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Cali Pro Carbon Filters Carbocone Filters Emperor Light Carbon Filters Prima Klima PitPuk Viper Carbon Filters Red Scorpion 80mm Heavy Duty Carbon Filters Replacement Sleeve for Rhino Pro Carbon Filters Cobra Filters CAN Inline Carbon Filters CarboAir 100 Carbon Filters
RAM Active Carbon Filters RAM
The RAM Pro Active Carbon Filter Range is a professional range of filters designed with the grower in mind. Guaranteed to do the job, it is easy use, offering value for money and flexibility. This range is offered in a variety of sizes. This filter uses virgin Australian RC412 Carbon, widely considered to be one of the superior carbons for air filtration. It has very low ash content (less than 13%) and it is a virgin-granulated product so that it can be compacted very tightly, meaning that it leaves no air spaces for organic compounds (odours)...
Cali Pro Carbon Filters Cali Pro
Made out of RC412 Australian Carbon, the newly designed Cali Pro Filters are sure to become one of the best carbon filters on the market today. Each filter comprises of a coned base which improves airflow rates over non-coned filters, also due to their foam compression ring, the risk of air pockets in the filter is dramatically reduced. Combine this with lightweight aluminium fixtures and the Cali Pro Filter will perform for over a year. Made from high quality Australian RC412 carbon Neutralises airborne odours and...
Carbocone Filters Carbocone
Introducing Carbocone Carbon Filter Range! A new line of activated carbon filters with improved patented conical design of the inner basket provides great benefits such as extended life, increased filtration efficiency by up to 30% and even saturation of activated carbon. Highly efficient filtration with activated carbon CTC80, same high quality as with Industry Line. High-quality metal press parts provide maximum stability and durability. The extra-long flange provides a secure connection. Specifications for Carbocone...
Emperor Light Carbon Filters
Emperor Light Carbon Filters are the result of solid research and over 20 years experience in air scrubbing and purification in different sectors. Through Carbon Filter’s expertise and creative innovation, they’ve developed solutions that enable you to eliminate problems with unwanted smells and gases quickly, effectively and at a reasonable price with the Emperor Light Carbon Filter. Emperor Light Carbon Filters are available in different models with varying capacities and airflow. Because they are made of carbon they have a very high...
Prima Klima PitPuk Prima Klima
The New PITPUK is a unique modular filter system with extremely efficient adsorption of odour particles due to the highly activated virgin carbon within it. It serves as a replacement to the traditional carbon filter used within growing environments. It can also be used to help dramatically reduce grow room temperatures. Each complete kit comes with: 1 x Pit (either 100mm, 125mm or 150mm) 1 x Puk (max airflow 240m3) multiple PUK’s will increase max airflow Screw kit Please note: Extraction fan not included.
Pro Filters Rhino
The Rhino Pro Filter is constructed from Australian-mined RC412 carbon, the best in the world. The carbon is tightly packed and sealed into a high-efficiency airflow cylinder with a vortex cone in the base and a custom pore surface for maximum transference. The high-porosity carbon and lightweight aluminium make the Rhino filter smaller and easier to handle. • 50mm bed of RC412 activated carbon. • 1.6mm aluminium tops and bases for reduced weight. • Unique “Anti Air Bypass” system. • 51% open area custom mesh for greater air...
Red Scorpion Carbon Filter
Red Scorpion carbon filters are manufactured using the finest virgin Australian carbon. Red Scorpion Filters are of exceptional quality. Features and benefits: Removes particles and odours from your grow-room Made with 100% RC412 Australian virgin activated carbon – the best in the world Aluminium housing for robustness and low weight Open area custom mesh for greater air flow Perfectly matches both Rhino and  RVK fans How the Red Scorpion Carbon Filter Works: The Red Scorpion carbon filter is an aluminium...
Red Scorpion 80mm Heavy Duty Carbon Filters Red Scorpion
Heavy Duty 80mm Carbon Bed for Extra Scrubbing and Added Life Span Red Scorpion developed their new heavy-duty 80mm filter for growers who need extra capacity and extra piece of mind in larger grow setups. Red Scorpion 80mm filters are available in three sizes and support airflows of up to 6850 m3/h. Red Scorpion Filters have everything you would expect from a premium carbon filter. Manufactured using only the finest Australian mined carbon, the Red Scorpion offers minimal pressure drop through the fan whilst maintaining high...
