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Latest Products in Cellmax
pH+ 1 Litre pH- Grow 1 Litre PK Booster Earth Grow Mix Bio-Organic Bloom Bio-Organic Grow CocoBloom X&Y CocoGrow X&Y HydroGrow X&Y HydroBloom X&Y
Super-Enzyme Cellmax
Dead roots are bad for your plants, as they restrict the absorption of nutrients. Super Enzyme, a product with more than 20 enzymes and vitamins, ensures that dead roots and other organic materials are converted to sugars and minerals that boost the growth of your plants. The capacity of the root system is increased, resulting in a bigger harvest.
pH+ 1 Litre Cellmax
Regulation of the pH, to ensure your plants extract everything from the costly food? Cellmax makes it easy for you. pH- Growth, pH- Flowering and pH+ ensure an optimal pH, from beginning to end.
pH- Grow 1 Litre Cellmax
Regulating the pH, to ensure your plants extract everything from the costly food? Cellmax makes it easy for you. pH- Growth, pH- Flowering and pH+ ensure an optimal pH, from beginning to end.
PK Booster Cellmax
Boost the fruit development of your plants with PK Booster: extra doses phosphor and potassium guarantee a higher yield.
Root Booster Cellmax
Roots are important: they ensure that your plant absorbs water and nutrients. The amino acids in Cellmax Root Booster guarantee swift growth of the roots in the initial phase. The trace elements and vitamins keep the roots healthy and strong. Root Booster also offers protection against diseases affecting the roots. Ideal for potting young plants. Works excelent with exotic plants like Palm and Olive trees.
Flower Stimulator Cellmax
Would you like a lovely sweet taste and be surprised by the yield? Use Cellmax Flower Stimulator! This natural food supplement improves the absorption of nutrients, so that your plant becomes healthy and strong. Flower Stimulator increases the effectiveness of the photosynthesis, as a result of which your plant bears more fruit. The result: a higher yield.
CocoGrow Cellmax
Give your plants everything they need to become healthy and strong with Coco Grow. It contains an abundance of nutrients and extra nitrogen for a healthy green colour.
CocoBloom Cellmax
Coco Bloom accelerates fruit development; the product is full of vitamins, minerals and an extra dose of phosphor.
HydroGrow Cellmax
Give your plants everything they need to become healthy and strong, give them Hydro Grow. Extra nitrogen has been added to stimulate growth in the first phase and to promote a beautiful green colour. A two component fertiliser X-Y Cellmax Hydro-feeds are special based on UK tap water.
HydroBloom Cellmax
Vitamins, minerals and a well thought-out NPK-ratio: Hydro Bloom is the food for the flowering phase. It makes your plants strong and stimulates the fruit development. This will become apparent to you when harvesting! Cellmax special Hydro-feeds are based on UK tap water.
Bio-Organic Grow Cellmax
Best product tested when it comes to quality and the size of the yield. All ingredients are purely natural: the NPK (nitrogen, phosphor, potassium) is extracted from algae and seaweed.
Bio-Organic Bloom Cellmax
100% natural, 100% effective: Cellmax Bio-Organic Bloom guarantees an explosive fruit development and a lovely taste. an organic fertilizer which can be absorbed directly by your plants. Exhibits outstanding results in bio/organic cultivation.
Earth Grow Mix Cellmax
Is the liquid fertilizer concentrate. Earth Grow Mix is a one component soil nutrition especially for growing and it contains directly admissible nitrogen, which is extremely necessary for growth. Earth Bloom Mix is a one component soil nutrition especially for Flowering, with extra phosphorus and potassium. Cellmax has supplied these products with a sophisticated N.P.K-balance for plants with a relatively short life cycle, which grow on soil. Both products have a long shelf life because of their light resistant packaging. All forms of...

For a sustainable future green needs to thrive everywhere. In rural areas and especially in cities. Since 1996 Cellmax has helped you to reimagine how we use our space. Make it green. Make it grow. With our substrates, plant nutrients and supplements.

In 1859 US President Abraham Lincoln stated: “Before long the most valuable of all arts will be deriving a comfortable subsistence from the smallest area of soil.” Now, more than ever, this quote holds true. Our planet is getting more and more urbanised. The ‘healthy’ green is disappearing from our cities. Food production is changing from agricultural to industrial. Growing is intensified, quite often to unhealthy levels. And children become adults without the knowledge how our food is produced.

Cellmax wants to help reverse this trend. We provide people with the means to grow their own flowers, vegetables and fruits successfully – even in suboptimal conditions. Experience the joy of producing locally and taking an active part in the entire growth process: from soil to plate. Growing in pots and on balconies. On waste land and rooftops. On small patches, allotments and in communal gardens. Green starts with an idea.

“The place that needs you most, might just be your own backyard.”

Cellmax strongly believes that this decentralised way of growing crops is the only way to create a sustainable food production for our next generations. And even better – producing your own fruits and vegetables brings people together and builds stronger communities.

Growing your own food is not always easy, especially in cities where sun and good soil comes at a premium and green needs our help to grow. Our simple, high-quality product lines are specifically designed to yield maximum results in these challenging conditions.

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