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Acqua Finest Coco Coir Acqua
Acqua Finest Coco Coir is a unique formulation of fibres, chips and pith in a 40/40/20 blend provided by Botanicoir. Excellent water retention, aeration and drainage properties. Fully buffered and washed, to create a clean and easily usable product. 4 litre, 8 litre and 16 litre are supplied in a reusable hessian bag. 50 Litre bags also available. Together they make the ultimate growing medium. Can also be used as a highly effective soil conditioner. ..
Acqua Eco Tower 1 Acqua
Grow your own nutritious produce with the Eco Tower 1 The patent-pending fully automated Eco Tower 1 provides everything you need to grow nutritious produce at home for your family. The product places you in charge of your food and allows you to grow fresh produce without chemicals, preservatives and other nasties. And with only a short time from plant to plate, the vitamin, mineral and other nutritional content are fully preserved. The configuration has 24 separate growing points allowing up to 72 plants to be grown at the same time. This gives it a growing density 20 times greater than conventional planting, using 95% less s..

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