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Handbook to Nutrient Solutions

Handbook to Nutrient Solutions N/A

The Handbook to Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions is an authorative text on the hydroponic nutrient solution.
In six chapters, this book looks at the difference between liquid and powdered nutrients, single-packs and twin packs, grow and bloom formulations, and organic nutrients.

The author examines nutrient concentrations and the availability of nutrient elements to plants, and looks in detail to chemical tests, reverse osmosis, disinfestations of water, and the importance of aeration.

The handbook explores the importance of nutrient solution temperatures, nutrient strength (electro conductivity), and the acidity (pH) of the nutrient solution. The author also describes in detail a new non-chemical method of pH control for the nutrient solution. The author outlines 10 steps to determine nutrient deficiencies, and examines common nutritional disorders. He also provides expert advice on how to correct nutritional problems.

Well illustrated with photographs, charts and tables, this book is as much for the beginner as it is for the experienced grower.

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