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There are all sorts of accessories and other apparatus you may find yourself requiring as an indoor gardener. You will find them all here: every size and shape and type of plastic pot you can think of, buckets, reservoirs, trays of all sizes available, trimmers, measuring equipment, sprayers and foggers for misting your plants, Mylar sheeting for lining walls and maximum reflection and Floor Secure for water proofing, propagators of all kinds. We have it all here and if it's not in stock, we will get it in for the next day. We deliver anywhere in the UK the following day after purchase. If there’s something you need and cannot find on our website, we will be surprised because we try and keep as up to date as possible. If you manage to not find what you are after, call us and we will get it in and match the best price you can find!

Using Mylar reflective sheeting can increase the overall yield of an indoor garden by 30%! In horticulture, light equals yield, so don’t waste a single lumen unnecessarily. With the use of Mylar reflective sheeting on the walls of your room, any extra lumens that are bouncing off away from your lights, will be redirected back to your plants, making the room as efficient and cost effective as possible!


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