Replacement Sleeve for Rhino Pro Carbon Filters Rhino
Replacement sleeves for the Rhino Pro range of Carbon Filters. We recommend replacing the sleeve every 3-9 months to keep your filter running optimally. Generally, if the sleeve looks filthy then it's time to replace it.
Hobby Carbon Filters Rhino
This range of filters provides the novice grower with a technologically sophisticated, easy to use filter system. The Rhino Hobby provides flexibility and a longer shelf life due to its unique fully reversible neck and the fact that it's filled with the highest quality carbon available. Rhino Hobby is available in a wide variety of sizes, specifically designed for hobby growers. Rhino Hobby filters are filled with the same high quality Australian mined RC412 carbon as the Rhino Pro range of filters. A 30mm carbon bed is tightly packed...
Carbon Filters Phresh
Phresh Carbon filters are machine packed with 46mm (1.8") RC-48 activated, certified virgin carbon to ensure optimum and homogenous density and throughout the entire filter. The aluminium top and conical base (to improve air flow), as well as the 51% open mesh design means that these filters are much lighter than other filters of the equivalent size, giving extra peace of mind when suspending them above delicate plants or flowers. Phresh filters come with a pre-filter that helps increase the products' lifespan; remember to give the machine...
Viper Carbon Filters
Made using Australian Virgin Active Carbon RC-48, these high quality, fantastically priced carbon filters are quickly becoming a firm favourite in the growing community for people who are looking for quality carbon filters without the price tag an established brand carries. Premium Quality Carbon Filter RC-48 Australian Virgin Carbon 46mm Carbon Bed Up to 2 Years Lifespan
CarboAir 50 CarboAir
CarboAirTM 50 has been developed to filter VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from smaller grow room environments. CarboAirTM 50 has a 50mm bed of virgin activated granular carbon. It is the best filter for normal use in smaller grow rooms. A 50mm bed of carbon is perfect for smaller grow rooms. It offers excellent filtration of air without compromising air flow. Handmade in Europe Comes with a machine washable pre-filter 18 month guarantee About CarboAir Our filters have been developed in partnership with Wilco Industries...
CarboAir 60 Carbon Filters CarboAir
CarboAirTM 60 has been developed as we have found higher concentrations of VOCs in the exhaust air from medium and larger grow environments with stronger strains. CarboAirTM 60 has a deeper carbon bed of 60mm and a longer body. This provides a longer contact time between the air and carbon removing higher concentrations of VOCs. The 60mm carbon bed of virgin activated granular carbon has been developed to last under harsher conditions. Our filters have been designed to perform for a minimum of 18 months. With stronger strains you are safe...
CarboAir 100 Carbon Filters CarboAir
CarboAirTM 100 has been developed to filter very high concentrations of VOCs from larger grow rooms. CarboAirTM 100 has a huge 100mm bed of virgin activated carbon and a 1 metre body. This, coupled to our industry leading steel mesh, is the most effective filter in our industry. These filters are monsters, designed for the most demanding environments. If you need to clean very large volumes of air or large amounts of unwanted smells, this is the filter for you. Handmade in Europe Comes with a machine washable pre-filter 18 month...
Bull Carbon Filters Bull Filter
With BullFilter get the best coal (carbon) virgin in the world imported from Australia and extracted from old deposits of millions of years. His triple action provides better quality. Coal is selected and screened only for BullFilter, so our carbon filter is much better balanced with a greater capacity than all filters market. Our Australian coal RC-4/8 has the best ability of the market absorption. 1 gram of carbon RC -4/8 covers an area up to 1000m².
Cobra Filters
Cobra filter are the result of solid research and over 20 years experience in air scrubbing and purification in different sectors. Through Cobra’s expertise and creative innovation, they’ve developed solutions that enable you to eliminate problems with unwanted smells and gases quickly, effectively and at a reasonable price with the Cobra Filter. Cobra filters are available in different models with varying capacities and airflow. Because they are made from carbon they have a very high capacity and are very durable, ensuring a long life...
