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V-Farm VF 5207 Small NFT Vertical Farming System by V-Farm

V-Farm VF 5207 Small NFT Vertical Farming System

The VF 5207 is a vertical farming NFT system which is perfect for producing a variety of leafy greens such as lettuces (particularly cos, little gem & butter head), spinach, pak choi, and mizuna as well as strawberries and edible flowers, as well as dwarf varieties of chillies and other bushy plants (up to 270mm in height). The 5207 is of a modular design, the gullies are easy to remove for cleaning and the lights can be adjusted higher or lower. The growing light is provided by 16 1.2m Specton full spectrum LED's designed in conjunction with V-Farm. The 80L nutrient tank with pump (featuring manual speed control) feeds your crop using the nutrient film technique (NFT) method, which ensures a continuous supply of essential nutrients to the roots of the plants - the absence of soil means your roots get more air, which leads to healthy growth. No soil also means that your plants are not threatened by soil born diseases and bacterial infections. No pesticides are required and you will use less water and nutrients than in soil-based growing. Our pressurized manifold and emitters ensure that each individual gully receives the same consistent volume of nutrients. You save water too - by using our recirculating system, water is recycled and there is no run to waste, making this system ideal for growing in places of restricted or limited water supply. V-Farm uses 90% less water than growing in soil. All our V-Farm systems are wheeled, giving the freedom to move your system around at will.

  • Grow up to 132 individual plants at any one time in a floor space of only 1.35m2
  • Water usage reduced by up to 90% compared to traditional farming methods and lower food miles
  • Versatile and non-crop specific - grow a wide variety salad greens, herbs and even some fruit and vegetables
  • Created with the latest hydroponic technology and super-efficient full spectrum LED chips - low water use, low energy use and high yields and crop output
  • You will need to provide your own seeds and nutrients. Easy to use and maintain and energy efficient

System specifications:

  • Dimensions 1530mm L x 880mm W x 2400mm H.
  • Growing area 0.88m² per layer, 3.5m² per rack.
  • 132 plant sites at 200mm centres.
  • 16 x 1200mm full spectrum T8 LEDs.
  • Patented pressurized manifold design.
  • 80L nutrient tank with pump featuring manual speed control.
  • Four wheels (two lockable) for easy movement.
  • Light timer to alter day length.
Brand: V-Farm
Product Code: V-Farm VF 5207 Small NFT Vertical Farming System
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