-calibrate. Electrode cleaners are usually made from acids, alkalis or chelates. However, these chemicals are largely ineffective for cleaning electrodes that have been contaminated by nutrient solutions. Flairform Electrode Cleaner is: Suitable for both pH & conductivity meter electrodes. Removes both inorganic and organic contamination. Restores electrode accuracy and response time. Maximizes electrode life-span. Unlike with other cleaners, the...
DimLux SSR (solid state relay) 20A DimLux
DimLux SSR (solid state relay) 20A. This DimLux solid state relay can be used to parallel a heater or humidifier with the DimLux Maxi Controller.
DimLux SSR (solid state relay) 45A DimLux
DimLux SSR (solid state relay) 45A. This DimLux solid state relay can be used to parallel a heater or humidifier with the DimLux Maxi Controller.
Bluelab Carry Case Bluelab
A custom fit so you can use and read your Bluelab Meter right from the carry case. The Bluelab Carry Case has a firm outer casing which offers impact resistance for your Meter. There are two pockets in the top of the case specially made for the probes. A removable and adjustable shoulder strap provides even more comfort and convenience. Place over your shoulder, hold onto the carry case and place the probes into the nutrient tank. In-between use, we recommend placing dry probes into the pockets. Simply zip up the Carry Case then tuck...

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