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LightHouse 3kW Greenhouse Heater LightHouse 2kW Oil Filled Radiator LightHouse 1kW Oil Filled Radiator 2kw Greenhouse Heater Slimline Greenhouse Heaters ECOHEAT Greenhouse Heaters Electric 2.2 kW Convector HotBox Levant Plus Fan Heater 1.8kW HotBox Elite Plus Fan Heater 2.7kW Frost Eater 1kW Heater
Lighthouse 1000W Oil Filled Radiator LightHouse
Compact and powerful radiator to take the chill from any room. Features: On/Off switch Thermostat 9 Oil filled fins
Lighthouse 2000W Oil Filled Radiator LightHouse
Compact and powerful radiator to take the chill from any room. The 2000w has 2 settings at 800w and 2000w. Features: On/Off switch Thermostat 9 Oil filled fins Cord storage
LightHouse 3kW Greenhouse Heater LightHouse
The LightHouse 3kW Greenhouse Heater is a great tool to use when trying to maintain temperatures during the cooler months. The 3kW powerful output means it can quickly and effectively heat up large spaces. It also allows growers to reach and preserve the desired temperature allowing their plants to thrive. The simple but robust design allows growers to easily use and place in a busy grow room environment. Also, the added feature of 3 power control of different heat settings means the heater is multipurpose, being able to be used both as a...
Frost Eater 1kW N/A
Greenhouse heater ideal for mini or lean-to greenhouses To guard against frost damage. Thermostatically controlled and will cut in when required, protecting your plants. For safety the heating element is sheathed and all electrical connections are protected inside the enclosure at the end of the heater. Floor or wall mounted. Size 120mm. Diameter x 540mm.long. 1kW heater
ECOHEAT Greenhouse Heaters LightHouse
Provides a stable environment to protect plants against sudden temperature and humidity fluctuations. Helps reduce humidity and condensation when growing indoors thus protecting against fungal attack. Ideal in propagation areas where a constant ambient temperature is critical.
Oil Filled Radiator N/A
These thermostatically controlled radiators gently heat your grow room without the worry of stripping the environment of humidity or for that matter adding humidity. Will not dry out the plants or the atmosphere unlike fan or convection heaters currently available. 2kw - 9 radiator panel and 2.5kw - 11 radiator panel versions available with adjustable thermostat, 3 heat settings, power indicator, 24 hour timer built-in, castors, carry handle and overheat safety cut-out.
2kw Greenhouse Heater
• Robust and reliable • Easy-to-use • Built-in fan • Three settings – fan only, half power and full power • Thermostatic control
Tubular Greenhouse Heaters N/A
Cold winter weather can be as much of a problem for indoor gardeners as summer heat, so we are now stocking Hylite greenhouse heaters to keep the frost at bay. Hylite have designed their heaters to offer a cheap-to-run alternative to fan heaters and cleaner alternative to paraffin. Using less than 50W per foot - about the same as a standard household light bulb - they are a cost effective way to avoid cold stress. This new slimline range come complete with thermostatic control and are are available in three different sizes: 50cm model...
Slimline Greenhouse Heaters N/A
Thermostat controlled greenhouse heaters. Available in 55W, 120W and 190W versions.
Hotbox Superb Hotbox
The HotBox Superb is a 2.7kW electronic Fan Heater. With Winter and Summer settings, it can help to keep your glasshouse cool or warm depending on the season. HotBox Superb Click for larger image • Half and full heat settings ensures maximum fuel economy • Fan only setting use purely for air circulation • Fitted with feet and hanging loops easy to install in the optimum position • High output fan (250cfm, 450m3/hr) removes air quickly and efficiently • Remote temperature sensor ensures accurate control •...
Hotbox Sirocco Hotbox
Following into the footsteps of the Hotbox Superb, but by no means standing in its shadow. The Hotbox Sirocco has all the advantages and privileges of being “born” into the established Hotbox fold, ie a modern design, accurate thermostatic control, a powerful 1.8kW motor as well as our standard 2 year guarantee. 25cm long 21cm diameter Airflow 400m3/hr or 230cfm
HotBox Levant Plus Fan Heater 1.8kW Hotbox
HOTBOX Levant plus greenhouse heater has an output of 1.8kW, linked to a thermostat control which cuts the heat supply. Fan heaters improve circulation and control the temperature, protecting against frost and cold weather. These units can be used as fans in the summer months by switching off the heat unit. They may be used in sheds, garages or conservatories and may be hung from the hooks and chains supplied. Size 250mm. x 220mm. Diameter Ideal for 6 x 6 foot greenhouse.
HotBox Elite Plus Fan Heater 2.7kW Hotbox
HOTBOX Elite greenhouse fan heater with heat output of 2.7kW. The thermostat control cuts the heat supply when the selected temperature is reached but allows the air fan to continue. This updated model has a new ergonomic handle, wider legs for increased stability, rubberised flex and a thermal safety cut-out. Fan heaters improve circulation and control the temperature, protecting against frost and cold weather. The unit can be floor or bench mounted on the feet supplied. Chains and hooks are provided to suspend the heater from the...
Electric 2.2 kW Convector N/A
Electric convection Greenhouse heater. Strong industrial grade sheet metal case powder coated. Thermostatic control. 2200 Watts. 230V Supply 13A plug. Ideal for up to 6 x 6 foot greenhouse. Size 360mm. x 160mm. x 540mm high.

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