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Pallet Shrink Wrap Clear Pallet Shrink Wrap Black Commercial Visqueen Sheeting 8m x 25m 120mu Orca Growtent Lining Kit Orca Seam Tape ULTRALUX Flat Black White (125 µm) Ultra Silver Mylar Heavy Duty Mylar Heavy Duty Diamond Mylar Diamond Eco Diffusion
Mylar Reflective Sheeting N/A
Light is precious and you will want to maximise usable light from your grow lights. One excellent way of doing this is to use reflective sheeting. Investment in reflective sheeting allows stray light to be redirected towards your plants. This is especially important in a small grow room. Plant growth is nearly linear with light intensity and installation of reflective sheeting will increase the light intensity and save money in the long term. in some cases it may also reduce initial costs. Mylar will reflect over 95% light. Our new, space age...
Commercial Visqueen Sheeting 8m x 25m 120mu
8m x 25m x 120mu Dual layered Black White Grow Sheet. White to increase light in the grow area, black to reduce external light. Extra strong for commercial setups.
Diamond Lightite Lightite
Diamond Lightite: 100% Light Proof Diamond Lightite has a raised diamond diffused pattern to spread light more evenly over the canopy of the plant allowing the light to be situated closer to your plants and also providing maximum reflection of light lumen’s whilst significantly reducing energy costs. A 5 layered material ensures 100% lightite creating a true blackout, stopping the escape of light and heat energy. With PET coated membrane to dramatically increase strength and reduce creasing effect. Better all Round Plant Growth While...
Pallet Shrink Wrap Black
Strong black pallet wrap on a 250 metre roll.
Pallet Shrink Wrap Clear
Strong clear pallet wrap on a 300 metre roll.
Heavy Duty Mylar N/A
Heavy duty mylar – ultra silver for maximum reflection of light and heavy duty to reduce the chance of rips and creases occurring to the sheeting. 120mu thick. Use to help reflect thermal heat, reducing energy costs, increasing growth and yield and preventing mould and algae growth. All our foils and sheeting are UK manufactured and are made to strict food grade standards as shown by our BC certificate to ensure the highest quality of sheeting. Non gassing guaranteed: Do not risk your plants health by using cheaper plastics that can...
Ultra Silver Mylar N/A
Ultra Silver Mylar Grow Sheet – is the ultimate reflective silver grow sheet, the perfect reflection on a dual layered silver roll. Stimulates vigorous growth. UK MANUFACTURED FOOD GRADE MATERIAL. FOOD SAFE. PLANT SAFE. NON GASSING GUARANTEED
ULTRALUX Flat Black White (125 µm) LightHouse
A quality LDPE/LLDPE sheeting that provides high levels of reflectin and diffusion ideal for wall coverings in growrooms and propagation areas. The matt white coating on one side offers the grower the best in light diffusion. The LightHouse ULTRALUX Flat Black White sheeting provides better heat dispersal than silver alloy coated sheeting. ULTRALUX is a premium range of light sheets from LightHouse that offers higher performance over similar LDPE/LLDPE films. All ULTRALUX films provide 100% light-proofing and blackout, are stable, highly...
Diamond Diffusion ECO
Diamond Eco Diffusion – with diffused pattern to spread light more evenly. Produced to help eliminate grow room hot spots. Membrane memory to dramatically reduce creasing effect & PET coated to protect against corrosion and wear. A NON-LIGHTITE product. UK MANUFACTURED FOOD GRADE MATERIAL. FOOD SAFE. PLANT SAFE. NON GASSING GUARANTEED CAUTION: Easy Grow Lightite & Eco Foils, contain layers of pure aluminium, which will therefore block or severally inhibit, mobile phone, radio & wireless broadband signals, from areas or...
Diamond Reflect-a-Gro - 100 Metres N/A
The biggest diamonds on the market, for increased reflectivity and heat dispersion. The ultimate reflective sheeting! Metagro is the only sheeting brand to feature Encapsulated Metal Protection (EMP), offering complete protection against heat, moisture and handling. Ultra reflective and flame retardant.