Carbon Filters CarbonGarden
Unwanted odours are one of the biggest challenges to face a grower. By using premium CarbonGarden filters, odours can be completely eliminated for up to 12 months. CarbonGarden professional horticulture filters contain a 40mm activated carbon bed. Constructed and developed from premium activated CGV-4 virgin carbon, which eliminates all odours on contact. Pre-filter included 0.1 second contact time.
Vortex Carbon Filters Vortex
Vortex Filters use RC412 the purest, highest quality Australian virgin activated carbon Lightweight Averaging half the weight of other filters Outstanding Performance Highly efficient and reliable Premium Construction Built with refined aluminium casing Long Lasting 2 year lifespan
CAN Inline Carbon Filters Can-Filters
CAN Inline Carbon Filters are made from Can’s lightweight, high grade carbon and are designed to fit directly into inline in runs of ducting, rather than at the point of extraction. They use the lightweight version of CAN Filter carbon that will last for around 18 months (CAN have a lightweight type and a pelletized type – the pelletized type lasts longer but is significantly heavier). Some growers use them as a belt and braces secondary filter, but as long as you match them with the correct fan and airflow, they are fine to use as a...
CAN-Lite Carbon Filters Can-Filters
Effective ventilation is essential for your grow tent or greenhouse. The evolution of the CAN range to include the CAN-Lite now offers the grower a lightweight filter delivering the same great CAN performance in a more user friendly format. The CAN-Lite utilises a natural particle carbon with a micro-pore structure, giving a high active surface area to absorb unwanted molecules from your system.
Pro Flower Filters
Pro Flower Filters are premium grade Carbon Filters that will remove 99% of odours from your grow room. Using the finest Virgin Australian RC 412 granular carbon Allowing tight packing and leaving no space for VOC’s (odours) to escape. Machine Packed Allowing more carbon, and less movement.   Open Air Mesh Design Maximises Airflow. Activated Carbon absorbs and traps pollutants Within the carbon removing 99% of odours and impurities from the air.   2 Pre Filters Included Large...
HydroLab Carbon Filters HydroLab
Introducing Hydrolab's brand new range of Carbon Filters. All our Hydrolab filters are made with 100% Australian Virgin Carbon, and have a 46mm deep Carbon bed. This new range of filters are made of a lightweight aluminium casing and feature a coned base for superior airflow. 100% Australian Virgin Carbon 46mm Deep Carbon Bed 2-3 Year Lifespan Lightweight Aluminium Casing Coned Base For Superior Airflow
Dutch Touch Pro Carbon Filters Dutch Touch Filters
The Dutch Touch PRO filter is filled with premium quality, ultra absorbent activated carbon granules. Due to its extremely porous nature, just a gram of this form of carbon has an enormous surface area of approximately 2000m² (2392yd2) ! The zinc galvanised steel walls of the Dutch Touch PRO have a perforation of R1.8.T2.5, which means each hole is 1.8mm in diameter with their centres being 2.5mm apart. This ensures that nearly 60% of filter walls are open to enable air to more easily pass through. As long as the Dutch Touch PRO filter is...
Skinny Exhaust Phresh
Thinner in diameter and up to half the weight of other competing filters. Small and light enough for easy single person installation. Unique inverted filter bed offers the best filtration in the industry on a budget. Phresh Skinny Filter contains 100% Pro-4/8 Australian carbon for the maximum possible air filtration. Unique inverted filter bed offers the best filtration in the industry on a budget. Phresh Skinny Filter contains 100% Pro-4/8 Australian carbon for the maximum possible air filtration. Thinner in diameter and up to half the...
Inline Filters Phresh
Carbon filters are no longer just for the ends of your air filtration system. Now they can be installed "in-line" like the lights and fans. It is the same Phresh® Carbon Filter users' trust, built into an air conserving body. Point to point air movement and filtration. Phresh® Inline Filters are state of the art carbon filters that practically scour the air to clean it of dust, foreign particulates, organic compounds and odors. Phresh® Inline Filters are twice as light and last twice as long.   Phresh® In-Line FIlters are...
