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Plagron Perlite Eden Essentials Perlite Lava-Lite Orchid-Gro+ Lava-Lite Cactus-Gro+ Lava-Lite No-Gnats Lava-Lite Soil-Restore+ Lava-Lite Hydro-Gro+ Lava-Lite+ Eazy Pyramid Mini 1.2L Eazy Pyramid
Cyco Pearl 50L Cyco
Cyco Hydro Clay is certified as a growing media through the RAL “Quality Assurance Association” therefore it is a substrate approved and used for Plant Cultivation. Cyco Hydro Clay is tested monthly by RAL and GGS to ensure the highest quality clay is produced. Can be used as a top dressing for plants to reduce evaporative losses, reduce algae, fungus gnats and unwanted weeds. And can also be used as a bottom drainage layer or full pot medium for potted plants, to provide adequate run off and maintain ideal rhizopheric root conditions and...
Eazy Pyramid Eazy Gardening
Stronger, healthier plants in less time The Eazy Pyramid is an amazing new development for the horticultural sector.  Its optimized growing volume, equivalent to 13,5 ltr (3 gal), is enough for a whole crop cycle. It is also enhancing all of the unsurpassed characteristics of the Eazy Plug. Like predetermined and buffered pH and EC values, or the completely self regulating air-to-water ratio. You could truly say that the Eazy Pyramid is the next evolution in organic growing.   Dense root structure caused by air...
Eazy Pyramid Mini 1.2L Eazy Plug
Dense root structure caused by air pruning Eazy Pyramid is bonded firmly to be used without a plastic wrapping. This way roots will stop growing when meeting air at the outside of the block. As a result the roots will start growing new root branches inside the block, seriously increasing the number of absorbing rootlets in the block and creating a much more dense rooting system. It is called the air pruning effect. This way the absorption capability of the root structure is maximized for the best possible intake of nutrients and...
Eden Essentials Perlite Eden Horticulture
Providing a great addition to existing growing media for plants, Eden Essentials Perlite is used to improve drainage and aeration to grower’s soil or coco. By mixing this into soil or coco, growers can increase aeration to the roots and therefore improve root mass. 2-4mm perlite Improves aeration and drainage Suitable for hydroponic systems Strengthens root growth  
Lava-Lite Cactus-Gro+ Lava-Lite
Despite their hardy outer exterior, indoor cactus plants need caring for too! Well-drained soil with careful water management will ensure your cactus achieves its best results. CACTUS-GRO+ can help to create the perfect environment for your cactus to thrive, promoting healthy root systems and providing excellent drainage through its moisture retention. This makes watering cactus a lot easier to manage. CACTUS-GRO+ cactus growing media is the perfect choice for all your cactus and succulent growing needs. This 100% natural, pH neutral product...
Lava-Lite Hydro-Gro+ Lava-Lite
Hydroponic growing requires a stable controlled environment, which can often be difficult to manage, but with HYDRO-GRO+ you have complete control. Its composition encourages root distribution and strength and as a pH neutral, 100% natural, chemically inert media, it provides the perfect base for full control of the addition of feeds, nutrients and any introduced fertilisers that form your hydroponic system. Additionally to this, HYDRO-GRO+ soil-less growth reduces the associated issues of soil borne diseases, whilst encouraging beneficial...
Lava-Lite No-Gnats Lava-Lite
A house or office full of beautiful plants and potted flowers offers a calming environment; however, all that lovely moist soil is a perfect breeding place for fungus gnats and fungus gnat larvae. The adults lay their eggs in the damp warm soil or peat, soon to complete their life cycle and fill your room with small annoying black gnats, all looking for the next place to lay their eggs. Get rid of your fungus gnat infestation with NO-GNATS. NO-GNATS offers a simple, 100% natural solution to the eradication of these annoying flies on your...
Lava-Lite Orchid-Gro+ Lava-Lite
You have invested in your new gorgeous orchid, now you want to offer this beautiful, delicate plant the best chance of growth and enjoy its amazing flowers. Orchid plant care can be tricky. ORCHID-GRO+ is a specialist orchid grow media that provides your new plant some real advantages and an environment to thrive. Not only is this product pH neutral, but it also an aesthetically pleasing decorative stone that is great to look at and enhances the overall appearance of your plants display. Add to this a whole host of other additional...
