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We sell it all - if we don’t have it, we will get it. Want to try something new? We will source it! Your growing media is where your plants' root system will develop - it is the environment they will grow in. Simply put, a hydroponic medium is a substitute for soil, a sterile and clean, inert substance in which you can control the food your plants are absorbing. There are many types of media - coco, clay pebbles and rockwool being the most popular. They are pH stable and provide good aeration for the roots which is essential and is one of the most overlooked things in the indoor horticulture industry. Your plants' roots need oxygen to flourish and uptake nutrients efficiently. Depending on the type of hydroponics system you are using - rockwool and clay are our recommended choice for most recirculating hydroponic systems - rockwool is absorbent and retains water well whilst providing adequate aeration and we find it very well suited for early stages of plant growth and the propagation phase for seedlings and cuttings. When moving on to full growth stages in flood and drain and dripper systems, which are the most popular methods by far, we recommend expanded clay pebbles. We stock excellent quality prewashed pebbles which are a good stable medium, and have superb pH stability whilst providing excellent aeration to your roots. And clay pebbles are good to keep reusing for a year before needing to be replaced which can save you a lot of money.

Our magic formula for seedlings and cuttings!

This technique never fails. Use 1" rockwool cubes which come in trays of 77 individual cubes. Use a bucket of water and add ¼ strength Rhizotonic by Canna, a few drops or small cap of Superthrive and then add Formulex in small quantities at a time until you get a CF or EC reading of 1.0 (10). Then add very tiny amounts - 1 drop at a time - of pH down to give a pH reading of 5.5. Drop the required amount of cubes in the solution until they sink to the bottom then give each cube a firm flick or squeeze to remove 10 – 15% of the water. Place your seeds or cuttings in the predrilled hole of the cube and gently close it over to retain the humidity around the seed or exposed rootzone of the cutting (if planting cuttings, dip each one in rooting gel prior to planting in the pre-soaked rockwool. Place each one as you go into an air tight propagator with the lid closed and the vents shut to maintain the temperature at an even 25-28°C inside the propagator and maximum humidity. Do not water again until they begin to significantly dry out, then repeat with the same solution and until roots appear out of the bottom of the sides and they are ready to transplant.


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