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Grow Tools Bug Block GAS Replacement Intake Duct Filters GAS Intake Duct Filters 4" - 14" Intake Filter Boxes (inline) Bug Barriers Intake Filters
Intake Filters Phresh
Phresh Intake Filters will remove 99% of all dust, pollen spores and pests, including powdery mildew, spider mites, bacteria, dust and dirt. Helps increase the life span of extraction filters. These ultra light filters utilise advanced nano carbon felt technology which maintains 90% of air flow (up to twice that of HEPA filters). Use these filters for intake filtering, air scrubbing and low intensity exhaust filtering.  Phresh Filter's patented pleating design allows for massive surface area for optimum filter efficiency and high...
Bug Barriers N/A
This handy product offers superior protection against bugs while having a minimal restriction on airflow. The plastic mesh bug screen easily slips on and off fans and ducting. Elasticised opening and adjustable drawstring create a perfect fit. Catches insects, mould and mildew. Use for intake or exhaust. Mildew and UV resistant, washable.
Grow Tools Bug Block Grow Gadgets
Prevent infestations with the Bug Block. This removable mesh cover fastens easily to ducts and intake fan openings, to keep insects and dirt out of your grow room. Prevents bug infestations Pest infestations can be irritating at best and devastating at worst. Even the most careful indoor growers have seen entire plants wiped out due to mites or aphids.   The Bug Block is a fine mesh shield which fits over the duct or fan in an indoor garden, and traps harmful insects as well as dirt and dust. How to use Bug Block? Each...
Intake Duct Filters 4" - 14" Global Air Supplies (G.A.S.)
The G.A.S. Intake Filter cassette is fitted with a special ‘zig zag’ style filter. It gives 7 times the surface area of a flat filter which helps to increase air flow. Small particles like pollen, mould spores, dust, spider mites and bacteria are filtered. The G.A.S. intake filter will block almost everything except air. As the air passes through the filter, contaminants larger than 10µm (1/100th of a millimetre) are removed.
GAS Replacement Intake Duct Filters Global Air Supplies (G.A.S.)
Replacement filters for the G.A.S. Intake Duct Filter cassette.
Intake Filter Boxes (inline)
The Filter Box is placed in line with your intake fan to remove unwanted pests and contaminates from being drawn into your grow room through the ventilation system. This is especially important if intake air is being drawn from outside as it is almost certain that it will contain insects and contaminates that will cause problems once inside the grow room. Contains a removable EU3 grade filter panel that can be periodically cleaned and replaced.

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