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Docs Supplied By GrowthTech: Nitrozyme - Instructions For Use

Nitrozyme contains powerful natural growth enhancers, exotic micronutrients and bio-stimulants. The high concentration of these biological agents will potentiate the growth process of the plant, with specific advantage to its current stage of growth. Nitrozyme is very highly concentrated and comes from natural sources. It is non-toxic and poses no environmental hazards.

Nitrozyme has many uses for the serious grower and used correctly it can help produce healthier more vigorous plants and higher yields.

Seed Germination

To a litre of lukewarm water add:

Stir thoroughly. Soak seeds in this solution for 24 hrs. before germinating in the usual way.

Cuttings (Clones)

Stock plant (mother plant) should be sprayed or misted with Nitrozyme about two weeks before cuttings are to be taken. This will produce a flush of vigorous new shoot growth and provide plenty of material for cuttings. To each litre of lukewarm water add;

Mist stock plant thoroughly with this mixture. Apply when light levels are low, early morning is best time.

Treating RockWool

Take an appropriate amount of lukewarm water. Adjust pH to 5.5. For each litre add:

Allow RockWool cubes to soak in this solution until thoroughly saturated. Set aside to drain. Take cuttings in the usual way. Once all cuttings are in place, mist them thoroughly; For misting solution, to each litre of lukewarm water add:

Soil Gardening

To each 10 litres of water add:

Use this solution to water lawns and borders. Especially useful for pot plants.

Hydroponic Systems

To each 10 litres of Tank Volume add:

Stir thoroughly before circulating to plants.

Foliar Feeding

For each litre add:

Shake mixture thoroughly and mist the entire plant. Foliar feeding should ALWAYS be carried out in low light; early morning or late evening.


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