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Soil Attack Liquid PHONESCOPE C-No-Insects Bugs Away 500ml A.R.T.S. Bio-Granules 1KG A.R.T.S. APHIDS-0 Flying Insect Control 250ml A.R.T.S. VELGRO Thrip Control 250ml A.R.T.S. SPIRED Spider Mite Control 250ml Rogis Garlic Bugicide
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Plant Protection Spray (Spider Mites) Spray & Grow
Effective against eggs, larvae, and adult stage mites! Spider Mite Protection Spray by Spray & Grow is a foliar spray that feeds your plants and helps to protect against spider mites. Because of its organic composition Spider Mite Protection Spray is completely safe to use in any stage of plant growth. All our sprays can be used combined with natural spider mite enemies like bees and predatory mites. How does it work? Spider Mite Protection Spray’s proprietary formula includes several plant extracts and salts. The combination of...
Thrips Protection Spray 500ml Spray & Grow
Thrips Protection Spray by Spray & Grow is a foliar spray that feeds your plants and helps to combat thrips infestations biologically. Because of its organic composition Thrips Protection Spray is completely safe to use in any stage of plant growth. Using our spray will ensure healthy, green and clean plants. Therefore ensuring an optimized growth and bloom of your plants. 500ml of Concentrate makes 10 liters of spray liquid for +/-20m2 area How does it work? Plant Protection Spray’s proprietary formula includes several plant...
Rogis Garlic
How does it work? This garlic juice is directly included in the juiceflow of the plant. Spider mites and other pests do not eat vegetablejuice when there is garlic in it. Why does this work better than poison spraying. This garlic juice is added in the feeding water and is therefore in the same concentration recorded by all plants, even those far away in a corner. Tastes or smells the end product to garlic? Absolutely not...Rogis Garlic is taken up by the plant and enters the juiceflow. According to the way of watering this...
A.R.T.S. SPIRED Spider Mite Control A.R.T.S.
Spider mites control including their eggs and larvae Spired dissolves the webs and eggs of spider mites, thus suppressing spider mite populations. Spired consists of cloveoil and other natural ingredients, such as rotenone (an extract obtained from tropical plants) and quassia (extract from quassia wood). To free your crop of red spider mites, spray it with Spired in an early stage of the infection. The sources of infection will then be encapsulated, as it were. Proper coverage is essential for good results. Spider Mite Control...
A.R.T.S. VELGRO Thrip Control 250ml A.R.T.S.
Thrips control including their eggs and larvae Velgro consists of potassium salt (organic fatty acid) and Ryania (an extract obtained from the rhizome of this plant). Velgro is very effective against the eggs and larvae of thrips at an early stage because it affects the insects' stomach, especially in the larval stage. The thrips will become sterile within a few hours, and will then no longer lay eggs. Velgro has an odour and flavour that are unattractive to thrips, causing them to avoid the treated plants. Thrip Control...
A.R.T.S. APHIDS-0 Flying Insect Control A.R.T.S.
Insects control: Suitable to control harmful flying insects such as green and black aphids, white flies (true whiteflies), green flies and Sciaridae (dark-winged fungus gnats). Aphids-0 consists of insect soap made from nitrite salt and diluted alcohol solutions. It is very effective against all insects that are exposed to it.Insect soap is not very toxic for humans and animals. Aphids-0 creates a mechanical barrier over a crop, making the plant sap inaccessible to all the insects mentioned above. Although it may damage certain plants...
A.R.T.S. Bio-Granules 1KG A.R.T.S.
Treatment and control of soil-dwelling harmful nematodes in potting soil & hydroponic systems BIO-GRANULES is a purely natural product, pressed from the ripe seeds of the Neem tree. This dried extract has been used for centuries against the harmful nematodes living in the soil, but has no effect on beneficial insects living in the soil. BIO-GRANULES also accelerate root development and overall plant growth. It breaks the life cycle (egg and larval stages) of soil-dwelling harmful nematodes (Root-knot, Root lesion nematodes, cutworm...