Lava-Lite Soil-Restore+ Lava-Lite
Over time soil compacts, air pockets reduce and clay can become difficult to plant in, requiring continual management and hours of hard digging to provide your plants their best growing environments. SOIL-RESTORE+ offers a long-term solution; this 100% natural, pH neutral medium instantly improves the soil structure when dug into your borders. By offering soil aeration to improve drainage and water distribution in heavy clay-based soils, SOIL-RESTORE+ reduces clay compaction, allowing roots to seek out much needed nutrients. The addition...
Lava-Lite+ Lava-Lite
LAVA-LITE+ is a new grow media offering numerous benefits; as a 100% natural product with pH neutral properties, it is perfect for use with all plants. The porous properties of LAVA-LITE+ allow it to retain moisture, which in turn reduces soil drying and keeps your plants hydrated for longer. This together with its thermal protection properties, guarding root systems and soil from ground frost, makes it an unmatched garden solution. This true all-rounder stone makes for a fantastic choice on the patio, in your garden borders and indoors...
Plagron Perlite Plagron
Adding perlite to your substrate can promote healthy root growth and encourage oxygen flow to your plants. Plagron Perlite is a safe, stable, and RHP-certified soil enhancer. Improves aeration Soil has many properties which make it desirable to grow in. It’s full of naturally-present nutrients and is home to a range of helpful microlife. However, it can be difficult to maintain the right consistency. Dry, dusty soil can be poor at holding moisture. Dense, clay-like soil is difficult for roots to permeate and for oxygen to travel...
Perlite PLANT!T
For improving aeration and drainage. Perlite has been used by gardeners the world over for many years. When you want to improve drainage of your chosen media, then use perlite. PLANT!T® Perlite is a natural, pH neutral, sterile growing medium derived from volcanic rock. When using PLANT!T® Perlite, you can achieve faster germination and striking of cuttings due to superior air to water ratio. You can use PLANT!T® Perlite to aid in the breaking up of heavy soils. Simple mix with potting soil and it will keep the soil loose and...
Perlite N/A
These are made from processed granules of volcanic rock. Perlite has excellent capillary properties and doesn't compact which makes for good aeration. These are sometimes used in pot culture or with drippers.
Perlite 100 Litres BioGreen
Perlite is an expanded mineral which provides an optimum air and water system in soil. Air in soil is essential for optimal growth of a plant. Perlite is primarily used to lighten soil mixtures. Just mix the desired amount of perlite to your soil mixture. Furthermore, it is an excellent buffer as it’s irregular surface helps contain water and nutrients.
Alpha Coco Rocks 50 Litres Growth Technology
The ideal 60/40 mix of clay pebbles and coco, giving the media structure yet having a looser profile than coco alone. The mix allows air to circulate more easily in the media making it less prone to water logging. The blending structure creates the ideal environment for root growth.
Guard'n'Aid DiatoSHIELD is granulated, calcined diatomaceous earth (1-3mm) and is suitable for a wide range of gardening and horticultural applications. It can be used on lawns and beds as a soil improver to prevent compaction, improve aeration, structure and drainage. It could also be used in pots and containers for the same reason as well as a drainage layer to prevent water logging or a top dressing to reduce water loss and discourage pests such as Fungus Gnats and other Sciarid Flies by preventing them laying eggs in the growing media.
Diahydro 40 Litres (18kg)
Diahydro® High Silica Growing Media is a highly pure granulated diatomaceous earth. Diahydro® High Silica Growing Media has proven benefits when used as a growing media due to it’s high silica content and natural absorbency, amongst many other qualities. Benefits of using Diahydro® High Silica Growing Media 100% natural growing media. High plant-available Silica content((94% SiO2) – the slow release of silica promotes stronger, healthier plants that can mature faster. Highly absorbent – Diahydro® can absorb up to 150%...
Lime (calcium) 5Kg BAC
For recycling of used soil and coco. Used for stabilizing the ph. Always use this lime when you use recycled soil or coco.
