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V-Farm VF 5222 Flood & Drain Vertical Farming System
Do you want to grow microgreens either as a hobby or to supply local restaurants, sandwich bars or anywhere that serves food? V-Farm's VF 5222 can allow you to do this on a regular basis with consistent quality and size across crops. The VF 5222 is a vertical farming flood and drain system designed to grow micro-greens and edible flowers in a space saving and ergonomic design. Thanks to its verticality, this system produces a much greater yield of micro-greens per m2 of footprint than traditional farming methods. Grow lighting is provided by 25x 1.2m full spectrum Spectron LED tubes (photon flux: 28 μmol s-1). These have been design..
V-Farm VF 5207 Small NFT Vertical Farming System
The VF 5207 is a vertical farming NFT system which is perfect for producing a variety of leafy greens such as lettuces (particularly cos, little gem & butter head), spinach, pak choi, and mizuna as well as strawberries and edible flowers, as well as dwarf varieties of chillies and other bushy plants (up to 270mm in height). The 5207 is of a modular design, the gullies are easy to remove for cleaning and the lights can be adjusted higher or lower. The growing light is provided by 16 1.2m Specton full spectrum LED's designed in conjunction with V-Farm. The 80L nutrient tank with pump (featuring manual speed control) feeds your cro..

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