Bugs Away 500ml Ecolizer
Ecolizer Bugs-Away fights harmful insects in a biological way that is highly effective. Repels pests like red spider mite, greenfly, trips and whitefly. Also effective against larvae and mature red spider mite, that disappear both through the contact with the plant and by absorption of the repellent. Resistant red spider mite can also be repelled very well with this product. Ecolizer Bugs-Away is based on a combination of potassium salts and fatty acids. Fully biodegradable and leaves no residue of the leafs. Moreover Ecolizer Bugs-Away...
C-No-Insects C-Result
C-No Insects kills spider mites, thrips and gnats by creating a static field which shockes the insects, larvae and eggs within 72 hours. C-No Insects also eliminates fungi, bad bacteria and viruses. C-No Insects is a ready to use foliar spray which is 100 % effective. Spray the whole plant: make sure you'll spray on top and on the bottom of your leaves. You can also spray the flowers up untill 2 weeks before harvest. C-No Insects is 100% Organic and Natural. C-No Insects is not harmfull for humans or the enviroment. Insects can not become...
Attack Force House & Garden
House & Garden Attac Force is a completely ecological and biodegradable product for the control of pests within your growing area. Effective against pests such as mites, aphids, fungi and white fly. House & Garden Attac Force is a contact spray which must be sprayed to the underside of leaves to be effective against pests.
Protect Killer Agrobacterias
COMBATS: Thrips, aphids, whitefly, scale, nematodes, mites. FOLIAR TREATMENT: 1ml per 1 Litre of water. Repeat each week to strengthen the effect. Biodegradable product. Recommended not to spray in direct sunlight. It must be applied by spraying, ensuring a thorough coverage. Do not mix with alkaline reaction products or sulphur COMPOSITION: 80% Neem extract, 20% Citric extract. Protect Killer acts as an insecticide and phytostrengthener for its nutritional and vegetal metabolysm specific enzyme activating properties. It’s rich in...
Snake Killer Agrobacterias
COMBATS: All types of larvae, worms and Lepidoptera. FOLIAR TREATMENT: 0.5g to 1g per 1 Litre of water. Is recommended to use it on the first larvae stages. Avoid using Snake Killer with other plant protection products that can eliminate the bacillus. Wait at least 3 days before using other products. COMPOSITION: Bacillus Thuringiensis var. Kurstaki: 32 Mill. U.I./g Bacillus Thuringiensis synthesises protein crystals called Delta endotoxins, which are eaten by larvae. They produce intestine paralysis, so the insect stops feeding, makes...
Deep Clean 100ml Deep Impact Plant Care
The team at Deep Impact Plant Care are very excited about the re-release of Deep Clean! Containing Cypermethrin, Deep Clean is an extremely powerful non-organic pesticide for a wide range of plant pests on consumable crops and plants, and also ornamentals. Deep Impact Deep Clean is affective on a number of plant pests including thrip, aphids, beetles, beet fleas, and sucking and chewing pests on ornamental and edible crops. The usage rates are 5ml per litre and the last application is 7 days before harvest.
Ed Rosenthal's Zero Tolerance
NATURAL, ENVIRONMENTALLY-SAFE GARDEN SOLUTIONS Maintain a no-pest policy in your garden! Rid your garden of spider mites and powdery mildew, repel pests from your plants before they move in, and eliminate existing infestations. Helps you keep plants clear of pests. Kills and repels spider mites, Aphids, Whiteflies, Thrips, Ants, Catepillars, Gnats, Root Aphids, Mealy bugs and scale. Pure food grade ingredients Approved for all edible plants Environmentally safe & biodegradeable Family and pet friendly Made from...
