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Hydroponic Strawberry Production

Hydroponic Strawberry Production N/A

Hydroponic strawberries are a profitable and rewarding crop to grow, but also a crop which needs to be fully understood if economic yields are to be obtained from out of season production.

Understanding of the plant's development and specific requirements and attention to

 · selection of the correct cultivar,

 · suitable pre plant treatments,

 · type of propagation and planting material,

 · hydroponic media and system,

 · crop nutrition,

 · climate and environment,

 · planting density,

 · pollination methods and

 · pest and disease control

are all necessary if an economic commercial crop is to be produced.

As conventional strawberry producers and extensive field operations are experiencing difficulties with the ban on widely used soil sterilisation chemicals, hydroponic strawberry production is becoming a logical alternative.

Hydroponic strawberry production will prove a valuable guide for all intending and existing growers of this increasingly important hydroponic crop.

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