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Basic 100 Litre Tank Nutrient & Additive Kit Rocket Fuel Foliar Spray
Basic 100 Litre Tank Nutrient & Additive Kit Esoteric Hydroponics
Nutrients and Additives: Hygrozyme 1 Litre (Normal price: £37.95) Rhizo Blast 1 Litre (Normal price: £72.70) SUPERThrive 120ml (Normal price: £15) Solar Green Power Silicic Acid 1 Litre (Normal price: £55.20) Big Bud 1 Litre (£35.76) Explode 250ml (£28) GreenHaze Grow A&B 2 Litres (Normal price: £15) GreenHaze Bloom A&B 2 Litres (Normal price: £15) Rocket Fuel Foliar Spray Formula: Liquid Oxygen 250ml (Normal price: £3.99) Wetting Agent 250ml (Normal price: £5) Nitrozyme 100ml (Normal...
Rocket Fuel Foliar Spray Esoteric Hydroponics
Foliar feeding is the possibly the most efficient way to maximise benefits from these extraordinary natural growth enhancers. University studies have shown that correctly applied Foliar nutrition can be up to TEN times as useful to the plants as dry fertilisers. The following formulation is widely used in California where it is considered the ultimate growth booster and is affectionately known as “Rocket Fuel”. To each litre of water pH 6, slightly warmed, add the following ingredients, stirring or shaking thoroughly between each new...

Nutrient Feed Schedule

Feed schedules for this range are currently unavailable.
Please contact us for advice or visit our main nutrient feed schedules page for a list of available schedules.


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