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 BBC2 (Beneficial Bacterial Culture TWO) 120g BBC1 (Beneficial Bacterial Culture ONE) 120g Bud Explosion Force Field 250ml Bud Honey Evo Accelerator Goliath Magi-Cal Extra Bud Monster 500g Bud Power
 BBC2 (Beneficial Bacterial Culture TWO) 120g Evoponic
20 million colony forming units per gram of product. We screen over 3000 strains and chose a combination that work TOGETHER, not in competition, to generate a healthy and natural environment for you plants to thrive in. This unique combination will: Out-compete native strains reducing proliferation of non-beneficial microbes Produce a biofilm on the plant root acting as physical barrier to unwanted organisms Improve Metabolite production Enhance Enzyme production Upgrade Nutrient cycling Facilitate Nitrate/Nitrite...
BBC1 (Beneficial Bacterial Culture ONE) 120g Evoponic
20 million colony forming units per gram of product. We screen over 3000 strains and chose a combination that work TOGETHER, not in competition, to generate a healthy and natural environment for you plants to thrive in. BBC1 contains endophytic bacteria that are absorbed by the plant and live in the interstitial spaces between the cells fixing Nitrogen from the air. There are specialised bacteria to enhance the availability and uptake of Phosphorous and Potassium during the vital early growth stages all of which have been chosen because...
Bud Explosion Evoponic
Bud Explosion – Explosive Budding and Flowering Bud Explosion taps in to the flowering potential of your plants. Using Evoponic Bud Explosion in the first two weeks of flowering will stimulate your garden to progress to the flowering phase faster and help create extra budding site, enabling higher yields and potentially shorter flowering periods. Speedy flowering phase. Increased yield. Bigger budding sites. Strong foundation for the flowering cycle. Components NPK 0 – 48 – 34 +Trace Elements + Amino Acids +...
Bud Honey Evoponic
Bud Honey – Flavour enhancer Essential carbohydrates, inc. oligosaccharides, enhance sugar levels and produce sweeter, more flavour-some fruit. Bud Honey is a Biostimulant that can be used towards the end of flowering/fruiting to increase natural sugar levels, making plants less attractive to sucking insects and more resistant to early rotting disease. It’s a safe, natural material that’s based on plant extracts – without artificial PGRs (should be acceptable for Organic certification). Put simply, it’s a flavour enhancer...
Evo Accelerator Evoponic
Enhance growth throughout vegetative and flowering periods Resistance to pests and diseases & accelerated plant development at all growth stages, it can be used from seedling right through to harvest. Evo Accelerator is a popular and reliable accelerator in growth and plant development, working in conjunction with advanced nutrition to promote an earlier and heavier harvest. A safe, natural product that contains no PGR materials – unlike Triacontanol-based competitors. A careful balance of natural plant extracts that utilise...
Force Field 250ml Evoponic
Force Field – Biostimulant A unique blend of natural plant extracts which when included in liquid feeds increases pest and disease resistance and enhances nutrient uptake. Think of it as a preventative that will ensure that pests can never become enough of an issue to jeopardise the productivity of your indoor garden. At the same time, Force Field taps into plants’ bio-chemical systems to trigger a massive elevation in the uptake of nutrients, which leads to a multitude of positive effects for your indoor garden. Wards off...
Goliath Evoponic
Goliath – For Beasting Blooms Plant-sourced amino acids, humates, lignins and sugars to enhance yield, health and flavour. Why use synthetic growth regulators when you can do it naturally with Goliath? Specifically designed for use late-on in the growing cycle, it stimulates bulking up of flower components over their final 3 weeks of growth. A safe, natural material that’s based on plant extracts – without artificial PGRs (should be acceptable for Organic certification). Using bioactivated Potassium in both Thiosulphate and...
Magi-Cal Extra  Evoponic
Plant-sourced amino acids, humates, lignins and sugars to enhance yield, health and flavour. Magi-Cal Extra is a unique high-strength formula based on advanced scientific techniques that have a plant-strengthening effect, rapidly eliminating deficiencies without risk of overdose. A safe, natural material that’s based on plant extracts – without artificial PGRs (should be acceptable for Organic certification). Its Biostimulant components enhance the antistress properties found in calcium and ensure maximum nutrient uptake and...
MotherKare Evoponic
A product to maintain growth and health in the plant you use for cuttings MotherKare will improve side shoot development MotherKare can be used with other Evoponic Nutrient products It will improve and enhance recovery time following the taking of cuttings MotherKare can be successfully used in either hydroponic or soil/compost based growing systems Use with the rest of the EvoPonic range to maximise yield and health over the shortest of growing periods
PK Bulk Evoponic
PK BULK is a unique & superior PK blend as it combines three products into one; A concentrated PK 18:20 designed to provide supplementary nutrition in all flowering plants. Maximises flower buds Promotes flowering using natural hormones from plant extracts     Typical Analysis: Phosphate (P2O5):       180g/l Potassium (K23O):       200g/l Application Rates for all substrates 0.5ml/L         ...
Reactor Evoponic
Softens and Acidifies water Reactor eliminates scale deposits as result of hard water Reactor can be used in place of pH down products Reactor improves the compatibility of nutrients and ‘booster’ type products Reactor prevents blocking of valves and nozzles Extends equipment life and reduces insoluble deposits Directions for Use Carefully add Reactor to water prior to preparing nutrient solutions. Reactor is red and will turn water blue. Keep adding small quantities of Reactor until a green or yellow colour...
Rocksoff EnviroGro
Flower Enhancer Rocksoff can be successfully used in all growing systems. Rocksoff will improve size and quality of flower yield over the shortest of growing periods. Ensure all equipment is CLEAN and free of residues from previous use. SHAKE OR STIR Rocksoff THOROUGHLY before SLOWLY adding required quantity to fresh solution. MIX WELL before use and make up a solution for one week’s use, then top up as necessary. Recirculating Hydroponic Systems:  Always add to fresh solution, Use 3 mls of Rocksoff per litre of nutrient...
Super Rootz Evoponic
Treated plants will have longer heavier more effective root systems capable of maximum efficiency in water and nutrient uptake, coping better with all forms of stress and making faster growth as a result. Beware of plants becoming pot-bound more quickly following the use of Super Rootz. Super Rootz will also increase e.c. levels in nutrient solutions but as it contains no major nutrient (NPK) content, this may be safely ignored. Application Rates for all substrates Super Rootz may be included with all feeds at only 1ml/L during the...
Elixir Steroids Evoponic
The Evoponic Elixir Steroids were originally developed to help plants recover from disease/damage/pests and now evolved to enhance the fastest growing plants. Plant weight increases rapidly when used during growing period Flower size and weight increases rapidly Can be used in conjunction with any other products
Evoponic Water Saver 250ml  Evoponic
Where plants are being grown without constant attention, or there is any risk of interruption to water/nutrient supply, water saver can be a vital aid to growing. It needs to be incorporated from the very start of growth in order to help plants through any periods of water stress. Protects againsts drought conditions Advanced Biostimulant Uses Evoponic stress relief technology Increases root mass and length Facilitates storage of carbohydrates and sugars Can be used in all automated feed systems
Bud Bulk Evoponic
Complete Flower Enhancer Bud Bulk is a complete flower enhancer to be used from after the second week of flowering. It is rich in Amino acids and growth intermediates to promote big flowers and fruiting. Bud Bulk is the ideal partner to standard flowering nurtition for the advance grower. Typical Analysis: 0-47-34 + 4% Amino acids + 2% CTEs Available Phosphate (P2O5) 47% Soluble Potash (K2O) 34% Directions: Mix 0.3gr per litre (30g/100L) of water/nutrient solution for weeks 3 to 5 0.4g/l in weeks 6 and 7 before...
Bud Monster 500g Evoponic
Bud Monster assists your plant’s growth during the middle stages of flower development. Bud Monster will increase yield and fruit quality. The high level of P and K will stimulate your plant’s natural flowering ability to the “max”. Typical Analysis: 0 – 50 – 30 + 0.5 MgO Available Phosphate (P2O5) 50% Soluble Potash (K2O 30% Magnesium (MgO) 0.5% Directions: Mix 0.3gr per litre (30g/100L) of water/nutrient solution. Make sure that it’s mixed well and fully dissolved. Use during weeks 3 to 6 of the...
Bud Power Evoponic
Bud Power will boost flower development increasing yield and fruit flavour without decreasing mineral elements from the growing medium. The Magnesium and Boron will support a robust, healthy plant during the rapid development of fruits and flowers. Typical Analysis: 0 – 39 – 30 + 3MgO + 0.25 B + CTE’s Available Phosphate (P2O5) 39% Soluble Potash (K2O 30% Magnesium (MgO) 3% Boron (B) 0.25% Sulphur (SO3) 20% Other Chelated trace elements 1% Directions: Mix 0.2>0.3g per litre (20>30g/100L) of...

