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Ocean Magic Foliar Spray Karbo Boost Hydro Boost Eco Root Clean Slate Bio Gold Take it and Grow Starter Pack White Wash Freq Wash Mega Wash
Take it and Grow Starter Pack Green Planet
Take it and Grow is the complete starter set of the Green Planet Nutrients product line. Consisting of 10 x 500ml bottles and 10 capsules. With a complete line of speciality products to suit all your gardening needs, Green Planet nutrients are designed to perform with impressive results. Starting with the highest quality water sourced from British Columbia, they incorporate carbon filtration, U.V. sterilisation & multi stage reverse osmosis even before adding the highest quality raw materials. This process guarantees they are formulating...
Hydro Fuel Grow A & B Green Planet
Hydro fuel grow is a premier 2 part nutrient system containing all primary, secondary and essential micro nutrients necessary to encourage robust vegetative growth and heavy dense flowers and fruit. Hydro fuel grow comes in a convenient 2 part grow formula and a 2 part bloom formula that can be used in both hydroponics or recirculating systems and soil/soilless or run to waste systems. Irrespective of the cultivation method Hydro Fuel is the right nutrient choice for your garden. How Does it work? Not all nutrient solutions are...
Hydro Fuel Bloom A & B Green Planet
Hydro fuel bloom is a premier 2 part nutrient system containing all primary, secondary and essential micro nutrients necessary to encourage robust vegetative growth and heavy dense flowers and fruit. Hydro fuel bloom comes in a convenient 2 part grow formula and a 2 part bloom formula that can be used in both hydroponics or recirculating systems and soil/soilless or run to waste systems. Irrespective of the cultivation method Hydro Fuel Bloom is the right nutrient choice for your garden.   Used for all garden types regardless of...
Terpinator Green Planet
Terpinator was created from years of researching naturally occurring plant compounds that are bio-osmotic potentiators. Through our patented scientific process your plants will utilise these compounds to enhance their production of Terpinoids and plant oil producing glands. These glands are brought to their maximum potential and size using Terpinator along with any nutrient program. The building blocks that comprise Terpinator act as the pre-cursors to plant oil production.  By employing naturally occurring plant and biological...
Bio Gold Green Planet
Bio Gold is a storehouse of rhizospheric micro-organisms that colonize the rootzone creating an unparalleled environment for healthy plant growth. Directions: Soil applications: Mix 0.6g per 1 gallon of de-chlorinated water to make a root drench. For rapid inoculation, add 1.2g per gallon. BIO-GOLD may be used every 2-4 weeks. Hydroponic Applications: Mix 0.6g per 1 gallon of de-chlorinated water in reservoir and run through system. BIO-GOLD can be used weekly with nutrient change. Using more BIO-GOLD that what is recommended may...
Brix+ Green Planet
Brix+ is a unique formula designed to achieve MAXIMUM yields. Formulated using only the finest high quality natural ingredients. Brix+ is readily available for direct absorption into your favourite flower or herbs for noticeable results.      
Hydro Boost Plant Magic
Hydro Boost is designed to swell your flowers the second and fourth week of the flowering stage, which promotes heavier and more dense flowers and fruits. It is also the most cost effective product of its type in the industry – for you and the end user! Product should not be used with Massive Bloom Stimulator. Due to the nature of this product, it’s very important not to use more than the suggested amounts. The first and original product of its type. Designed to make monstrous blooms. Formulated to speed up the flowering...
Karbo Boost Green Planet
Karbo Boost is an exciting product available only from Green Planet Wholesale and provides great value combined with amazing results. We have taken research from various studies along with customer feedback and created a custom blend of simple and complex carbohydrates that match the natural carbohydrate profile found within the plant. • Best bang for the buck • Suitable for any feed program • Increase brix content of your plant.
Dense Green Planet
Potassium is needed in relatively large amounts to support the various plant functions critical for huge yields. Potassium is vital in the activation of more than 80 plant enzymes that regulate various functions including the opening and closing of the stoma necessary for proper gas exchange and water usage. Potassium is also very important in the utilization and conversion of Phosphorous into an energy source. Application Rates • Soiless or Coco fiber 1-2 grams per litre / 4-8 grams per gallon • Hydroponic use 1 gram per litre / 4 grams...