Sacred Oil (Neem Oil) Green Planet
Sacred Oil: What is it? Sacred Oil is a cold pressed extra virgin oil from the seed of the neem tree (Azadirachta Indica). The neem tree is native to India and has been held in high regard for centuries as a village pharmacy or wonder tree and in face the neem tree and its varied parts are a foundation in many ayurvedic remedies. All parts of the neem tree display medicinal or beneficial properties but only the oil from the neem seed is used for Sacred Oil. How does it work? Sacred Oil leaves a natural shine without clogging the...
Soil Attack Liquid Aptus Plant Tech
Soil Attack prevents problems with soil borne insects that nestle in the substrate and harm the root system. Soil Attack is a 100% organic product that is not harmful for your plant or natural predators. Why Use Soil Attack? Prevents problems with soil borne insects 100% organic and not harmful for plant or natural predators
GnatNix Growstone
Engineered Fungus Gnat, Bug and Pest Control Introducing, the only scientifically proven and environmentally friendly fungus-gnat control. GnatNix is made from 100% recycled glass and its 100% free of harmful pesticides and chemicals, the bottom line is; Plants love it, Gnats don’t! University trials have proved GnatNix used as a top dressing is an effective physical barrier against fungus-gnats. Unlike other top dresses that are limited to one phase of control, Gnatnix controls gnats at different points of their life cycle. It...
DiatoMITE from Guard'n'Aid is a diatomaceous earth dusting powder which can be applied to plant leaves and surrounding soil to create an inhospitable environment for insects. Diatomaceous earth is a natural powder made up of fossilised silica diatoms which has many qualities and uses: Absorbs moisture, fats and oils Aids in plant growth and development Is an anti-caking feed additive Creates an inhospitable environment for insects Guard'n'Aid DiatoMITE naturally draws away all the essential moisture that insects require to...
KillerMite 250ml Plant Vitality
This is the new version of Plant Vitality Plus which is now fully approved and licensed. Kills Mites, Eggs and Larvae. Highly concentrated Dilutable Fast Acting
Pixie Dust 150g Evoponic
Preventative AND curative against mites Abrades waxy cuticle on insects so they die of dehydration Enhances plant growth & health Food grade product
Spidermite Control - 100ml N/A
Spider mites are a real hassle for growers. Spidermite Control is a great product to resolve this problem. The mechanical action of the product suffocates the mites with an ultra-thin film of special oil. Completely safe for humans, safe for plants – Deadly for Spidermites! 100% Organic – 100% Safe – 100% Effective
Spidermite SMC+
SMC+ is a broader spectrum pest control product developed to target multiple pests rather than just Spider mites. Developed to safely control: Spidermites Greenfly Blackfly Whitefly Thunderfly Easy to use, simply make up a solution in a sprayer and mist both sides of the effected plant leaves – avoiding the flowers. This product is ideal to use as a weekly preventative spray.
BBK Bio Bug Killer 5 Litres GOWD
BBK is an organic pesticide leaf nutrient and plant enhancer in one. It repels and kills pests like spider mite plant lice thrips and white fly. Spraying BBK causes a thin layer to form on the leaves of the plant. BBK touches the plant directly which guarantees immediate absorption of the enhancing nutrients also present in BBK. Ready to use.
Plant Invigorator Stan Brouard
SB Plant Invigorator is a unique product which combines the benefit of a foliar feed with an environmentally friendly pesticide. The foliar feed promotes plant to full health and vigour, such as before a show and is widely used by professionaly growers.The Pesticide controls many pests including Whitefly, Aphid, Spider Mite, Mealybug, scale and mildew. SB can be used on all edible and ornamental crops and is completely non toxic. It is safe for children and pets after application. SB is available in both ready to use format and also...
Neem G.E.T.
Get the power of NEEM working for you! Sprayed on plants it provides a plant with a natural shine. NEEM is derived from the Azadirachta Indica tree which grows in Asia and Africa. The Azadirachata Indica or NEEM tree is truly a hardy tree that has many characteristics that bugs do not like.
