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The Hydroponics Manual: Further Reading And Information

For more information, we would refer you to a wide selection of books that are available from Esoteric Hydroponics.

The ABC of NFT by Dr Alan Coope

This is the book that launched Nutrient Film Technique back in the late seventies and it has been indispensable to commercial growers the world over. Now thoroughly updated, it is without doubt one of the essential books for the serious grower.

The Best of Growing Edge

The Growing Edge has been the leading magazine for hobby horticulture for quite a few years now. This book is a selection of the best articles on the most important subjects, cloning, hydroponics, CO2, nutrients and all aspects of hi-tech horticulture. A highly recommended book that covers everything.

Information is the key to success in any hydroponic project. These books, videos and magazines contain a wealth of ideas and tips from the professionals. Use this information, it will save you time and money.

Gardening Indoors by George Van Patten

This book, as the title implies is specfically about Indoor Gardening and is possibly the only book that is dedicated in that way. Van Patten is a highly respected writer with the ability to make the subject easy and interesting. Other books by the same author include:

  • Gardening with CO2,
  • Gardening Indoors with Cuttings,
  • Gardening Indoors with HID Lights and
  • Gardening Indoors with Rockwool

A complete series of books by one of the best writers in the business. They are excellent as an introduction to the subject but there is also plenty there for the experienced gardener.

Growing in Rockwool by Dennis Smith

This is a fully revised edition of a classic text. Formerly known as Rockwool in Horticulture this is absolutely the definitive text on rockwool and a must for the serious grower who wants to get it right.

Handbook of Nutrient Solutions by Carl Barry

Barry is a senior nutrient chemist for Growth Technology in Australia and has been involved with commercial nutrients for many years. This book is a great introduction to a fascinating subject and it certainly removes much of the mystery that has previously surrounded the area of hydroponic plant nutrition.

Hydroponic Food Production by Howard Resh

This is really a reference book for the professional. A very substantial book that covers just about all aspects of commercial hydroponics. Highly recommended for the commercial grower.

Hydroponic Gardening by Steven Carruthers

Steven is the publisher of "Practical Hydroponics" magazine in Australia and has a unique overview of the industry from his years as a writer and retailer. His journalistic background shows through very clearly in his clean and informative writing style. This is arguably the best of the beginner books and is amply provided with illustrations and diagrams.

Hydroponic Gardening by Dalton & Smith

A lavishly illustrated beginners book from New Zealand. Highly recommended.

Hydroponic Home Food Gardens by Howard Resh

Howard Resh is a leading hydroponic theorist from Canada. He is best known for his commercial book Hydroponic Food Production but this book and Hydroponic Tomatoes are clearly aimed at the hobbyist and they are certainly well written and easy to understand.

Hydroponics for Everyone by Struan Sutherland

Another beginners book from Australia. An excellent book and it is particularly strong in the recommendation of everyday objects for hydroponic applications.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening by Bob Henrichsen

Covers the whole area of vegetable production under artificial light.

A Practical Guide to NFT by C J Molyneux

With a foreword by the late Geoff Hamilton, this book has taken the whole subject of NFT growing and downscaled it to a suitable dimension for the backyard grower. This is a comprehensive and clearly illustrated text that demystifies NFT to very good effect.


These magazines are available on subscription and are also available from Esoteric Hydroponics as single issues. All you have to do is ask.

The Growing Edge - published quarterly by New Moon

This is an American journal aimed at the serious hobby grower. Contains articles of interest to all growers, covering subjects such as lighting, cloning, carbon dioxide, hydroponic systems etc.

Practical Hydroponics - published bi-monthly by Casper Publications

An Australian magazine aimed at the keen amateur grower as well as to the professional. Many good articles on commercial and semi commercial hydroponic systems and related subjects.

Gromag - published bi-monthly by Gromag Limited

This is a magazine produced in the UK specialising in indoor horticulture / gardening.


Hydroponic Gardening

A basic introduction to hydroponic principles introduced by Steven Carruthers.

Gardening Under Lights

The ins and outs of horticultural lighting in a very easy to understand format. Compares the different types of lights and clearly explains their application.


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