GS-1 Hydro Stones 42 Litres
Engineered Hydroponic Substrate For Consistent Results GS-1 Hydro Stone is the perfect media for your hydroponic garden. Even though you’re growing hydroponically, your roots still need a stable and well-drained foundation for maximum stability and growth. GS-1 provides that perfect foundation with a highly porous, non-compacting non-clogging substrate, which facilitates aeration of the root environment. Roots will grow and be ready to take full advantage of the dissolved nutrients and oxygen. GS-1 is the larger size stone in the...
GS-2 Mix This 42 Litres Growstone
Engineered Super Soil Aerator & Hydroponic Substrate Good soil and coco mixes are typically well drained and aerated, meaning that the air inside the medium is similar to atmospheric air. This is essential for healthy root growth and healthy crops. GS-2 Mix This! Soil Aerator is the ideal aeration component of soil mixes. Its highly porous aggregates act as ‘air pockets’ significantly enhancing aeration and drainage of any sphagnum peat, coco coir or composted soil based mix. As a result it creates the ideal environment for your...
Growstone LIFT Drainage Layer 42 Litres Growstone
Proper Drainage Is Vital To Plant Health Growstone LIFT is the ideal drainage layer for all your indoor and outdoor plants. Simply add LIFT to the bottom of your container and breathe fresh air into your roots. A high-performance drainage layer is especially important if your plants are grown in plastic containers or with saucers underneath which can trap excess moisture and create a soggy root zone. LIFT allows air to enter the inner core of your roots helping them dry evenly and allows excess water to drain away. These highly porous...
Tref 45 Litres Jiffy
A new substrate mix containing a refined blend of coco, white peat, pumice and perlite, to give optimum performance when fed with a hydroponic nutrient solution. It also has start-up nutrients included (so it can just be watered for up to two weeks) and is pH buffered to 5.8. The best properties of four substrates in just one bag.
Vermiculite PLANT!T
For propagation and water retention Another firm favourite with keen gardeners is vermiculite. When you want to retain water, then add vermiculite to your chosen media. PLANT!T® Vermiculite is a natural, sterile soft mica mineral with great water holding and insulation properties. It also offers a high cation exchange capacity, which means that it will slowly release nutrients back to your plan that it has absorbed during watering. Using PLANT!T® Vermiculite can also aid propagation when used as a top layer, as it reduces evaporation...
Vermiculite N/A
Often mixed with perlite for seed and clone raising.
Palm Tree Ash Guanokalong
This organic vegan bloom booster is highly suitable to be used in combination with Guanokalong® Powder in the vegetable garden, especially for tomato cultivation! Palm tree ash contains a high level of potassium, as well as phosphorus and magnesium. Other elements in the ash help to neutralise the acidity level of the soil.   Abundant bloom. Ideal for use in the vegetable garden. For both indoor and outdoor use. Improved acidity balance in the soil. 100% vegan For both indoor and outdoor use. For outdoor...
NFT Spreader Mat - 25m Roll x 20cm Wide PLANT!T
The PLANT!T Spreader Mat breaks the surface tension of water and nutrient and helps to wet the surface of all types of systems. Especially useful for NFT systems.
NFT Spreader Mats Nutriculture
Replacement spreader mats for NFT systems.
GnatNix Growstone
Engineered Fungus Gnat, Bug and Pest Control Introducing, the only scientifically proven and environmentally friendly fungus-gnat control. GnatNix is made from 100% recycled glass and its 100% free of harmful pesticides and chemicals, the bottom line is; Plants love it, Gnats don’t! University trials have proved GnatNix used as a top dressing is an effective physical barrier against fungus-gnats. Unlike other top dresses that are limited to one phase of control, Gnatnix controls gnats at different points of their life cycle. It...
Spreader Mat - 250m Roll x 20cm Wide
Spreader Mat breaks the surface tension of the nutrient and helps to wet the surface of all NFT systems.
Seramis 30 Litres
SERAMIS® clay granules consist of small, lightweight, porous granules with high water holding capacity. The fine pores of them absorb moisture, save them and give them as needed again, so your plant always takes exactly what she needs. SERAMIS® clay granulate is structurally stable and not compacted. So the roots are well supplied with oxygen, This allows a particularly strong growth and leaves your plants look healthy and beautiful - and the most natural way.

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