Dislike 100ml Aptus Plant Tech
Prevents harmful flying, sucking an crawling insects Dislike prevents problems with flying, crawling and sucking insects that nestle on or around the plant. The preventive use of Dislike prevents problems with spider mites, thrips and aphids. Dislike contains a proprietary blend of essential oils that keep insects at a distance. Dislike is a 100% organic product. Why Use Aptus Dislike No more problems with flying, crawling and sucking insects 100% organic and not harmful for the plant How To Use Aptus Dislike Mix 4 to 8...
Soil-Attack 100ml Aptus Plant Tech
Prevents problems with soil borne insects Soil Attack Liquid prevents problems with soil borne insects that nestle in the substrate and harm the root system. Soil Attack Liquid is a 100% organic product that is not harmful for your plant or natural predators. Why Use Aptus Soil-Attack Prevents problems with soil borne insects 1005 Organic and not harmful for plant or natural predators How To Use Aptus Soil-Attack Apply 2.5 to 5 ml of Soil Attack Liquid per Ltr of water after planting to prevent problems during the growing...
Bug & Mold Eliminator
The Amazing Dr Zymes Eliminate Bugs & Mold with One Product Stop your growing problems, and keep your plants healthy with enzymes. Simple. Clean. Effective. Enzymes do the work without contaminating. That means no harmful run-off. No toxic waste. Just healthy, thriving plants. How to Use Mix 1 oz. to 2 oz. of Eliminator to a quart of water.  For best results, mix with warm water between 70 to 98 degrees.  Adjust pH to 6.0 to 7.0.  Use as often as needed.  Spray entire plant including stalks, under and in...
Natural Fungus & Bug Killer 750ml N/A
Combined insecticide and fungicide for use on roses and ornamental plants. Reduces powdery mildew and gives useful control of greenfly, whitefly, red spider mite, mealy bug and thrips. For use outdoors and indoors.
Mighty Neem Plagron
Neem oil to combat insects Mighty Neem is a strong organic pesticide. This pesticide from Sri Lanka combats insects, mites and nematodes in the soil and on the plant and promotes the development of healthy green leaves. Mighty Neem also increases the resistance of the plant.
Diaguard Natural Insect Control N/A
Diaguard® has unique characteristics which make it ideal for use as an inert, environmentally safe, non-harmful insecticide. Using a mechanical action, Diaguard® kills insects through abrasion and absorption. Diaguard® is a freshwater, "Food Grade", white diatomaceous earth. It has a very high silica content which enables it to literally cut through insects waxy outer layer, and due to the high porosity and hence, high absorbency of the material, it then absorbs the waxy fats and oils (lipids) of the insect, dessicating them. Insects...
Trounce N/A
Take control of whitefly, greenfly, blackfly, scale insect, caterpillars, spidermite and mealybug on flowers including roses house and greenhouse plants, fruit, vegetables, shrubs and other trees. Spray affected leaves and pests thoroughly, when pests first appear. As with all sprays never spray in direct sunlight or hot weather (when temperatures exceed 28C) and avoid open flowers. For control of scale insects apply several applications at weekly intervals to young following egg hatch (usually between June and August in outdoor plants) For...
Garden Pest Blitz Kit N/A
Blitz kit contains: 1 x 300ml Protector Natural Insect Killing Spray for all Plants (MAPP 13896) 1 x 50g Agrothrin (HSE 4811) 1 x 11g Midi Fortefog P Fumer (HSE 8577)
Spotless Concentrate 100ml CX Hydroponics
Real dead real fast! Spotless is a truly effective 100% non toxic, organic spray that kills spider mites on contact. It works by dissolving the spider mites hard outer coating killing them in less than five seconds flat! This is up to 30 times faster than chemical pesticides. It has no withholding period, does not leave sticky residues on the leaves and can be used right up until harvest. Mites cannot become resistant to treatment. This really is the fastest and most effective non chemical, non poisonous spray of its kind. Spotless...
