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First and foremost, if we don’t have what you are looking for listed on our site, we will source it for you, and if you are looking for something unique or very large and unavailable to buy as a standard ready to buy system, then we will design and build a custom system for you. We have made systems from scratch for numerous customers over the years, all of them being highly satisfied with our work. From small RDWC hydroponic systems to 300 plant drain to waste systems, we can design and build it from various parts that we will source and put together for you. We will even customise existing systems for you. Whatever you need, we can sort it. We love it!

There are many hydroponic techniques on the market - NFT, Flood and Drain, Drip Irrigation, Aeroponics, Undercurrent, Passive and most of these can be recirculating or run to waste.

Confused? You should be. Esoteric Hydroponics sells them all but for sanity's sake, we have illustrated by far the most practical, easy to use, most popular systems on the market. For beginners and people on a budget, the NFT systems give good performance and are easy to use, however, there is a couple of drawbacks. There is lack of aeration to the rootball resulting in restricted results, lack of support for your heavy yielding plants resulting in you having to string or support your plants by whatever means you can think of. If pump failure strikes and you are away for the day with your lights on, it's kick the bucket time for your beloved plants. Apart from these drawbacks, which can be overcome, NFT cannot be mocked as its creation sparked the whole hydroponics revolution. Recirculating drip systems and Deep water culture systems can be productive also, but still have drawbacks. We also have our own hand built hydropod systems, which are very easy to use and avoid all of the drawbacks of NFT or drip systems and provide outrageous aeration and plant support. These systems come in variants of 2 pod, 4 pod and 8 pod configurations and all of them can be upgraded at any time with supercharged aeration kits and inner net baskets and much more.

For the advanced growers and people planning larger scale growing operations, we have designed many other variants of our original hydropod systems, such as the multipod and hyperpod systems. Both of these are modular deep trough flood and drain systems and they can be expanded and customized to run many plants from one large reservoir. These systems are in a class of their own and are renowned across the UK and many other countries around the world for being the most efficient and productive fool proof systems available! DO NOT MISTAKE OUR SYSTEMS FOR IWS OR ANY OTHER CHEAP IMITATIONS. We created the original modular flood and drain systems - all others are just copies, and do not work as well because the best aspects of our systems, which results in rapid flood and drain speeds and superior aeration, were patented so you have been warned, if you buy cheap, you buy twice!


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