Medi-One Green Planet
Medi One is a multi award winning one-part, start to finish, all natural 100% organic nutrient. It is formulated from all natural ingredients for use in organic gardening. It contains hydrolysed fish soluble extract from Atlantic Menhaden that are slowly steamed and hydrolysed to preserve the amino acids. These are blended with North Atlantic Kelp extract and mined potassium sulphate to provide additional nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N-P-K) Natural humate complexes are also added to increase the overall balance in this high quality...
Root Builder Green Planet
Root Builder is used as a microbial soil amendment, improving conversion of organic and inorganic fertilizers into plant-available forms and increasing microbial biomass. Also aids in the building of soil structure, retention of soil moisture and treatment of soil salinity problems. Diluted product may be applied directly to the soil as a pre-plant or post-plant treatment. Soil applications should be made on moistened soil and watered in when possible. Excellent as starter or co-mix for compost teas. Product should not be used in...
Aussie Tonic Green Planet
Aussie Tonic is a comprehensive blend of carefuly selected vitamins and hormones designed to reduce plant stress whilst supporting essential functions. The latest science has gone into the forumlation to make sure the plant gets all of the support it needs making it the best anti stress product on the market. How does it work? Aussie Tonic contains a full compliment of B vitamins, vitamins A, C and D coupled with NAA. These all help to increase cellular activity and relieve shock and stress caused from over or under watering, excess heat...
GPH (Humic Acid) Green Planet
GPH uptake is a premium liquid humic acid sourced from Humalite. Humalite is a fresh water deposit of oxidised organic compost proven to be the most bioactive humic source. Humic acid is dark brown or black in colour and available in liquid or dry powdered form. The humic acid used in GPH uptake is in the liquid form. GPH is an essesntial component in the soil or soiless media garden as it displays wonderful beneficial properties. GPH uptake is an essential organic additive supplemented through the roots. GPH humic acid is for any soil or...
GPF (Fulvic Acid) Green Planet
GPF uptake is a premium liquid fulvic acid or lower molecular weight humic acid that plays a vital role as a chelator of essential minerals and organic compounds allowing them to pass through cell membranes much more efficiently. Fulvic acid stimulates enzyme production critical for plant functions as welll as increases chlorophyll content and the rate of respiration. One of the most important functions of GPF is its ability to transport vita yield enhancers and nutrients to where they are needed most. Fulvic acid also acts as a buffer against...
Zyme Capsules Green Planet
Zyme is a comprehensive blend of cell wall degrading enzymes and bio catalysts in a dry encapsulated formulation. The enzymes in zyme have the ability to degrade and convert dead plant material such as discarded roots and other organic matter into usable and readily available nutrients that keep the plant strong and robust whilst reducing potential pathogens and growth retarding toxins. Zyme capsules should be an integral component in every garden.   Dried capsule format comprising the widest form of enzymes giving it the...
Ocean Magic Green Planet
Ocean Magic is a kelp spray, an organic extract from Atlantic Sea kelp harvested from the unpolluted waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic sea kelp is cold processed to retain all of the vital minerals and nutrients and ensures there is no micro nutrient deficiency when sprayed. It contains a wealth of 100% organic nutrients, amino acids, bio stimulants and enzymes. It can be used as a foliar spray, soil drench and is suitable for hydroponic systems. Add 5ml per litre of water and spray directly to plant. Spray plant...
Pro Cal Green Planet
Pro Cal is an excellent supplemental source of Calcium, Magnesium and Iron. Plants engaged in rapid growth can often come up short on these essential elements so supplementation is a great idea. The savvy grower makes Pro Cal a must have in their arsenal of plant growing weapons. How Does It Work? Plants undergo a lot of stress and rapid assimilation of nutrients in their quest to build cell walls, produce chlorophyll, conduct photosynthesis, divide cells and other important functions. Calcium is an element that isn’t very mobile within...
