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Hydroponics Nutrients


Hydroponics Nutrients & Additives

As with all hydroponic systems, it is only as good as the food that you use. It is our belief that some nutrient in some cases give better performance or pH stability than others. However, personal preference and subjectivity rules the day. A lot of the time it's like asking what's better? Red or white wine? Bitter or lager? It depends apparently on what you're eating with your drink! Well, if you believe that, then you'll believe anything. Hydroponics is the same. If you find a nutrient you like and you believe it performs well then stick with it. If you are unhappy with your results then experiment with another make, or a combination of makes and products; you've got nothing to lose.

Nutrients are a very important part of the hydroponic growing process and we at Esoteric Hydroponics have sourced the best nutrients that are available on the market today. Generally speaking, there are grow nutrients (for young plants and vegetative growth) and bloom nutrients (for flowering and fruiting).

While it is true that plant "foods" for soil are not suitable for hydroponics, it is quite possible to use hydroponic solutions for soil growing. You can actually achieve great improvements this way because the plant is fully supplied as it may not have been before.

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