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Root Stimulator Starter Kit Box Set Final Solution Growth Bloom Excellarator Enzymes+ Micro Bloom Grow
Starter Kit Box Set Advance of Holland
Advanced Hydroponics Starters Kit, value for your money. All the required nutrition for your plants in one box! This Starters kit includes the cultivation of 2 to 3 plants and leads to optimal Growth and Flowering results. You try this starters kit from Advanced Hydroponics if smell, taste and quality important is! Suitable for Soil, Hydro, Kokos and Rockwool. Includes: Dutch Formula Grow 500ml   Dutch Formula Bloom 500ml Dutch Formula Micro 500ml Natural Power Root Stimulator 250ml Natural Power Growth Bloom...
Grow Advanced Nutrients of Holland
The recommended combination of Dutch Formula 1, 2 & 3 during the 18 hour vegetative stage is the best guarantee for high quality results and strong, healthy plants with lush green leaves. Dutch Formula GROW creates the ultimate conditions for crop production during the 12 hour stage. The application of GROW should be stopped between 21 and 30 days after your plants have entered the 12 hour flower phase
Bloom Advanced Nutrients of Holland
The flowering stage is the productive part of a plant's life. Dutch Formula BLOOM is the "nutrition engine" because the high concentration of magnesium and phosphorus helps to create a powerful boost for the ultimate bud. BLOOM assures that your plants will receive the correct balance of nutrients to encourage the optimum growth of superior quality flowers.
Micro Advanced Nutrients of Holland
You will see that MICRO is the secret for success, supporting the crop during it's complete life cycle. Dutch Formula MICRO consists of a strong mix of chelated micro elements, in combination with unique pH buffers, thus providing the extra power and stability needed for growth.
Root Stimulator Advance of Holland
Original “Root Stimulator” is used by many regular growers. "Roots Stimulator" tissue formation directly in the roots area or where the roots are beginning to form. Thanks to the “Stimulator", Roots develop faster and are much stronger. By cloning, the roots will appear to be up to 50% faster than without it’s use.
Enzymes+ Advanced Nutrients of Holland
A natural "Enzymes" component of the Natural Power line activates beneficiary micro organis in the growing media, this helping to remove sedentary salts and to decompose dead roots. This improves the plants ability to absorb the nutrients and allows for healthy development. The "Enzymes" are to be added to the watering during most of the growing time and are used by the majority of successful growers.
Growth Bloom Excellarator Advance of Holland
This "Growth Bloom Excellarator" boosts primarily the formation of green matter and flowers. It’s suitable for continual adding to the watering and also helps to resolve the problems with plant ailments and pests. "Growth/Bloom Excellarator" is to be added to the watering during the entire growing period except for the last 2 weeks.
Final Solution Advance of Holland
During the last 2 weeks before harvest it is advisable to water the plants without added fertilizers in order to obtain as pure of a final product as possible. "Final Solution" helps to decompose and remove the last residue of fertilizers in the growing media also, works as a prevention of mold. "Final Solution" can be used with any kind of growing media as the only agent to be mixed in the water.

In 1993, Jay Jackson, founder and current Director of Advanced Hydroponics of Holland, was committed to finding an alternative to the then available fertilizers that he and many other growers had been using. Jay searched for a formula that would combine: easy use, high efficiency, and competitive pricing. In order to obtain the solution, Jay went to the experts at the “Dutch Flower Nutrient Research Center” in the Dutch city of Aalsmeer. To make the use as simple as possible, it was necessary to present the components in a way that allows easy mixing, so that any grower can easily adjust the volumes of the most necessary nutrients according to their needs. So, Dutch Formula was born! It is a liquid fertilizer consisting of three components which are to be mixed in an easy ratio of: 2:1:1 in the growing period, 1:2:1 in the pre-flowering period, and finally 0:3:1 in the period of full bloom. At first, the fertilizers were tested by Jay together with many of his fellow growers. The results were OUTSTANDING ! These results were not possible with the former fertilizers. Once perfected, the retail shop was started. In 1996, the Dutch Formula was presented at a trade show in Germany and the superior quality of Dutch Formula fertilizers together with growing demand led to the start of the wholesale business throughout all of Europe.

The Dutch Formula line was soon expanded by a 100% all natural line of “Natural Power” which included a “Root Stimulator”, enzymatic supplement called “Enzymes”, a GrowthBloom Stimulator called “Excellerator”, and finally a product for maturing called “Final”. Following “Natural Power”, the popular “Aqua system” made it’s way to the Wholesale and Distributor line up.

Currently, more than 60 distributors in 22 countries around the world (including Russia and Japan) are supplying the Advanced Hydroponics of Holland products, and the number of distributors and retail shops continues to grow. Around the world, tens of thousands of growers, including the world renown Howard Marks (Mr. Nice) R.I.P. as well as Scott Blakie (Shantibaba) using Dutch Formula and Natural Power products. Plants grown with the help of our fertilizers.

Even considering the great success of our fertilizers, our company continues to strive for further improvements and new products in close cooperation with Dr. Nicolas Stutterheim, Ph.D., a biochemist and renowned European specialist on plant nutrition.

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