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Sustain Ectomycorrhizal Ericoid Energizer Myco Edge Solubale Blend Myco Edge Endo-Mycorrhizal Blend Myco Fusion RHIZO-CHARGE 2.0 Myco Fusion HYDRO-GREEN 110 Myco Fusion GREEN 150 Myco Fusion BIO-JOLT 1.5
Ectomycorrhizal Santium Organics
Designed to provide benefit to most trees (pines, firs, oaks etc.,) which make up about 5% of the plants on the planet, Myco-Edge Ectomycorrhizal Blend delivers specific impact where it is needed most. This is a dry granular product that is applied directly to the root zone of the plant. Packed with over 2.4 million propagules of mycorrhizal fungi in each gram, Myco-Edge Ecto also has a host of other beneficial organisms too. From the time the product is correctly applied, it begins to provide benefit to the plant. Aiding in transplant...
Energizer Santium Organics
Myco-Edge Energizer is designed as a companion to the other Myco-Edge products as part of the Santiam Organics “Steps to Success”. It is a blend of key organic materials vital to a plant's health. This pelletized product is designed to be worked into the soil, either pre or post planting, and then watered thoroughly. As material is absorbed into the ground around the roots, it energizes the roots, thus allowing the mycorrhizal components to maximize the benefits being delivered to the plant.
Ericoid Santium Organics
Santiam Organics is the only company to produce ericoid mycorrhizae in North America. This product is the only ericoid mycorrhizal product produced in North America. The specific nature of this mix has made it very popular among landscapers and recreational gardeners alike. This is a dry granular product that is applied directly to the root zone of the plant. Packed with over 30,000 colony forming units of mycorrhizal fungi in each gram, Myco-Edge Ericoid also has a host of other beneficial organisms too. Examples of benefited plants...
Myco Edge Endo-Mycorrhizal Blend Santium Organics
Myco-Edge Endomycorrhizal Blend: The cornerstone of the Myco-Edge inoculant line is the Endomycorrhizal blend.  Endomycorrhizae provide benefit to over 90% of the plants on the planet. This is a dry granular product that is applied directly to the root zone of the plant.  Packed with over 40 propagules of mycorrhizae in each gram, Myco-Edge Endo also has a host of other beneficial organisms as well.  Grown holistically in a myco-symbiotic matrix, Myco-Edge delivers results with every correct product...
Myco Edge Solubale Blend Santium Organics
This product is a multi-mycorrhizal blend mixture based on the same technology found in the other Myco-Edge inoculums, but it is micronized to a point that allows the contents to be suspended in liquid, which responds to customer demands for a product that could be applied after plants were already in the ground or pot. Additionally, this product responds to requests for a mycorrhizal blend that could be used when the plant/mycorrhizal association is unknown.  For this reason, Santiam Organics has included endo, ecto, and ericoid...
Myco Fusion BIO-JOLT 1.5 Santium Organics
BIO-JOLT 1.5 works in conjunction with all of Santiam Organics’ inoculants and with RHIZO-CHARGE 2.0.  As a natural bio stimulant, BIO-JOLT helps plants maintain high levels of what they need the most to grow and flourish.  Regular application (every 2 weeks) of BIO-JOLT will result in improved yield and shortened cycle times. This product is micronized and is designed to be mixed with liquid and applied as a drench or through drip lines.
Myco Fusion GREEN 150 Santium Organics
GREEN 150 was formulated with the indoor gardener in mind.  Delivering multiple endomycorrhizal species and a variety of compatible bio-based organisms in one power packed product is the result of over 17 years in the business of commercially producing mycorrhizal fungi. No other group in the U.S. has a longer track record.   Green 150 is a dry inoculant that can be used in soil or as a dusting agent prior to planting.
Myco Fusion HYDRO-GREEN 110 Santium Organics
HYDRO-GREEN 110 is the indoor gardeners best friend.  Packing 110 propagules per gram of the most highly effective mycorrhizal spores that the industry has ever seen is not enough.  This product is micronized to the point where is can be the primary component in any suspended liquid.  Hydroponics with mycorrhizae has never been easier or more effective. Adding to the mycorrhizal fungi is a team of other beneficials such as Trichoderma, and several bacteria to aid in plant health and disease resistance.
Myco Fusion RHIZO-CHARGE 2.0 Santium Organics
RHIZO-CHARGE 2.0 is a biological soil enhancer for the individual that wants to maximize their crop yield.  If you are growing in soil, this product is a must have.  Built on the science of delivering nutrients to the plant and to the mycorrhizal organisms that are servicing the plant, RHIZO-CHARGE 2.0 delivers all the necessary components to aid in rapid crop cycling.
Sustain Santium Organics
This product is an organic bio-stimulant. It is the last step in the Santiam Organics “Steps to Success” and should be repeated every 2 weeks. Sustain is a micronized product that you mix with water to form a liquid delivery methodology. Simply mix 1 Tbsp of Sustain with 32 ounces of water or your favorite liquid fertilizer and shake until all of the organic matter is fully suspended. At this point, pour into the soil above your plant’s root zone. 1 Tbsp mixed thoroughly will treat 12-15 plants. By regularly boosting your plants...

Santiam Organics is a producer of bio-based products for the home consumer. Santiam, unlike many other companies offering similar products, is rooted in science and only provides products that have been researched and have been proven to provide significant benefit to the plants they are applied to. Our goal at Santiam is to allow individuals to grow plants organically, without the need of harmful chemicals, and still reap the bounty of increased plant health, tolerance to adverse environmental conditions (such as drought and high soil salinity), more efficient use of water, resistance to many diseases, and last, but not least, increased fruit and flower production.

The technology behind the Santiam products has been a topic of study for close to 70 years, but the organisms that are used in the products have been helping plants flourish for millions of years. Research has found proof of mycorrhizal fungi (Santiam’s primary component in all of the products) in fossils dating back to the age of dinosaurs.

The Santiam staff has a combined total of over 75 years of producing bio-based mycorrhizal products. That’s more than any other competitor on the market. In all those years, we have learned two very important things:

  • Producing a quality product with viable and available spores is paramount
  • Correct application of any bio-based product is critical to ensuring successful transfer of the organisms.

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