Heavy Duty Diamond Mylar N/A
Ultra silver for maximum reflection, diffused pattern to spread light more evenly and heavy duty to reduce the chances of ripping and creasing occurring. UK MANUFACTURED FOOD GRADE MATERIAL. FOOD SAFE. PLANT SAFE. NON GASSING GUARANTEED
Silver White Lightite
Silver White Lightite is a yield increasing spectrum enhanced silver reflector, applied to a gloss white/triple layered grow sheet. Lightite silver white grow sheets offers optimum light return and 100% light tight. PET coated to protect against corrosion and wear. The Original and the Best. Never Bettered. Only Poorly copied. Diffuse your gardens light supply Better all round plant growth Yield increasing. Thermal Reflecting Reduce energy costs Helps stop mould and algae growth Stimulates vigorous growth Incredibly strong to prevent...
C3 Reflective Sheeting N/A
Offers 90% Thermal Reflectivity and 95% Light Reflective. Reduces Grow room temperature by 5 degrees. Originally used by the military as a defence against infrared sensor devices, it is now widely used in the horticultural industry as a reflective film. 20% MORE LIGHT REFLECTIVE THAN PLASTIC WHITE FILM. DURABLE AND EASY TO WORK WITH. DOES NOT GO CLEAR UPON CONTACT WITH LIQUID. BIGGER YIELD & MORE EFFICIENT ENERGY CONSUMPTION. So you need professional sheeting at an affordable price? From the Netherlands, this super...
C3 Adhesive Spray N/A
The C3 Adhesive Spray will instantly fix and secure your reflective sheeting without damaging it. For a quick method to secure your ADF sheeting this can will make the job easy!
FLIRmask Thermal Insulating Fabric N/A
FLIRmask ensures the most effective thermal insulation properties available on the hydroponic market to date. FLIRmasks space age design uses an outer aluminum layer which has a highly reflective finish to reflect the full spectrum of grow lighting light right back at your plants as needed. Also with its inner layer of woven glass - E fiber, Silicon and high temperature resistant resin offer AMAZING THERMAL INSULATION stopping your hard earned money seeping right through your grow room walls due to poor insulation. The better insulated your...
Orca Grow Film N/A
ORCA Grow Film™ is made from threads of a high density specialised reflective plastic which are bonded together creating a unique surface topography. The resulting geometry of the microfibres and the submicron pores within the microfibre, create a highly reflective and diffuse surface. The same principal is found in snowflakes, where normally transparent water is transformed into reflective bright white snow through the unique geometry of ice crystal formation. Diffuse reflection is important to hydroponic growers because it eliminates hot...
Orca Growtent Lining Kit ORCA
The next generation of grow film is here. ORCA Grow Film's nano structure provides a unique combination of high reflectivity and true diffuse reflection. A reflective combination that is extremely powerful - rendering PET and other grow films obsolete. Not only does it give you more usuable light than other reflective films - it is tough and strong. It is 100% light tight and gives 99% diffuse reflection with up to 50% more lux.
Orca Seam Tape
Use the ORCA Seam Tape to ensure a 100% coverage of ORCA Grow Film so no need to worry about gaps. 63mm x 22.8m  (2.5" x 75ft)
Mega-Lux Diffusion Foil 1.2m x 100m N/A
British Made MegaLux Diffusion Foil is a silver light proof diffusion foil, white and silver poly that works in a similar way to a horticultural lighting reflector, spreading light more evenly and eliminating hot spots. This sheet has smaller diamonds than a lot of the competition to give greater light diffusion. PET coated to protect against corrosion and wear.
White Lightite Lightite
100% white lightite triple layered grow sheet with a centre fold. White both sides of the sheet but light tight to allow separate light cycles to perform within the same area. Gives better all round plant growth increasing yields  by reflecting thermal heat, which also results in reduced energy costs. Helps stop mould and algae growth and stimulates vigorous growth. The Original and the Best. Never Bettered. Only Poorly copied. Look for the Easy Grow logo every 1ft/1mtr on our lightite products for proof of assurance and quality. FOOD...
Black & White Reflective Sheeting N/A
Our black/white sheeting is a thicker grade than can be found elsewhere.
Polyshield - 1.2m x 100m N/A
Polyshield is a black and silver light & thermal radiation reflective polypropelene sheet. It has advanced properties through infused metals making it highly reflective, completely light tight and stops infa-red heat from being emitted, bouncing it back into the room. Ideal if you need to keep control of your growing environment.

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