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Growers Pack Connoiseur Root Mash Mister Bond Mist Galore Cell Charge Critical Mass Bliss Blood Go 12/12 Clean Cut
Green Start Field Marshal
Green Start provides the ideal balance of nutrients required by seedlings and cuttings being grown in hydro, coco or soil. Key benefits Rapidly grow early roots. Grow strong plants ready to be put into your grow system or pots. Green Start helps growers achieve great results by providing their young plants with ideal levels of: 1) Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK) and secondary elements. 2) Trace minerals including chelated forms, making them more easily and quickly absorbed. 3) Fulvic acids that increase nutrient absortion...
Vege Gro Pro A & B Field Marshal
Vege Grow Pro is a premium grade nutrient developed for the vegetative stage of growth. It can be used by growers using hydro, coco or soil and is available in hard and soft water formulas. Key benefits Nurtures leaf and stem. Provides the foundations needed to have great results from fruit bearing plants. Your plants require different ratios of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (NPK) throughout the different stages of growth. Vege Grow Pro provides the perfect balance of these essential minerals for plants in the vegetative phase...
Fruit Bloom Pro A & B Field Marshal
Fruit Bloom Pro is a premium grade nutrient developed for the flowering period. It can be used by growers using hydro, coco or soil and is available in hard and soft water formulas. Key benefit It will help you grow high yielding flower, fruit and vegetable crops. Fruit Bloom Pro is a macro and micro nutrient, designed specifically for fast growing plants during the flowering period. Your plants require different ratios of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) throughout the different stages of growth. Fruit Bloom Pro provides the...
Soil Series Field Marshal
Easy to use 1-part Grow and 1-part Bloom nutrient developed for fast growing plants cultivated in pots and containers in all soil and soil based potting mixes. Key Benefit An easy to use and cost effective solution. Vege Grow Soil and Fruit Bloom Soil both contain a refined balance of macro and micro mineral nutrients. The balance in Vege Grow Soil’s being ideal for generating vibrant growth and lush green foliage in the vegetative and pre-flowering phases, setting the foundation for high yielding flower and fruit crops. The balance...
Clean Cut Field Marshal
Clean Cut is a solution for flushing out excess nutrients e.g nitrates and heavy metals that naturally build up from intensive feeding. It can be used by growers using hydro, coco or soil. Key benefits Rapidly alleviates over-fertilisation. Ripens crops for harvest. Improves crop taste. Clean Cut cleans plants and substrates of excess mineral salts that can build up over time without regular medium flushing, repeated high feeding or over-fertilisation. Clean Cut is formulated for all garden systems to attract minerals from the roots...
Go 12/12 Field Marshal
GO 12/12 flower accelerator provides optimum levels of phosphorus & potassium to rapidly transform vegetative plants to full flower drive and early bud development. It can be used by growers using hydro, coco or soil. Key benefits Accelerates flowering. Shortens the grow cycle. GO 12/12 gives your plants a carefully refined, highly soluble and readily absorbed burst of high ratio phosphorus and potassium. Fast flowering plants respond particularly well in the early stages of flowering to high ratio phosphorus (P) to potassium (K)...
Bliss Blood Field Marshal
Bliss Bud is a crop boosting complex blend of natural plant protectors, amino acids, carbohydrates and aquatic and natural plant extracts releasing organic sources of trace minerals. Bliss Bud provides a balanced reaction across all aspects of flowering for a fast full potential flowering response. It can be used by growers using hydro, coco or soil. Key benefits Increases full fruit embodiment. Improves aroma and product quality. Read on to gain a better understanding of the key components that make Bliss Bud an invaluable addition to...
Critical Mass Field Marshal
Critical Mass is an advanced PK additive for mid to late flowering. It can be used by growers using hydro, coco or soil. Key Benefits Adds extra weight. Boosts essential oil production. Phosphorous (P) is a macro nutritional element for every plant. It is a vital component in the process of plants converting light energy into food, fiber and oil. It plays a key role in photosynthesis, the metabolism of sugars, energy storage and transfer, cell division, cell enlargement, and transfer of genetic information. Potassium (K) is essential...
Cell Charge Field Marshal
Cell Charge is a silicon additive for bushier, dark green veg growth. It also strengthens cell structure required to support super-sized yields. It can be used by growers using hydro, coco or soil.  Key benefits Helps plants support extra weight. Prevents problems arising from disease, pests, fungal attacks and toxicity. Improves tolerance to heat, cold and to over/under watering. Silica is used to fire retard wooden houses. The silica penetrates the cells of the wood and strengthens it against extreme heat. Similarly, it...
Mist Galore Field Marshal
Mist Galore is a revitalising foliar application adding vigour and boosting leaf growth. Key benefits Develops bigger healthier leaves. Corrects problems created by irregular feeding. For "emergency feeding" - Mist Galore provides a high-speed way to feed your plants through their leaves. Leaves are where the complex chemical processes of photosynthesis produce the compounds your plants need for growth. Being applied to your plants’ leaves, Mist Galore's nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sea plant extracts) and acids...
Mister Bond Field Marshal
Mister Bond is a wetting agent used to increase the effectiveness of, and decrease the residue from, foliar sprays - for example, feeds, insecticides. Key benefit Helps effectively spread foliar sprays.   Mister Bond works by lowering the surface tension of the water within your spray, enabling easier spreading of the solution so you can cover the whole plant. At the same time it increases the permeability of the leaf cuticles, helping raise the penetration of all sprays. By minimising evaporation from the sprayed foliage Mister...
Root Mash Field Marshal
Root Mash contains a selection of special fungi species collectively known as Trichoderma. Key benefits Develops bigger healthier roots. Prevents infection by soil/medium born diseases. Root Mash beneficial micro-organisms live on root hairs and kill harmful pathogens using them as nutrition for their own growth. Root Mash boosts key nutrient solubility thereby increasing uptake to grow bigger stronger plants. Used effectively Root Mash is a secret ‘underground’ weapon for the grower. Like a vicious guard dog protects the home Root...
Connoiseur Field Marshal
Connoisseur is a refined bat guano and worm casting blend for soil and coco. Key benefits Provides rich organic nutrients for your plants. Enhances defense against fungal attack and disease. Provides enzymes that break down dead roots.   Roots are critical for the health and the results you get from your plant. Connoisseur helps makes sure you maintain a healthy root zone. The slow decomposition of your roots can introduce harmful micro-organisms that bring disease. The enzymes in Connoisseur prevent this from happening by...
Growers Pack Field Marshal
The Grower’s Pack includes a selection of Field Marshal Nutrients and Additives. It can be used by growers using hydro, coco or soil and includes hard and soft water variations. Key benefit An easy all in one nutrients and additives solution.    Contents of pack: Nutrients Vege Grow Pro A + B 275ml: nurture leaf and stem. Fruit Bloom Pro A + B 1L: develop flower and fruit. Clean Cut 275ml: prepare to harvest. Additives GO 12/12 40g: flower accelerator. Bliss Bud 275ml: improve aroma and quality. Cell Charge 275ml:...

Field Marshal premium grade mineral nutrients are made to the highest quality to give you the very best growing experience from seed to table. Made in the UK for UK regional water conditions, available in formulas for soil, coco fibre and hydroponics.

Field Marshal nutrient additives perform targeted functions at specific stages of plant growth to improve growth and yield. Nutrient additives are easy to use, simply add to your regular nutrient solution whether in a watering can, butt or reservoir.

Field Marshall treatments boost the metabolism and vitality of the leaves and root zone: the most important interactive "exchange" parts of a plant. They are applied best as specific treatment applications, rather than added to the regular nutrient solution.

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