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On Schedule Bloom Booster 250ml Clone Guard Anti Wilt Formula 125ml Spread Coat Wetting Agent Z7 2-Part Enzyme Cleanser Cal-Mag eXtreme with Iron & Vitamin B-1
Spread Coat Wetting Agent Flying Skull
Plants, insects and powdery mildew have something in common; they shed water to stay dry. Spread Coat is a plant-based wetting agent that helps pesticides properly coat leaves, stems and pests. The longer pesticides stay on the plant, the better the application. Spread Coat gives the grower a greater chance of accomplishing the desired pest control in an economical fashion while minimising pesticide usage and labour. Directions for use: 1. Add your pesticide to water and mix thoroughly into a solution. 2. Add Spread Coat to the...
Cal-Mag eXtreme with Iron & Vitamin B-1 Flying Skull
Cal-Mag eXtreme is a Calcium, Magnesium and Iron nutrient supplement designed to enhance the performance of any plant food. Magnesium is vital for healthy plant development, Calcium is essential for cell formation and the addition of Iron aids photosynthesis. Cal-Mag eXtreme can also be used as a leaf feed to correct leaf curl. Cal-Mag eXtreme may be used as a leaf feed for plants needing extra calcium, magnesium or nitrogen as root zone nutrients are being modified. It will often help when plants are suffering from stress due to insect...
Clone Guard Anti Wilt Formula 125ml Flying Skull
Clone Guard assists in the production of strong, healthy roots by providing a proactive shield/film that helps prevent wilting. Wilted clones take longer to root and are often less healthy. Clone Guard helps growers make quality cuttings and turn them into healthy adult plants. In many instances, Clone Guard eliminates the need for cloning domes, which will not only reduce the growth and spread of powdery mildew throughout the clones, it will also reduce the instances of powdery mildew in the adult plants. A biodegradable...
On Schedule Bloom Booster 250ml Flying Skull
On Schedule helps growers to schedule harvest times and enhance buds and blooms. Mix On Schedule with water and apply to the leaves or roots of any plant that blooms. Directions for Use Shake bottle thoroughly before dispensing.   Root Feed: Start applying to initiate bud set (if indoors start applying 10 days before turning lights to the bloom cycle). Apply when watering or feeding. Depending on variety/strain, discontinue applications 2-4 weeks before harvest. Indoor Garden Leaf Feed: Start spraying 10 days before...
Z7 2-Part Enzyme Cleanser Flying Skull
Z⁷ protects the roots and growing media from microscopic particulates, mineral build up and inanimate slimy conditions. pH stabiliser: Helps to stabilise the pH swings caused by inanimate particulates. Z⁷ cleaner: Keeps hydroponic pipes, tanks and soil drip watering systems free from inanimate slime and mineral build up. Z⁷ compatibility: For use in soil-growing and hydroponic systems. Z⁷ is compatible with any organic or chemical plant food, or Mycorrhizae supplement. Directions for soil or...

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