NilNat 20ml CX Hydroponics
NilNat is a biological treatment for fungus gnat (Scariad Fly). It is non toxic, safe to humans, animals and the environment. There is no withholding period and it can be used right up to harvest. NilNat is effective in all types of hydroponic systems as well as in soil, compost and coco fibre. It is has an extremely high dilution rate giving the grower a product that can also be used as a preventative measure against these troublesome pests without it breaking the bank! NilNat is added to your nutrient solution and gets to work at the...
Protector Natural Insect Killer RTU 1 Litre N/A
Protector Natural Insect Killer is a diluted version of Pyrethrum 5EC in a ready- to-use trigger spray bottle. It is a certified organic pesticide made from African Chrysanthemums. It kills a variety of insects including greenfly, whitefly, aphids, flea beetle, thrips, caterpillars. It is safe for use on all edible and non edible plants and can be used up to 24 hours before harvest. - 100% natural active ingredients - Excellent for controlling a wide variety of pests including Thrips. - Spray up to 24hrs before harvest - Contains 0.02%...
CannaCure Pest Control Canna
CANNACURE is CANNA's first environmentally friendly plant pests controller This product controls plant pests by environmentally friendly physical means and stimulates growth as a leaf nutrient. You can use CANNACURE when you have heavy infestation e.g. whitefly, spider mite or mealy-bug. Repeat spraying after 3 days and again, if necessary, after a further 3 days. Then weekly there afterwards. Heavy infestation will not occur when CANNACURE is applied thoroughly to upper and lower leaf surfaces on a weekly basis from the early...
Protector Natural insect Killer N/A
Protector Natural insect Killer (Trigger Spray) Fully approved synthetic insect killer using trigger spray action. Effective against a wide range of insects with no staining or smell once dry. Protector Natural insect Killer (Water Based Aerosol) A 100% natural water based aerosol based on extracts from Africa chrysanthemums with no solvent smell.
Agrothrin Natural Insecticide Powder N/A
Agrothrin powder contains 100% natural active ingredients created from the extract of African chrysanthemums. This natural insecticidal powder is effective for the treatment of a wide range of flying and crawling insect pests including clothes moths, providing a ideal alternative to traditional insecticidal clothes moth control products. Agrothrin is pesticide-free, making it safer for use in homes with children and pets.
Bugicide Plant Magic
Control of a wide range of pests and mildew safely and effectively. Pests don’t become resistant to Bugicide, meaning you can use it repeatedly to control Spider Mites, Aphids, Whiteflies, Mealybugs, Scale and Psylilids. Benefits: Controls pests by a physical mode of action. Can be used right up to harvest. Does not harm birds and bees. Suitable for all flowers, fruits & vegetables. Safe for indoor and outdoor growing. Directions for use: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Always read the label before use. Use at the first...
Agrothrin Desiccant Dust 100g N/A
An alternative dust that actually contains no pesticidal ingredients whatsoever. Instead it is a finely powdered form of Diatomite - silicon dioxide, a crystalline dust that damages and disables pests by abrasive contact with their cuticles.
Pyrethrum 5 EC 250ml N/A
Controls aphids, black fly, greenfly, caterpillars and white fly on organic flowers, fruit, and vegetables - For Professional Use Only Contains 5% Natural Pyrethrins Pyrethrum 5EC is approved for use against a wide range of pests including greenfly, whitefly, aphids, flea beetle and caterpillars For use on all edible and non edible vegetables, soft fruit and ornamentals. Can be used in indoor and outdoor growing systems Can be used with a wide range of water volumes 275-1500 l/ha Leaves no pesticide residues. Can be harvested...
Yellow Sticky Traps N/A
Control a range of insect pests, including Whitefly, Leaf Miners and Greenfly in the greenhouse or conservatory. The trap is coated with dry glue, which is highly effective in catching insects, but does not adhere to hands or clothing. Each side of the trap is protected with a sheet of cover paper. Small flying insect pests are attracted by the unique yellow colour and stick to the non-drying glue coating the trap Many insect pests, are difficult to control with insecticides. By catching the winged adults with Yellow Sticky Traps before...