Bud Booster Green Planet
Bud Booster is an original bloom additive from Green Planet which, because of its high level of phosphorus, helps promote blooming and assists in the plants metabolism during the middle of the flowering stage. Bud booster simply put is a flower enhancer generally used by entry level gardeners to achieve a larger heavier crop. This extremely cost effective product will increase the size and density of flowers using powdered phosphorous and potasium. The potassium helps improve the quality of your flowers/fruits and helps with the plants...
Massive Green Planet
Massive Bloom Formulation is the worlds best flowering additive. A high performance organically derived flowering cycle nutrient, enhanced with all the necessary micro elements including the naturally occurring hormones, to increase flower size, taste, faster cell division, healthier, more colourful, larger crop and yields. Growers rave about how well Massive Bloom Formulation works and it is very common for growers to report increases in dry weight of over 30% which is absolutely amazing in this market of wild claims and...
Liquid W-8 Green Planet
Liquid W8 is a blend of simple and complex carbohydrates along with proprietary extracted triacontinol, yucca extracts, bio-available amino acids, ascorbic acid and low molecular weight humic acid. These ingredients are what give your plants the natural ability to produce it’s own carbohydrate supply. Liquid W8 is an excellent carbohydrate supplement that provides an added energy source for your plants giving you huge impressive fruits and flowers. Beneficial carb sources support both your plant directly and act as a food source for the...
Mega Wash Green Planet
The “ORIGINAL” Frequency Altered Water. Mega Wash is designed specifically for the hydroponic and horticultural industry. The key component in Mega Wash is the 18 unique frequency’s that are imprinted in the water. • Do not dilute Mega Wash, it is a ready to use product. • Use up until harvest. Mega Wash CAN NOT be stored on concrete, as it will drain frequencies from the product. It must be stored on something insulated preferably a piece of wood such as; a pallet. Storing it above ground on your regular shelves metal...
Freq Wash Green Planet
Freq Wash is a paired product with Mega Wash. It will remove residue that you would like to wash off before harvest. It will not only remove that residue but reactivate previously applied Mega Wash as well. Freq Wash works through Nano-technology to reboot the active oils, making the products you were initially using even more effective. Freq Wash CAN NOT be stored on concrete, as it will drain frequencies from the product. It must be stored on something insulated preferably a piece of wood such as; a pallet. Storing it above ground on your...
White Wash Green Planet
White Wash is mainly used when your plants are subjected to high humidity environments. You can use White Wash throughout your plants growing and flowering stages. Safe to use until the day of harvest. White Wash CAN NOT be stored on concrete, as it will drain frequencies from the product. It must be stored on something insulated preferably a piece of wood such as; a pallet. Storing it above ground on your regular shelves metal racking or otherwise is fine. This product has a 3 year shelf life even after opening as long as the product...
Eco Root Green Planet
Eco Root Dip Gel should be used to manufacture the finest cuttings and clones. Containing 16 different forms of mycorrhizal fungi to build a natural microbial system in and around plant roots to enhance growth and vigour. Specially formulated amendments and a starch based gel for improved water storage and uptake. Store in a cool dry area. Not to be used with chlorinated water or hydrogen peroxide. Increases water and nutrient storage and uptake Promotes extensive root system and soil structure This product will out perform any...
Clean Slate Green Planet
Clean slate is used primarily as a rootzone cleaning and conditioning agent. This will naturally improve overall plant health by effectively cleaning and sanitising the rootzone. This formula will not cause the root zone any harm or stress, unlike other cleaners such as hydrogen peroxide. A clean rootzone will uptake oxygen, nutrients and water at an increased rate leading to healthier plants overall.
Finisher Green Planet
Finisher is a must have for use in the last 3 weeks of the flowering stage. Precisely designed for the heaviest harvest, finisher is a unique blend of organic enzyme activators, vitamins, essential amino acids and carbohydrates. The ingredients combined will unleash the full flowering potential of your favourite plants and herbs. Finisher optimizes harvest weight, promotes vigorous growth, enhance flavour and taste, and increases the health of your flowering plants. Finisher is a super additive used to finsh off your flowering cycle. This...

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