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24 Pod HydroPod™ Flood and Drain System by Esoteric Hydroponics

24 Pod HydroPod™ System Esoteric Hydroponics
Starting at £420.00

Our range of acclaimed HydroPod™ Systems are also available in kits which include everything for growing your favourite plants: just add water and electricity. HydroPod™ Systems are on demonstration at the Esoteric Hydroponics shop. Systems come with pump, digital timer, clay pebbles and full instructions.

These systems incorporate brand new evolutions in hydro farming innovation. Simply put, these are deep pod ebb and floods. Each pod has a large 12 litres of root space allowing for a longer dry period between floods optimising aeration to the root zone. Due to the depth of the pod (9-10 inches) and quality of the pump, the system takes minutes to flood and minutes to drain, resulting in a rapid flood and rapid drain.

Size: L: 1800mm, W: 1400mm, H: 450mm
Tank Volume: 130 Litres

Brand: Esoteric Hydroponics
Product Code: 24 Pod HydroPod
Availability: In Stock
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