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Guerrilla Box Guerrilla Tabs x 20 Startrex Orgatrex 1 Litre Bactrex Mycotrex BioTabs Starter Box
Bactrex BioTabs
Bactrex - Organic soil bacteria for the root system Bactrex contains a large number of beneficial soil and root microbes, fungi (Trichoderma), humic acid and actinomycetes in a dry, water-soluble Yucca extract and organic catalysts to ensure rapid colonization and growth in the root zone. It is recommended to use these organic soil bacteria with their beneficial effects on soil fertility and structure immediately after sowing or planting. These especially selected Rhizobacteria (root bacteria) increase the solubility of the minerals P, K...
BioTabs BioTabs
Biotabs - Bacteria and organic substances for the healthy growth Biotabs contains enough 100% organic fertilizers in combination with phosphate-dissolving, nitrogen-binding bacteria and important minerals to keep the plant green and healthy throughout its whole life cycle, even the long-flowering specimen. These tabs make life easier - no more worries about the pH and EC and measuring, simply push one Biotab per 5 liters of pot 5cm deep into the soil and the beneficial soil bacteria does the rest (for pots bigger than 40 liters, use 1...
Guerrilla Box BioTabs
The Guerrilla Box  will get the most out of your plants, organically of course. The Guerrilla tabs and Juice combined will harness the richness of the soil provided by Nature itself. The Guerrilla Box is used for indoor and outdoor growing. Box contains: Guerrilla tabs (20 tabs) Guerrilla tabs are slow-release fertilizer tablets that improve the microbiological activity in the soil, creating the optimal conditions for growing big and healthy plants. Guerrilla juice (500 ml) Guerrilla juice is a liquid fertilizer that...
Guerrilla Tabs x 20 BioTabs
Guerrilla tabs are organic fertilizer tablets that improve the microbiological activity in the soil, creating the optimal conditions for growing big and healthy plants. The tablets are 100% organic. The main advantage to Guerrilla tabs, especially for outdoor growers, is the slow-release characteristic. After the initial set-up you don’t have to check on your plants every day, nor do you need to measure EC or pH levels. Ingredients This product contains 20 tabs humic acid, seaweed, feather meal, fishmeal, kelp and 6 species of...
Mycotrex BioTabs
Biotabs - Mycotrex: Increasing the uptake capacity of the plant by 700% Most potting soils are sterilized to kill weed seeds (not our beloved one, the - for us - useless crop) and pathogens and to destroy insect eggs and larva. But by steaming the pot, the beneficial soil bacteria and Mycorrhiza are killed as well and this absence of beneficial microbiological life makes the plant more prone to diseases and hazardous fungi. The 9 different types of Mycorrhiza in Mycotrex are beneficial fungi, living in symbiosis with the plant by...
Orgatrex 1 Litre BioTabs
Orgatrex is an organic fertilizer made up with high contents of trace elements and sugars to harmoniously work with the Mycorrhiza and soil bacteria. Orgatrex contains alfalfa meal, kali vinasse, mixed molasses, silicon oxide and rock dust, 7-6-7 N-P-K balanced quantities of Zn, Cu, Ca, Mn, Mg, S, Si and Fe - no animal parts or products. Not for consumption.
Starter Box BioTabs
Starter kits contains 5 different Biotabs products to provide your plants 100% organic fertilizers, beneficial soil and root bacteria, minerals, essential acids, trace elements to give your plants a boost right from the start and to achieve the highest possible yields. Bactrex - 25 Grams: Contains a large number of beneficial microbes, fungi, humic acid and actinomycetes and increases the availability of the present fertilizers to the roots Mycotrex - 50 Grams: - A mixture of 9 different types of Mycorrhiza, beneficial symbiotic fungi...
Startrex BioTabs
Startrex is an organic fertilizer and soil improver for faster rooting to give your plants a boost right from the start - with a large quantity of soil bacteria, fulvic acids, humus and silicon. Steamed pot is virtually sterile and free from beneficial soil bacteria, but by adding Startrex to it, your soil will come to life quickly. Store dry and cool, out of reach of children.

BioTabs is an innovative Dutch research company & producer of organic fertilisers & soil conditioners. We are growers with more than 35 years of experience in plant cultivation. We have been cultivating our beloved plants chemically on Rockwool for 25 years. Ten years ago we started testing organic cultivation.

For us this was a turning point.

The results were amazing. After an abundant harvest we hardly recognized the smell and taste of our plants.

The smell and taste was many times richer and more intense than we had previously experienced. That was the beginning of our quest for the ultimate organic cultivation method…

and so the BioTabs company was born…

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