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Hydroponics and Indoor Horticulture can be a bit of a mine field for some people. Here at Esoteric, we have over 25 years of experience in the world of indoor gardening. We live and breathe hydroponics all day, every day, we have authored books, been employed by schools, universities and have helped thousands of growers all over the world excel in their abilities and skillsets. So if you’re in any doubt regarding anything to do with this subject, please consult with us, we can help diagnose problems with plants, environmental parameters, we can advise on tweaking nutrition programmes to ensure you are getting the maximum potential from your grow room, we are experts in closed loop horticulture and we also love helping customers design their rooms from the ground up, if your spending hard earned money on a setup, why not make sure it’s perfect the first time round?

We are here to help our customers before, during and most importantly, after, every single sale we make.

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