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Sugar Peak Catalyst
Sugar Peak Catalyst Earth Juice
Sugar Peak Catalyst is a booster, put simply it will sweeten produce and enhance the aromas of flowers and culinary herbs. It is an array of naturally occurring hormones, vitamins, sugars, amino acids, chelate and plant acids. It also contains macro and micronutrients all of which promote healthy plant growth. It also stimulates crop production for higher yields. Use throughout all stages of plant development. It can also be used as a foliar feed. Sugar Peak Catalyst is best used in conjunction with a regular...

The makers of the highly acclaimed Earth Juice line of plant care products.

Since its beginning in 1991, Earth Juice has grown from a local favorite in Northern California to a nation-wide and worldwide recognized brand. Expanding from an initial 3 Earth Juice products to now more than 60 products to meet the needs of every type of plant grown in any gardening environment. Today, Earth Juice continues with its original pioneering philosophy of looking into the future and developing the most innovative, effective and high performing products for the home and garden.

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