Fungus Gnat Off Concentrate 250ml HydroGarden
Eradicates Fungus Gnat (Black Fly) Fungus Gnats or Black Fly lay their larvae in the root zone of your plants. These larvae then burrow into the root zone to feed, carrying with them infections in their gut which multiply in the root zone, breeding disease. Fungus Gnat Off works by targeting a special enzyme in the gut of the larvae, killing them in the root zone thereby eradicating the problem. This 100% natural organic concentrate is diluted to mix into your reservoir. It does not effect beneficial nematodes, hypoaspis or orius.
Nite Nite Spider Mite Concentrate 250ml HydroGarden
Stops Spider Mite in their tracks!! Nite Nite Spider Mite provides the grower with a highly effective, yet environmentally friendly way of control. Made using all natural ingredients, Nite Nite Spider Mite does not allow the mites to build up an immune system, ensuring thorough eradication of your pest problems. Use our PestOff Pistol for optimum results!
Pest Off HydroGarden
Pest Off is made from only natural products, a safe non-toxic means to eliminate a variety of insects. Works by suffocating the enemy via blocking its ability to breathe. Effective against White Fly, Red Spider Mite, Two Spotted Mite, Thrips, Mealy bug, Scale, Adult Leaf Miners, Leaf Hoppers and Aphids (Green and Black Fly).
BuzzOff! BioBizz
BuzzOff is a liquid biological insect repellent with a special formula based on 100% natural ingredients. BuzzOff keeps away sucking and feeding insects such as spider mites, aphids, and whitefly. Direct contact insecticide can be used every other day with no detrimental effect on your plants. Keeps any infestation under control.
Super Bug Destroyer Insecto
The INSECTO bug destroyer is formulated to stop an insect problem quickly, whilst leaving behind an active residual that will control pests for a number of weeks thereafter. Simply spray directly at insects, or where insects appear / congregate and it will kill them after its use. Kills insects for weeks after its use For use in and around the home Targets all flying and crawling insects
Fruit & Vegetable Bug Killer 750ml BioPro
BIOPRO Fruit and Vegetable Bug Killer ready to use will quickly target and control all pests that affect the healthy development of fruit and vegetables, allowing them to develop to their full potential. BIOPRO will not leave any unhealthy residues as it kills insects on contact. The use of natural ingredients ensures a sustainable balance between fast and effective plant pest control and maintenance of a healthy garden habitat. Contains two of the strongest natural ingredients for ultimate control of insects Effective on spider mite...
Multi Purpose Bug Killer 750ml BioPro
BIOPRO Multi Purpose Bug Killer ready to use will quickly target and control all pests that affect the healthy development of plants, fruit and vegetables, allowing them to develop to their full potential. BIOPRO will not leave any unhealthy residues as it kills insects on contact. The use of natural ingredients ensures a sustainable balance between fast and effective plant pest control and maintenance of a healthy garden habitat. Contains two of the strongest natural ingredients for ultimate control of insects Effective on spider...
Rose Bug Killer 750ml BioPro
BIOPRO Rose ready to use will quickly target and control all pests that affect the healthy development of roses and other flowering plants, allowing them to bloom to their full potential. The use of natural ingredients ensures a sustainable balance between fast and effective plant pest control and maintenance of a healthy garden habitat. Contains two of the strongest natural ingredientsnfor ultimate control of insects Effective on whitefly, greenfly, blackfly, scale insects, caterpillars, mealybug and spider mite. Contains no...
Multi Purpose Bug Killer Concentrate 250ml BioPro
BIOPRO Concentrate will quickly target and control all pests that affect the healthy development of home and garden plants, fruit and vegetables, allowing them to develop to their full potential. BIOPRO concentrate allows the user to mix their desired amount of spray (makes up to 5 Litres of spray) BIOPRO will not leave any unhealthy residues as it kills insects on contact. BIOPRO is effective on all plant pests including spider mite. The use of natural ingredients ensures a sustainable balance between fast and effective plant pest control and...

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