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Acqua Eco Tower 1 by Acqua

Acqua Eco Tower 1 Acqua
Starting at £195.00

Grow your own nutritious produce with the Eco Tower 1

The patent-pending fully automated Eco Tower 1 provides everything you need to grow nutritious produce at home for your family. The product places you in charge of your food and allows you to grow fresh produce without chemicals, preservatives and other nasties. And with only a short time from plant to plate, the vitamin, mineral and other nutritional content are fully preserved.

The configuration has 24 separate growing points allowing up to 72 plants to be grown at the same time. This gives it a growing density 20 times greater than conventional planting, using 95% less space for the equivalent yield and making the Eco Tower 1 a growing machine.

The system can water itself for 3 weeks at a time, ensuring that the plants stay watered, aerated and nourished and grow into highly flavoursome and nutrient packed food, far more quickly than growing in the ground.

The Eco Tower 1 starter pack includes everything that you need to start growing beautiful fresh produce at home:

  • Core System
  • Smart Irrigation System
  • Growing Medium & Nutrients
  • Accessories Pack
  • A choice of Plant Pack - Mixed and Hot or Mixed and Mild

System Components

The key components of the system comprise of: a reservoir unit which holds water and mineral nutrients; a small water pump, with a combined timer and long life rechargeable battery, a lid with a rotating plate; six growing pods in two sizes, each with four separate growing points stacking vertically to form the tower and a fountain head to create a cascade of water.

  • 6 growing pods - 3 large and 3 small, a total of 24 growing points.
  • Pack of sleeves - these go into the middle of each growing pod.
  • Reservoir unit with lid and rotating bearing.
  • Pack of levelling shims - in case you have an uneven area for locating your Eco Tower.
  • Pipe sections - to transport the water mineral solution from the reservoir up through the tower.
  • Fountainhead and disperser - a really nice water feature and extra oxygenation of the water solution.
  • Timer and battery system - bespoke timer to make managing the watering cycles easy. Pre-programmed to ensure the right amount of water whatever the weather.
  • Mains and battery charging lead.
  • Welcome pack and assembly instructions.

Growing Medium

The plants grow best in our unique formulation of Coconut Coir, an organic growing medium, that plants love due to its great water retaining and pest repellent properties.

  • A system fill of Coconut Coir - you will receive two beautiful jute bags with 16L of Coconut Coir.
  • Mineral nutrients and measuring jug to ensure that your plants receive the optimum amount of nourishment to grow quickly and healthily.

The Accessory Pack

Everything you need to manage the Eco Tower 1 with minimum fuss. All of our accessories are designed to be space savers and easy to store between uses. The pack contains:

  • Extendable garden hose and connector for system maintenance - attaches to the fountain stack for quick and easy system flushing. Folds up small for easy storage.
  • Coir measuring scoop.
  • Planting and maintenance dibber.
  • Plant labels to ensure you know what's planted where.

The Plant Packs

Our plant starter packs have germinated from seeds in coir and are lovingly cared for. They have been growing for a minimum of 6 weeks before they are ready for you to plant in your new Eco Tower 1. This means that you'll be harvesting your first produce very quickly. We have chosen varieties that produce for a long period of time, so you'll soon be counting the pounds that you have saved by growing your own. You will receive 36 plant plugs as part of the pack. Choose between:

Mixed and Hot

  • Contains Basil, Coriander, Parsley, Baby Salad Leaves, Red Giant Mustard, Butterhead Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes and Hot Chillies

Mixed and Mild

  • Contains Basil, Coriander, Butterhead Lettuce, Lollo Rosso Red Lettuce, Rocket, Spinach and Mild Chillies.


The Eco Tower 1 has many benefits starting with ease of set up. No tools are required, just unpack it, put the components in their place, add the coir, arrange the plants, pour in the water and minerals, set the timer - and away you go!

The ideal growing conditions and carefully selected plant varieties ensure that you have abundant harvests. The system will pay for itself in your first season of growing.

The automated, self-watering system makes caring for your plants easy. Simply set the timer and you can forget about watering for 2 or 3 weeks at a time. No weeding, no digging, and no watering. Your job is to observe and enjoy your plants as they grow, and work out what to do with all the amazing produce you’ll soon be harvesting.

Nutritionally you can't get better food than that you harvest and eat immediately. As soon as a plant is harvested its nutritional value starts to diminish; within 3 days the average plant loses over 30% of its nutritional value. Straight from plant to plate ensures that you and your family get the most benefit.

Home grown food just tastes better! Produce that is allowed to ripen 'on the vine' has more flavour than that which is cut early and sent to the shops to ripen later.

Environmentally you'll be doing your bit too. Growing your own can start to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your reliance on intensive farming (a huge CO2 generator), reducing trips to the shops and reducing your use of plastic packaging. The plants you're growing even turn CO2 into O2!

And finally gardening is good for the mind! Studies have shown that being around plants and looking after them helps to relieve anxiety and stress.

So what are you waiting for? Get growing!


  • Height: 4'9" or 145cm
  • Max width: 22" or 55cm
  • Base dimensions: 17" x 17" or 42cm x 42cm
Brand: Acqua
Product Code: Acqua Eco Tower 1
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