Market-leading plant additives that utilise pure science

It's our mission to source the best, nutritious ingredients in the world to improve the yield and quality of plants & crops. We've tried and tested our product formulations which have anti-stress properties and contain an array of biologically active materials which combine to enhance flowering and fruiting.

All our products are created in our lab, here in the UK.

Evoponic is the UK's biggest manufacturer of unique and effective growth products. We offer the perfect solution for indoor growing enthusiasts across the world. Our products are created with you in mind, we genetically alter your plant with base materials which are nutritious, and have fewer pesticides - effectively helping your plant grow quicker and healthier.

No gimmicks. Our products do what they say on the tin and get the job done.

Want your plants to thrive? Don't worry - we've got you covered. Our stuff seriously works... honestly like magic. All our products are tried & tested to give the BEST results. Increase yield? Easy. Want your flowers to bloom like crazy? Sorted. Need your plants to survive these unpredictable weather changes? Done.

It's our mission to source the best ingredients in the world to improve yield & quality of plants and crops.

  • Evoponic is the UK's biggest manufacturer for unique and effective hydroponic products.
  • Designed to genetically alter your plant to speed up growth, recovery and boost flowering.
  • We deliver exceptional biostimulants and problem-solving solutions for indoor growers.
  • Potted Plant Evoponic Nottingham
  • Organically based and specialist ingredients which are designed to improve growth and performance.
  • We are scientists - we make your plant growing ideas a reality.
  • Our formulas contain an array of biologically active materials, plant growth and photosynthetic intermediates.

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