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Grow Lights


Grow Lights (HPS, MH, Ballasts, Fluorescents, Shades, Light Movers & Lamps)

With the onset of cheap, nasty, home- made, dangerous lights that have dogged the hydroponics market, we thought it best to say a few words. There are lights and there are proper horticultural, professional grade lights on today's market. The former are quite frankly death traps; they are constructed from the cheapest, obsolete, end of the line components that are usually mismatched and wrongly configured. To think that these poorly built, badly wired, misconfigured lights are gracing people's damp, humid and sometimes wet grow rooms is a scary thought, especially if it's in the home. And all in the name of a bargain. Not only do you risk your own life with these tacky lights but everybody that lives with you. So don't do it! Look before you leap!

Our lights all carry CE certifications and have BS approved components. They are made by horticultural lighting companies that have built lights for the hydroponics trade for over a decade. They are professional grade, no hassle lighting units that have all been personally tested, and demonstrated by ourselves. They all carry a two year parts and labour manufacturer's guarantee (except for the lamp). The 250W, 400W, 600W and 1000W are all high pressure sodium and metal halide compliant, so the one light can run either lamp. Lighting is possibly the most important decision for indoor horticulture; cheap normally represents a health risk. For the sake of saving £50 is it worth it? You have been warned! (WEEE)

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