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The Mega-Pro Full Monty Rig - 24-72 Plants by Esoteric Hydroponics

The Mega-Pro Full Monty Rig - 24-72 Plants N/A
Starting at £1,599.00

24 pod hydroponic flood and drain system £470, 1 x 1000W High Pressure Sodium Son-T-Plus light contactor relay & timer £246, large heated propagator £45, 500W mother / propagation light £90, aqua farm mother plant hydro unit £63, nutrients: grow £15, bloom & bloom boost £15, digital nutrient meter & calibration fluid £45, digital pH meter & calibration fluid £5, pH up & pH down £5, 2 x water heaters £44, 150 LTI extractor fan £88, growth gas genny CO2 injector £230, digital thermo / hygro min/max meter £45, clay pebbles & rockwool £15, hook plates & hanging chain 5m £10, 20m mylar reflective sheeting £60.

Pod system size: 1800mm x 1200mm x 450mm high.
Reservoir volume: 260 litres.

All kits come with an easy to follow 10,000-word full instruction manual. This kit can also be used as a template for when you might want to add to other kits or systems.

Total cost of kit = £1825
Discounted kit price £1599

Brand: Esoteric Hydroponics
Product Code: The Mega-Pro Full Monty Rig
Availability: In Stock
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Price: Starting at £1,599.00
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Hydroponic Systems
Number of Plants 24-72
Bucket Size (litres) 12
Tank Volume (litres) 260
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