Active Carbon Filters Can-Filters
The raw materials used for the production of our activated carbon is charcoal. There are two ways of activating the chosen base material: Chemical activation This involves heating the base material to temperatures between 400 and 700ºC depending on the desired result. Phosphoric acid and/or zinc chloride are added during heating. This method of activation results in activated carbon with mainly large macro-pores, making it perfect for separating colours from liquids. Thermal activation In thermal activation the base product is...
Quality Carbon Filters N/A
These are the best carbon filters around. Unwanted odours can be a problem for indoor gardeners. Whether you are growing peppers, strawberries or your favourite herbs, carbon filters will remove any odours that come from your crop. Carbon filters work using activated granules of charcoal by which odours are extracted through the fans. Installing a carbon filter is easy and takes just a few moments. Usually, the activated charcoal in your carbon filter will last for a minimum of 12 months. Carbon filters are an essential accessory if you are...
MountainAir Carbon Filters Babylon
Voted North America's Best Filter - FIVE TIMES!! (3 Year Life) MountainAir® Filters are a range of filters that have been designed to maximum quality, performance and durability. No other filter has been able to last more than 3 years duration with constant use. It's simple functionality contains a complex interior design using the most unique materials available. MountainAir® Filters require little maintenance and reduce noise level considerably ensuring an effective and efficient growing life cycle. They also offer more superior...
Eco Edition Carbon Filters Prima Klima
Prima Klima filters have been established since 1996. They use virgin PK44/CTC70 activated carbon pellets. The carbon has extremely high porosity presenting a large interior surface of 1050m2 from 1 gram of pellets. This explains the reason why Prima Klima filters are world renowned for their great absorption capabilities and long life span. They also use DX51 zinc-coated metal with a 51% open mesh for maximum air flow. High quality carbon = light weight Minimum pressure drop due to 51% open mesh and 4mm palletized carbon High...
Buddy Activated Carbon Filters N/A
The Black Orchid Buddy Carbon Filter is extremely efficient in odour control. A 25mm (1″) bed of carbon. Our Buddy filters are manufactured in seven carefully matched size/airflow models Pelleted, virgin carbon for maximum odour removal and reduced pressure drop Pre-filter included.
Value Carbon Filters N/A
FRESH® Filters using high quality virgin carbon specifically manufactured for air treatment. The fabric sleeves on this type of filter should be changed every three months to protect the life of the carbon. Supplied with filter sleeve and strapped.
British Carbon Filters Bulldog Filters
This is a new approach to carbon filtration, manufactured in the UK by professional filtration specialists, specifically for the indoor growing environment where the removal of odours is essential. Manufactured using patented bonding technology to remove odour and purify the air before it leaves the growroom. The patented technology is in the unique carbon bonding which creates a solid mass without reducing the airflow, the carbon in every other filter available is compressed into a tube, this can only be compressed to a point before the...
Phat Carbon Filters HydroFarm
The Phat Filter is a professional grade, world renowned greenhouse filter that will remove the nastiest odors from your growing area to give you peace of mind. Phat filters use a very special Mongolian charcoal carbon that comes from a source of pre-Cambrian ore, or some of the oldest carbon found on earth. This carbon dates back 250 million years and is the reason our Phat Filters are so effective! A Phat Filter The special carbon is mined from deep within the earth, activated with steam at very high temperatures and shipped to us for...
Green Carbon Air Filters Green Carbon Air
Green Filters last up to 1.5 times longer than conventional carbon filters! Green Filter is a leading French brand that designs and manufactures air filters since 1995. Green Filter is best known for the successes achieved in the automotive, motorcycle and motorboat sports. Green Carbon Air Filters are super light filters of the new generation with use of very high quality activated carbon. Green Carbon Air filters are available with capacities from 300m³/ h up to 3300m³/h. Each Green Carbon Air Filter comes with a special...
Odorsok Carbon Filters Odorsok
Odour problems are in the bag! This multi layered carbon cloth bag sets new standards for carbon filters in every way. Carbon filters, Full of innovation and versatility, some of the many benefits include: - Unbelievably light - weighs <4lbs boxed. - Stores at under 1/12th of its working size. - Freight easily in the post without damage. - Easy to assemble and disassemble. - Average 8% air loss with centrifugal fans. - Work in humidity - Tumble dry when wet. - Air flow capacity from 100 to 2400 cf/m. - Sizes inc: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12...
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